Thursday, May 31, 2012

Strawberry Moon Forever - June 4th Lunar Eclipse

June's full moon is commonly known as the Strawberry Moon, or by its old European name, the Flower Moon.  Those of us near Portland, Oregon may have heard it called the Rose Moon on occassion.  Handy, seeing as our Rose Festival begins pretty soon.

We've barely caught our breath since May's solar eclipse (see post: May 20th Solar Eclipse - Astronomical Grand Slam) and now the Cosmos is sending yet another event to enliven the month of June.  As with May 20th, there are things you should be aware of and minimal precautions you may wish to take.  We still have a lot of celestial players on the field during this lunar eclipse and here's what some astrologers are saying.

Last time we left our friend Venus, she was in retrograde and preparing to make a transit (travel) across the Sun.  She is the closest she can be to us right now and her influence will be all over the Strawberry Moon.  What is that influence?  L'Amour, my friends, l'amour.   Venus rules love and money and some are referring to the lunar eclipse of the 4th as "The Eclipse of Love."

Mars is direct and in opposition to Venus.  Yes, well, we don't need an astrologer to tell us that, do we?  If you have a copy of "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus,"  better dust it off.  Word on the web is that you're going to need it.  Where the energy from Venus in fun and flirty, Mars is intense and broody.  The influence of Mars brings passion to Venus' romance, but without much finesse.  Under the minor influence of these two opposing forces you might speak your mind in a less than tactful way, but under a major influence, you could be completely swept away by passion and do something you might seriously regret later.  Passion is a dynamic, yet sometimes terrible force.  Stay grounded.

Relationships are certainly in the forefront during the eclipse period, but that's only part of the story.  Where the solar eclipse last month occurred within the first degrees of Gemini, this lunar eclipse is 14 degrees and 14 minutes into Sagittarius.   Sagittarius challenges us  now to get your homes, businesses and relationships in order.  Weigh the quality, not quantity of your friendships.  Sagittarius's energy makes us long for perfection in ourselves and in the world and people around us.  Depending on whether by nature you're a half full, or half empty sort of person,  you could view things through rose-colored glasses or under the harsh light of criticism.  Don't make big decisions or start major overhauls without carefully thinking them through.  Content yourself to tidy up looses ends at home, on the job and in your life.

The signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces still may be the signs most influenced by the lunar eclipse and therefore more influenced by the Venus Transit on June 5th and 6th.  If you feel testy and at loose ends during the eclipse, astrologers warn that those feelings will only intensify during Vensus' journey across the sun.  Opinions differ on what to expect, however, most agree that traditional battles between the sexes could heat up and that we should all guard against making snap decisions or harsh judgments.  Some sites even advised against spending time with people who'd been drinking due to the influence of Neptune on over-indulging.  Rolling in the deep, I guess.  Stay close to home.  The good news is that the effects of both the eclipse and the transit will be over by June 8th.

So relax, meditate and remember that a lunar eclipse is also a powerful time to concentrate on prosperity and manifestation.  Email me your questions.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Meditation and Tarot

Why is it although we know the benefits of regular meditation we choose to do something else, like play Angry Birds, or watch reality television?  Meditation lowers our blood pressure, diminishes stress and rejuvenates our body.  We meditate for any number of reasons - the physical benefits certainly, but also to gain inner peace, or solve problems by quieting our mind and allowing the answer to unfold.  As my friend Linda Becker says, "Meditating ten minutes, twice a day, will change your life."

There are as many techniques for meditation as there are people meditating.  Go inside yourself to seek your own path.  And it's your journey, no one else's.  Guided meditations, through a recorded program, or in a live class can give you a very deep and meaningful experience.  How about using tarot as a guide?  Sometimes it's enough to and wait to see which card image comes to mind.  However, there are times that by focusing on a particular card we can gain the insight necessary to remove blocks that inhibit our personal growth.

Are you trying to beat a dead horse instead of letting go of a situation and moving on?  Through meditation you can travel to a beach at twilight.  Eight cups lie in the sand and it's your job to carefully stack them.  Not an easy task when your mind clings to something that's over and done simply because it is familiar.  The cups won't stay put until you've mentally filled each of them with every concern or fear that prevents you from moving forward in life.  Once the cups are filled with your issues, they stack into a neat pyramid and you're free to leave them behind just like the traveler in the 8 of Cups.  Pick up your walking stick and head for the path to the mountains.  Now you're free to scale to new heights and accomplish new goals.

If you've erected a barrier between yourself and another person, use the image on the 2 of Swords as your focal point.  Feel the blindfold covering your eyes - the fabric against your face, the knot at the back of your head.  Hear the sound of water behind you.  The weight of the swords make it difficult to keep your arms in a crossed position.  Your arms ache with fatigue.  What is it about this person that makes you put yourself through this discomfort?  Are they even in front of you?  You'll never know unless the blindfold comes off.  In order to take off the blindfold, however, you must put down the swords.  Eventually, you will identify which is worse to you, being completely blind to the truth of the situation or momentarily unprotected.  At that point you will make your decision what to do and whatever you decide will tell give you insight to yourself and how you interact with people.

Tarot cards make excellent focal points for a meditative journey.  Choose images from your favorite deck.  The Osho Zen deck blends well with meditation.  The cards, "Existence" ( The Magician) and "Silence" (Star) are excellent cards for inward journeys.  Remember, in meditation you are the one in control and you set the pace.  Try some tarot journeys and let me know what you think.

For those of you in the greater Portland, Oregon area, Linda Becker will be teaching meditation classes this Summer.  Check out her site, Linda Jane Becker, Living with Soul Foundation.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Numerical Themes in the Minor Arcana

One of my favorite books is, Rachel Pollock's, "78 Degrees of Wisdom."  I know, I probably quote it every other blog.  Rachel Pollack is a woman who understands tarot cards on a cellular level.  I've never met her or seen her, but I'm pretty sure that in the right light she has Major Arcana pictures flowing over her skin sort of like in Ray Bradbury's, "The Illustrated Man."  Only less scary.  Maybe.  I admire her affinity with tarot cards as well as her knowledge of them on all their levels.

When you start working with your first deck of tarot cards its like being handed 78 flash cards.  Everything is a perpetual lightening round - sans the game show host.  "I must learn!"  We all have our own technique for cramming those initial keywords into our head.  And it's not until we have the denoted meanings down that we're free to continue our tarot exploration on a deeper level.  One way to help cement card meanings into your brain is to take a look at the the numerical meanings of the Minor Arcana (pips), as well as the roles played by the court cards.  Suits change, but essentially numerical themes don't.

Pollock breaks down the numerical themes like this:

Ace - the basic quality or root meaning of the suit          The Court
2     - a union                                                                   King   -  Social responsibility, power success 
3     - full expression of the element                                 Queen -  essence of the suit, creativity   
4     - structure                                                                 Knight -  action, responsibility to others  
5     - loss and conflict                                                     Page    -  exploration and study
6     - communication
7     - victory
8     - movement
9     - compromises, struggle
10   - completion, the need to go beyond

Let's do a quick refresher of the suits as well.

Wands - element of fire, action
Cups   -  element of water, emotion
Swords - element of air, mind
Pentacles - element of earth, the material

Remember, I said quick, not complete.  Each suit has additional areas but for our purposes here, we won't get into them.

Aces start the show.  In Rider Waite (RWCS), Aces are offered to us much like a present.  We see the wand held forth with fiery determination.  It's the very image of action, of cause without the effect.  The effect  will show up later. The Ace of Cups is clearly a loving cup - over-flowing, spilling onto everyone and everything around it.

2s represent union, but how do we define the meaning of union in all four elements of tarot?  In Wands the union represented is the union between confidence and action, or self and desire.  Here is someone coming to grips with their personal power and making the decision to act upon it.  2 of Pentacles shows us the balancing act required by the union of the pragmatic, material world with our emotional and spiritual selves.  In Cups, the 2 is about relationships and the give and take involved with them.  The seated figure in the 2 of Swords is blindfolded.  She holds crossed swords in front of her heart, refusing to engage with people and ultimately, refusing a union on any level.  In 2s, Wands and Pentacles portray unions of the inner self where Swords and Cups reveal the truth about unions we form in the world around us.

5s are all about loss and conflict.  The 5 of Wands presents multiple action lacking focus or restraint - a free for all resulting in confusion and conflict.  Swords depicts conflicts with winners and losers to teach us about self-interest.  When is self-interest appropriate and when is it merely selfishness? Also, how we handle winning and losing says a lot about us as people.  Emotional Cups uses the 5 to show loss and regret. Three cups are spilled and the grief-stricken figure is so overcome that he can't see the two remaining cups leading the way out of despair.  In Pentacles, the 5 is about want, or feeling less than.  Are you feeling pinched in finances?  Do believe that you don't cut the muster at work or in the social arena?  Loss and lack.

I love 8s.  They're all about movement.  Something is happening and there is a change in the status quo.  In Cups, we say goodbye.  The traveler turns his back on the stack of 8 cups and leaves the completed situation for something better.  In Pentacles, the apprentice works steadily, drawing satisfaction from his work and knowing his attention to detail will eventually move him forward in his career.  The 8 of Wands delivers a message about picking your moment and acting upon it.  And good, old, gloomy Swords shows us a woman loosely bound, who believes herself  to be imprisoned inside a circle of swords.  The prison and therefore the restriction is within her own mind.

Use the table above to cue yourself when you get stuck on a card meaning.  What's victorious about the 7 of Pentacles?  What is the compromise or struggle in the 9 of  Wands?  And above all, connect with your deck and learn the connotations each card holds for you.  If you have questions, I'm just an email away.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 20th Solar Eclipse - An Astronomical Grand Slam

The bases are loaded on May 20th and some astrologers say we're heading for the brink.  The brink of what is the subject of debate.  Some say that we could see a global event and it might not be pretty. Others say there will be a certain shaky feeling, but it will mostly effect people of certain birth signs and those with Gemini in the the first five degrees of their houses.  My house has dust bunnies, so I guess I'm safe.

The eclipse on May 20th occurs during the zodiac sign of Gemini and is predicted to effect the birth signs of  Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.  So, if your birthday is on, or around the 20th of May, September, November or February, there's an increased chance that you will feel some effect from the eclipse.

What are the effects of an eclipse?  What we do know about eclipses is part science, part myth and part spirituality.  In primitive man, they engendered feelings of fear and anxiety.  Disastrous events were said to accompany an eclipse and tribesman had rituals to drive away the monster eating the Sun.  I think it's a safe bet that we won't be rounding up virgins to sacrifice in this day and age.  Plenty of disaster hits every day regardless of celestial positions.

Scientifically speaking, a solar eclipse happens when the moon passes between us and the sun. This is a naturally occurring phenomena that happens in a six month pattern.  Orbital patterns... go figure. In terms of astrology, leaders in the field suggest that an eclipse acts as a planetary reboot and sets the tone for the coming six months. What's unique about the 20th, however, is that it's only the start of the show. 

A new Moon also begins on the 20th and Venus will also be crossing the Sun in a retrograde style of occurrence called, a transit.  Uh, oh.  I said the 'r' word.  Didn't we just have one of those?  All planets have retrograde periods.  Pluto (the questionable planet) and Saturn are working on their respective retrogrades as well.  Batter up!  I checked out several sites trying to find a consensus on what we can expect in terms of planetary freakishness.  There are many opinions, but certain common themes appear among the sites.

In astrology, the planet Venus governs relationships and finances. The Venus transit (let's not say retrograde) will heighten awareness of any difficulties in those areas.  However, certain sites advised that an early Gemini eclipse also carries the energy for strong personal development through gains in confidence and motivation.  Mercury rules Gemini and brings youthful energy, communication and mental acuity to the mix.  Venus' effect, coupled with the new Moon and boosted by the reboot energy from the eclipse, is thought by some to present us with the right time and place for personal expansion and development in the areas of career and relationships.

Doesn't sound like a downer to me.  However, other astrologists warn that people who are effected by the eclipse's energy may also battle boundary issues in their personal and professional lives.  There can be emotional ripples, which, left unattended, can grow into waves.  They caution not to let a sense of restlessness and unease take over your life.  Good communication is key and here is what those in the know suggest.

Use this time productively.  If you want to manifest changes in your life, this is a great time to do so, but now you must be particularly clear and focused about what you truly want.  Study, gather information and resources.  Set your resolve.  Brainstorm with like-minded people.  Think synergy - the sum of the parts is greater than the sum of the whole.

If you're feeling awash with emotions, check them at the door.  Experience your emotions privately, but seek out intellectual expression.  Controlling your emotions doesn't mean bottling yourself up. In order to use the energies in play right now, it's important that you communicate freely with friends, family and co-workers.  Just do it in a centered, well-ordered way.  As I like to say, you have two ears and one mouth.  Use each one equally and you'll be astounded at what you learn about yourself and others.

As with any shift or change that we go through, meditation is your best friend.  I recommend you reaffirm your connection to Source.  Your link with your Creator is the most important communication you can have.  All else falls into place from there.  Ground yourself with your morning and evening mantras as you breath in and out with the Universe.  And smile.  We have a lunar eclipse coming in June.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tarot Decks For Cat Lovers

I have two cats and anyone who's ever been owned by cats knows that there are times it's a love hate relationship.  We love them and we're pretty sure there are days they hate us.  Cats are complex and self-contained.  In nature, that's how they confuse their enemies and friends alike.  They have a vested interest in never appearing at a disadvantage and that's why we often don't know they're sick until it's too late.  They can breeze into our lives and then just as suddenly leave.  I've inherited cats when moving to a new location and lost others.  I've watched their aloof facade crumble at the death of an owner or animal friend and watched them disappear for months at a time until they've finished grieving.  Contrary to popular opinion, they don't simply forget you if you give them away.  They will pine for you every bit as deeply as a dog - even more so.  They just try to never let it show.

I have a couple of cat tarot decks, both Rider Waite based:  The "Tarot of Pagan Cats," by Magdelina Messina and Lola Airaghi and "The Baroque Bohemian Cat's Tarot," by Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahony. And I love them both for very different reasons.

Pagan Cats act in the true nature of cats.  As in real life, they inhabit a stage set by humans, though humans never appear in this deck.  In the 5 of Swords, it's a large black and white cat who's gathered the weapons.  He sits on them, ignoring all as he watches a magical light spiral upwards.  "What swords?" he asks.  Cats are all about self-interest, which is the moral aspect of the 5 of Swords.  Bring a new object into your home and watch your cat walk over it and sit down.  He is judging how this object relates to him and how his perspective of life changes when viewed from this position.  Don't kid yourself.  Your cat takes ownership of everything you bring into the house. He's just letting you use it.

The Pagan Fool prepares to follow a butterfly off a cliff.  He dreams of himself on a purple cushion with a bowl of cream at the ready.  Life would be sweet.  The Fool makes his final appearance all grown up in # 21, The World.  He's seated on his cushion, the bowl of cream a reality.  There is no better place to be in his mind and he is fulfilled.

The Bohemian Cats approach their tarot journey in an entirely different manner.  They've claimed genteel, human society as their own, wearing their baroque costumes of brocades and velvets as if born to them.  Ladies flourish fans and young dandies stroll about with walking sticks against backdrops of formal gardens and palaces.  Baba Studios, creator of this deck, is located in Prague.  This city is an historic jewel, romantic and complex.  How could these cats be otherwise?

The exquisite, baroque feline in the 3 of Swords holds a cupid whose heart is pierced by three blades. Her expression is a careful mix of sadness and gentle reproach.  A young Tom offers a pot of flowers to the older female in the 6 of Cups.  His heart is in his eyes.  The actions  and expressions of these cats mirror our own, yet still manage to hold on to that feline mystery and allure.

Enough about the depictions in these decks, though.  How do they read? Beautifully, but in two completely different ways.  Pagan Cats have an outspoken flavor; abrupt, sometimes blunt to the point of rudeness.  It's much like what happens when your own cat reviews your outfit and finds it lacking "Are you really going to wear that? Outside?"  I try never to get dressed or undressed in front of my cats.  The cards in Pagan Cat Tarot are clear and there is little chance to misunderstand their intent.  It's a mixed blessing sometimes, but they are fun to read, accurate and the cat's whimsical actions will leave you chuckling.

Bohemian Cats also read clearly and accurately.  However, they have much better manners and rely on nuance rather than in over-the-top symbolism.  The reading experience is gentle - concise messages received and understood.  These cards have the flavor of a day in Catopia- a civilized place filled with poetic imagery and romance.  Males are chivalric heroes and their damsels, both effective and intelligent.  Some decks make you want to sink into their world.  The Bohemian Cats deck is like that for me.  Still, I'd be cautious about entering their world.  I believe humans in a Catopian society could easily find themselves collared and belled.

If you're deck shopping, I encourage you to check out both of these decks.   They have much to offer.  And who doesn't like to look at cat pictures?

On a side note, Baba Studios creates some of the most beautifully illustrated and collectable decks out there.  They are currently working on a deck based upon "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," and I'm here to tell you it looks magnificent.  I can't wait!

Lady Oracle  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Zen of Tarot

"Zen - the philosophy that enlightenment is gained by meditation, self-reflection and contemplation."

Existence, the OSHO© deck's counterpart to
The Magician
Generally speaking, tarot sites and blogs talk about the meanings of card in terms of symbolism and keywords.  That's extremely useful information, but any of us who read tarot consistently know that readings are also about our personal connection to our cards and the connotation that each of those cards holds for us as individuals.  For example, what my cards recognize as a pattern for repressed anger and secrets in a client and what your cards recognize as those traits for the same person, can display differently in the spread because of how our deck relates to us.  Too often the term, "intuitive," becomes a catch all phrase and the bond between a reader and their deck, or decks, gets lost in the shuffle.  Pun intended.  Good readers will convey the same information to the same client, albeit a little differently.

One of the best and most insightful decks on the market is "Osho Zen Tarot."  I refer to it as my bunny slippers deck.  It's my comfort deck when engaging in the not always pleasant work of sorting through personal issues.  Though many prefer the images of traditional Ryder Waite (RWCS) based decks, there are times when the kings and queens are too weighed down by the consequence of their own archetypes.  That's when I head for the colorful and contemplative Osho deck.  Believe it or not, the messages from both decks go hand in hand.  Okay, that's the last pun.  I promise.

Below are some of the keywords for both  #1, The Magician and #2, The High Priestess in RWCS and verbiage from the Ohso card book.  Osho's #1 is, Existence and #2, is Inner Voice.  My take on the lessons portrayed in both cards is printed in italics.

Magician                                            Existence

Action                                               "go outside." "Get out of your head." (Make something happen.)

Conscious Awareness                      "You are not accidental."  (Make decisions with your eyes open.)

Concentration                                   "take time to savior it so it can deepen"  (Set your intention. Focus!)

Power                                               "the whole of existence will miss you." (You have an established 
                                                           place in the Universe that you, and only you, can fill.  This gives
                                                           you great power. Use it productively.)

High Priestess                                    Inner Voice

Non-action                                          "Seek silence and centering within."(Contemplate your path)

Unconscious Awareness                    "wordless language of the heart" (Use your divine intuition)

Potential Mystery                               "an oracle that speaks only the truth." (To truly live is the biggest
                                                             mystery of all.)

Both decks give us the same information, however, the
OSHO's Inner Voice match's The High Priestess
Note the lunar horn head dress
presentations are different.  RWCS offers information to a querent, who seeks to identify his own character through the form of actual archetypes. First, we have a powerful Magician, who through concentrated effort, bends and forms his world to manifest his desires.  Next we have the intuitive and reclusive High Priestess; aligned with the moon and lighting the path of the inner journey.

Osho,  presents the same information without form, as concepts rather than as beings.  #1 is the concept of Existence and # 2, Inner Voice.  The Osho deck offers information to aspirants - seekers who aspire to embrace the concepts rather than specific traits.  Two philosophies, two sides of the same coin.

If you're not familiar with the Osho deck, you can follow this link to my on-line store. Please take the opportunity to look at this deck.  Tarot is a living and evolving form of self discovery.  You can go as far down the rabbit hole as you wish and there will still be more depth for you to discover on your next trip.  Be bold and experiment.  And as Alice said on her jaunt through Wonderland, "Curiouser and curiouser."


OSHO Zen Tarot is 
available through

Friday, May 4, 2012

Moonlight Becomes You - Major Arcana's # 18 "The Moon"

"If I say I love you
I want you to know
It's not just because there's moonlight
Although, moonlight becomes you so"

                                                     "Moonlight Becomes You"
                                                       composed by Jimmy Van Heusen with lyrics by Johnny Burke

May's full moon is called the "Milk Moon,"or "Flower Moon." "Milk Moon," refers to the abundance of milk produced by cows feasting on the fresh grass of late Spring.  "Flower Moon," naturally stems from all the plant life in bloom at this time.   No matter what you choose to call our celestial lady, know that she is mysterious, sometimes sullen, sometimes obscure.  She lights the night with reflected light, symbolizing our subconscious and our tendency to view life through our own perceptions rather than through the direct light of reality.

Our Moon is a close friend of the High Priestess, who represents intuition and unconscious thought.  Lady Moon can intrigue and seduce us with her ever shifting images.  And she can frighten us with distorted shadows of our inner selves.

Let's consider the images of # 18 as depicted in Ryder Waite.  A narrow path winds its way through  barren hills and valleys to a distant point on the horizon.  In effect, the path divides the shadow realm in half.  The left side of the realm is where we find the domesticated canine, the right side, the savage wolf who bays at the somber-faced moon above.  Only this illuminated roadway separates the two selves.  And here is the lesson of the card.  Stay on the path and your vision is clear.  You will safely pass by the two towers that form a gateway into the deeper parts of your mind.  Allow yourself to wander too far from the path in either direction and you risk becoming lost in your own imagination.

The crayfish crawling from the inky waters represents the subconscious, never fully exposed to the light.  The subconscious houses lots of monsters;  traumas, faulty belief systems, personal prejudices, etc.  However, there is a promise in the card.  Moonlight rains down on the scene.  Each of the beams is in the shape of 'yod', representing the first letter in the name of God.   All is in perfection and grace once you look past the frenzied activity of your imagination and the sum of your fears.  The moon can comfort and guide you.  Creative people often navigate the shadowy terrain on either side of the path, guided back to center by the benevolent light of the moon.  Each successful journey moves them farther down the path of their soul.  Let the moon's light illuminate your path in the darkness.

Please Note:  Saturday, May 5th is the full moon.  The moon is also in perigee or, at the closest point to the Earth.  She will be big, bright and beautiful.  A great time for abundance and gratitude!  Enjoy!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day and the Language of Flowers

My friend, Cecelia, has a magical garden.  On a sunny day there is nothing better than to sit in one of her Adirondack chairs, sipping tea and watching the dragonflies and humming birds dart among her plants.  And if I know anyone who's likely to have fairies in their garden, it's Cecelia.  Her flowers have names that are uncommon to your average garden center shopper.  You find hellebore among the shadows and fragrant heirloom roses spilling their blossoms over fanciful trellises.  Cecelia takes flowers and herbs and arranges them into the most enchanting bouquets.   And it was on a warm, sunny afternoon years ago in her garden when I first heard that flowers had a language all their own.

Back in the day, when the world was filled with much less delightful smells than Febreeze, young ladies of gentility wore small bouquets on their wrists called, nosegays.  The idea being that when you came upon a questionable smell, you raised your wrist and sniffed a sweeter scent.  I'm sure it was all very artfully done.  At least it always is in romance novels and movies.  And definitely it was more refined than retching.  Nosegays could be worn in a "tuzzy-muzzy," usually made of alabaster and tied onto the wrist by ribbons, or simply carried.

When you live in a restrictive society, you develop ways of communicating without words; speaking glances, fan-flirting and best, and most romantic of all, messages conveyed by the meaning of certain flowers.  In honor of May Day, I thought it would nice to give you a simple list of few flowers and their suggested meaning.  For example, red tulips are a declaration of love, dahlias, denote elegance and dignity and fungus, can imagine.  Below is a list and have some fun with it next time you're ordering flowers.

Particularly for May Day:

Almond Blossoms      -    Promise
Lemon Blossoms       -    Discretion
Lime Blossom           -    Fornication
Peach Blossom         -    Bridal Hope 
Pear Blossom           -     Lasting Friendship
Plum Blossom          -     Beauty and Longevity
Mayflower                -     Welcome

Other Flowers

Amaryllis                   -      Pride
Aster                          -      Daintiness and a talisman of love
Azalea                        -     Passion and womanhood
Baby's Breath            -     Innocence
Bachelor Button        -     A single life-style
Begonia                     -     Flightiness
Iris                              -    Good news
Ivy                              -     Determination and endurance
Lettuce                       -     Cold Hearted    (good luck if you put Iceberg in                                                any floral arrangement!)
Lobelia                       -    Mean-spiritedness
Bleeding Heart          -     Hopelessness  
Nasturtium                -     Patriotism
Lavender                   -     Both devotion and suspicion
Poppy, Red                -     Pleasure
Poppy yellow             -     Peace
Rose Red                   -     True love
Rose White                -     Innocence
Yellow                        -     Broken Heart

Have Ye A Joyous May!