Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 29, 2013 – November 3rd – “The Yod Nod”

The name for astrology’s Yod pattern comes from the Hebrew
letter of the same name.  The letter, yod, is one of four characters used in Hebrew tradition to symbolize the name of God – only one of the many reasons astrologers nicknamed those giant isosceles triangles is the sky, “The Finger of God.” Yod aspects form all the time and we can use their particular energy pattern to reach conclusions, or make decisions.  These aspects hold a note of destiny in them and how you choose to use or ignore their energy can determine whether or not you achieve your goals.

Yods are powerful, yet uneasy aspects between three or more basically, incompatible planets.  These planets form a giant stellar triangle. Two sides of the triangle are equal in length and form an aspect of 150 degrees, or quincunx . The planet(s) at the shorter side is at a sixty degrees aspect, or sextile.  While sextile aspects are easy–peasy, quincunx aspects are the geometrical problem children of astrology.  Energies don’t mesh well between planets sharing quincunx aspects. Their energy is unstable.  So what does all this mean for you during the next few days?  Good question.

The yod pattern for October 29th through November 3rd is formed by the Sun conjunct (same place, same time) Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, quincunx Mars in Virgo with Uranus in Aries at the apex.  The most important part of a yod configuration is the apex, because this is the direction the finger of fate points.  This particular yod pattern is a great build up for November 1st when the Uranus/Pluto square goes direct. (see blogs:"Taking the Sting Out of Mercury Retrograde ; "The House That Passion Built""Keeping An Eye on the Prize)

Yods ask us to make decisions that move our lives forward.  It’s important to consider that we all have a tremendous opportunity to review and rework our personal strategies during Mercury Retrograde.  The information we gather should naturally lead us to conclusions that, in turn, help us make informed decisions.  Do your homework this week.  Uranus carries energy for unexpected, sweeping change that challenges the status quo and the authority that maintains formal structure.  Whew! That sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? Think of it in tarot terms as The Emperor butting heads with The Tower.  Sure, the whole sweeping change thing can be unsettling, but in terms of personal development, this is exactly what you’ve been striving for this year.   

College graduates labored long and hard so that one day they could step into the workplace and take it by storm.  Artists and scientists alike have break-through moments that change the direction of their lives.  Each of us gets to experience pivotal moments of destiny where we can choose the course of our life.  All we need is the courage to make the decisions that move us forward with honor and distinction.  


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