Friday, November 1, 2013

November 3, 2013, New Moon in Scorpio With a Solar Eclipse – “Sugar Rush”

#13 - Transfiguration, from Corrine Kenner
and John J. Blumen's "Wizard's Tarot"©
Scorpio's card and the theme for
early November

There comes a point when there’s simply too much of a good thing.  This is true in astrology as well as in leftover Halloween candy and both can leave us groggy and feeling as if we’ve been on a three day bender.  We have Mercury Retrograde conjunct Sun, Saturn, and North Node in Scorpio.  These guys form a yod featuring Uranus in Aries at the apex. (See Blog: “Yod Nod”) The double fudge layer on all of this is that Uranus is also directly square Pluto on November 1st. However, the cherry that tops this rich and gooey mound of transformative energy is a New Moon in Scorpio with a hybrid, total solar eclipse chaser.  Sugar overload.

If you’re nervous about Scorpio’s energy, then perhaps it’s a good time to make a three day pilgrimage to a cloistered abbey.  If, however, you are ready to shake loose the status quo and step across the lines of regimentation that have been chaffing you for the past several months (if not a couple of years) take a deep breath, square your shoulders and step into the supped up transformative energy flow that is the best of Scorpio. 

The North Node represents the path of our personal growth –
Choi Roma's "Dreaming Way Tarot"©
presents The Fool, card for Uranus.
The Fool is ready for anything and puts his
faith in both providence and himself.
our future.  It offers us challenges that are meant to teach and inspire us. It’s a place where you learn to stand tall, gaining confidence with each stride.  When housed in Scorpio, North Node invites us to dive into the deeper mysteries of life and use our inborn talents to empower us and transform our lives.  The North Node clearly works well with Saturn, who’s mission is also to teach by issuing us challenges we can win.  

New Moons start a new cycle and there is no cycle stronger than one beginning with a an eclipse.  Eclipses are planetary reboots and we will feel the effects of the reboot for about six months.  In addition, this particular eclipse is a rare ‘hybrid’ type that starts out as an annular eclipse (ring of fire) before transforming into a total eclipse where the Moon’s shadow fully sweeps across the Earth.  Again, here we see the pivotal theme of the stars: Transformation.  The power in this eclipse asks us to seize the moment and use the best parts of Scorpio’s energy – their innate resourcefulness, focus, passion and drive –  to take control of our destiny.

#20, Judgement, from "Steampunk Tarot"©
by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell carries
a two-fold message - Decision and Rebirth
Uranus, that whirling dervish a sweeping, societal change, squares Pluto (one of Scorpio’s ruling planets - See blog: "Sun In Scorpio, The House that Passion Built" ) the transformer.  Total Optimus Prime here. At this point the Zodiac it’s almost on planetary overload in terms of transformative energy.  For this reason, as I’ve stated before, Mercury Retrograde is your best friend.  Review, revise, renew and decide.  That’s your assignment.  You don’t get an extension because the dog ate your homework.  Get busy.  If the astrological energy for the next few days is a little overwhelming at times, cut back on your activity.  Practice quieting your mind through meditation, music and activities that require simple motor skills.   Let go of the past and look towards the future.  Release resentments and claim your life as your journey, not your parent’s, not your lover’s, not your sister’s and not even your neighbor’s cat’s journey.  Yours – unparalleled and unequaled. It’s time to rise and shine.


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