Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mars in Virgo, October 15th to December 7th 2013 – “Keeping an Eye on the Prize”

Mars' card, #16, The Tower
at so much destructive here, as high-energy
from Ciro Marchetti's "Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©

This October we receive a burst to both our ambition and our organizational drive known as Mars in Virgo.  Virgos, and those of us with Mars in Virgo in our birth chart, will be cruising at wrap speed from mid October into early December.  The rest of us will also enjoy the benefits, as well as suffer some of the drawbacks this energy provides.

Under Mars in Virgo you can expect an uptick in your aggression.  No, that doesn’t mean that every bouncer in the city is going to know your name.  It means that you will pursue your goals more aggressively.  This is a good thing. You will also stubbornly cling to your methodology as if your life depends on it.  Not necessarily so great. Still, this is terrific energy to focus on last quarter strategies, or new year projections.  You can also use Mars in Virgo to clear out your living space prior to the frenzy of the holiday season.  However, avoid becoming overly critical and dogmatic to those who don’t share your vision.  Mars in Virgo energy puts the “P” in perfectionist.  No one wants to be around people who over-analyze the simple, i.e., nitpick, or judge their every action.

Mars in Virgo accomplishes tasks and problem solves like
Virgo's card, #9, The Hermit
from Barbara Moore and Aly Fell's
beloved, "Steampunk Tarot" ©
none other.  There’s a natural detachment that comes with this energy.  This detachment allows all of us to more easily discount our emotions and analyze the subject as whole before reaching a decision.  Again, this trait is particularly strong in Virgos and birth chart people.  Business people, investors, negotiators and attorneys take note.

There’s nothing very romantic about Mars in Virgo.  That’s why we’re fortunate to have Venus in Sagittarius at the same time (see blog: Venus in Sagittarius ) Mars in Virgo is not a demonstrative creature.  It’s that compartmentalizing, detached energy this configuration carries.  Unfortunately, this energy unchecked can lend itself to playing head games during arguments.  Avoid statements that manipulate people, or situations.  Employ the rules of fair fighting and don’t belittle other people by chipping away at their confidence.  Don’t nitpick.

We all have a chance to prosper and gain ground under the influence of Mars in Virgo.  Just stay active and involved to avoid feeling fidgety and you’ll be able to rest on your laurels in December.  Well, at least you can take a breather.  Enjoy!


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