Friday, October 4, 2013

New Moon in Libra, October 4, 2013 - "A Roadmap for Change"

Our New Moon in Libra occurred at 5:34 PDT today.  Lots of us
#11, Justice is Libra's tarot card
from "Dreamingway Tarot"© by Rome Choi
felt the energy surges from this New Moon well before it took place and as it turns out, we had good reason.  October's New Moon is considered by some astrologers to not only be the most powerful New Moon of 2013, but also the most important.  Some consider it to be warning shot for the astrological configurations coming up in our winter skies.  Others view it as a rather bumpy, by necessary jolt that forces us to confront issues in our lives and deal with them.  All from this one little New Moon. 

#2, The High Priestess represents
our Lady Moon. from Rome Choi's
"Dreamingway Tarot"©
In previous blogs I've explained the cosmic dynamics of the notorious T-Square and Grand Cross/Square configurations. ( See blogs: September 2013 "The Flying Wedge" and August 2013 "Dynamic, Transformative and a Tad Scary")  These blogs basically describe what we have occurring  on this New Moon.  Astrologer, Bill Herbst, in his paper on this year's astrology, explains that a T- Square (August blog) is actually a four-legged stool with only three legs showing.  Our New Moon in Libra forms the powerful fourth leg.  We have four planets (okay, one satellite, three planets) all in the cardinal modality (first astrological sign for a given season)  form a Grand Square.  Square configurations are extremely challenging – this one in particular.  Don't panic, though.  You simply need to pay attention to the life lessons you are being shown.

Libra rules the seventh house of relationships and partnerships.  Communication is essential to any healthy relationship, both personal and professional.   Where New Moons in Libra are normally easy-going, intellectual and gracious, this one isn't.  The other members of this Grand Square are Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and (drum roll please) Pluto in Capricorn.  That's right, the notorious Uranus/Pluto square is alive and well.  It's also on another power build up for November 1st when their square goes direct.  Revolutionary energy and pivotal, societal change.  You read the news, you draw the parallels.  

The Fool from "Dreamingway Tarot"©
by Rome Choi represents Uranus      
This Grand Square gives us the opportunity to lurch forward, granted, a little awkwardly, but forward none the less.  Here's where we can do a diagnostic on our lives and review our decisions to date.  (Mercury Retrograde later this month gives us the opportunity to seal the deal.) In order to move into a successful 2014 it's important to complete and turn it your homework.  Rule #1, do harm to none – especially not to yourself.  Rule #2, if you keep repeating the same pattern in your life, you'll get the same results.  Change the pattern, change your life.  October is all about redesign and New Moons are about new emotional cycles.  It's time to clear away the situations and thoughts that no longer serve you so that you successfully navigate the transitions coming this winter.  Stay grounded,  clear your space and get to work.  You will be brilliant.


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