Friday, May 30, 2014

Mercury in Cancer, May 29th Through June 16th – Your Personal Psychic Hotline

Mercury's card #1, The Shaman (Magician)
from Mark Ryan and John Matthews
"The Wildwood Tarot"© illustrated
by the outstandingWill Worthington

When Mercury drifts into the sign of Cancer, we become not only more in tune with our own thoughts, but with everyone else’s as well.  This transit sharpens our instincts and increases our intuition to an almost eerie level. We all experience moments of deja vu when a new experience feels so familiar that we’re sure we’ve been there, or done that before.  Don’t be surprised if those feelings increase while Mercury visits Cancer, or that you find yourself thinking about someone only to look at your phone a see a text message from them.  Where New Moon in Gemini cautioned us to avoid becoming lost in illusion, Mercury in Cancer tells us to trust our instincts and let our intuitive side be our guide.  This is excellent advise as we move further into the new lunar cycle.

Increased intuition and heightened sensitivity can be great things, but they do have their draw backs. ‘Channel chatter’ is my term for picking up too much information from too many people at once.  This type of mental bombardment often makes it difficult to discern what thoughts and feelings really belong to us.  Have you ever gone to a party, or a meeting feeling great and after an hour, or so, you not only feel down, but thoughts, or even phrases have popped into your head that are not part of your normal lexicon? You ask yourself: “Where the heck did that come from? I’ve never thought anything like that about someone before in my life.”  I’m not talking about the effects of too many mojitos here.  I’m talking about picking up on psychic impressions. Whether or not you acknowledge the possibility of purely mental communication, it exists and we all do it to one degree or another.  Remember the proverbial case of picking up a phone and saying hello before it rings. Mercury in Cancer amplifies our intuitive abilities.  No, that doesn’t mean we’re going to become John Edwards or Sylvia Brown during the next couple of weeks – or even the Amazing Kreskin.  It simply means that we will all broadcast our mental and emotional states more intensely and receive the same sorts of impressions from those around us more readily.  Again, the effects are stronger for people who feature Mercury in Cancer prominently in their birth chart, or for those who have actively worked to strengthen their psychic awareness.

Mercury in Cancer is also a wonderful time to get in touch
#7, The Archer (The Chariot) is tarot's
card for Cancer from "The Wildwood Tarot"©
with your your personal Muse if you haven’t already.  Use the energy of this transit to interpret something you hold deep within yourself and communicate it to the outside world in a positive and enriching manner. Start in the world you know best – your home and family.  After all, Cancer rules the fourth house of the Zodiac, the place that represents not only our home, but also the very foundation of our lives.  The fourth house is our comfort zone, a safe island in a stormy sea.  This is where we find those little habits we have that bring us comfort when the rest of the world turns a cold shoulder towards us.  It is the home of our soul, where we keep the things that make us feel secure as well as learn to deal with our insecurities.  In essence, it’s where we house the grist for the mill of our own creativity.

#2, The Seer (The High Priestess)
represents intuition and subconscious
thought from "The Wildwood Tarot"©

Mercury in Cancer allows us to unashamedly make psychic connections with our fellow man and with our higher selves to bring out the best of what we can be.  These connections are natural and have been part of humanity since before there was a spoken language.  Let these connections serve you when words fail. 


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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 28, 2014 New Moon in Gemini, Squares Neptune in Pisces While Venus Takes No Bull

Tarot's card for Lady Moon from
"Wizard's Tarot"© by Corrine Kenner
and John J. Blumen

May’s New Moon takes place in quick-witted Gemini this month.  A Gemini Moon is typically a party goer’s moon, however there are other factors this month that have astrologers predicting some twists and turns.  The New Moon of May 28th squares Neptune in Pisces.  As you may recall, a square is an aspect, or angle of ninety degrees between planets.  Squares are challenging aspects that combine the strongest, and in some cases trickiest influences of the celestial bodies involved.

Neptune, the ruling planet for Pisces, is exalted (particularly high-functioning and powerful) in this sign. Neptune is the planet dreamers and its stock in trade is illusion and intuition; two things it has in common with the Moon. Many astrologers state that the squaring of the New Moon and Neptune will make it difficult for us to see past our own dreams and that we’ll be prone to self-delusion when it comes to making informed decisions – more so if we have Neptune, Gemini or Pisces prominently in our birth charts.  

Gemini, on the other hand, is ruled by Mercury and deals in mental acuity and communication.  People born under this sign love to collect knowledge and to be well informed.  However, under the Moon’s influence Gemini’s behavior becomes erratic, making us flipflop our thoughts and emotions with lightening speed. We strive to be agreeable to others – so much so that we surrender our self-expression, or in the worse case, our self-respect in order to belong.  

Tarot’s card association for Pisces is #18, The Moon.  One
Pisces' tarot card, #18, The Moon
from "Wizard's Tarot"© by John J. Blumen
and Corrine Kenner
meaning for this card is to be lost in illusion or in one’s own fear.  The Moon’s tarot card, #2, The High Priestess, represents the subconscious and intuition. It’s easy to understand why astrologers would make the leap that we should guard against self-delusion and pipe-dreaming during this New Moon.  Still, there is more to consider than simply the illusions that surround both Neptune and the Moon.  Neptune in Pisces also brings us great spirituality and creativity.  Use these gifts. Spend time in contemplation during the next few days.  Write down the ideas that occur to you.  All of them. They will give you something to consider more deeply and revise during June’s Mercury Retrograde.

Venus takes up residence in Taurus on the 28th as well.  The goddess of love is both practical and secure when she is bull riding.  Although well-grounded by Taurus’ earth energy, Venus still operates on instinct to create a loving, passion-filled environment during this transit.  Remember too that her practicality also extends into creative endeavors.  Draw on her stability if you find yourself uncertain of your direction or mired in illusions caused by your own anxiety during this New Moon phase.  Work with written communications and keep your expectations of yourself reasonable.  Doing so will ensure you a positive start to the upcoming lunar cycle.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Jupiter in Cancer Trine Saturn in Scorpio, May 24th - Persistence of Vision

Jupiter's tarot association as seen by Kris Waldherr
for her "Goddess Tarot"© perfectly represents
this trine's energy

Two of our trine partners from earlier this month are still in partnership.  What does a trine (two or more planets in an aspect of 120 degrees to one another) without Chiron’s tender mercies look like?  Pretty darn awesome, actually.  Trines are lucky and Jupiter, the planet of luck, is at its mojo-making best in the sign of Cancer. Jupiter governs not only luck and expansion, but health, happiness, wealth and worldly goods as well.  Our spotted giant has two faces: One, fun and frivolous, the other thoughtful and philosophical. On one hand Jupiter’s energy enjoys loud cocktail parties and on the other, good red wine enjoyed over intense cafe conversation. Jupiter is either a free-wheeling traveler, or a much more reserved student of the human condition.

Saturn has a more dour nature.  The ringed wonder aims to teach us personal responsibility, diligence and a sound work ethic.  Saturn loves us to rise to the occasion and this planet carries a stern and more restrictive flavor than jovial Jupiter.  Currently residing in Scorpio, Saturn produces powerful energy waves for transforming our lives.  The view from Scorpio's eighth house shows us motivations, ours as well as other people’s, with greater clarity.  Remember the old PT Barnum adage, “You can’t fool all the people all of the time?”  That’s part of Saturn in Scorpio.  Our blinders are off and we have a strong sense of engagement and commitment  – a persistence of vision that means long after the visual is gone, its retinal image continues in our mind’s eye, guiding us forward to embrace change and destiny.  Pretty heady stuff, but here’s coolest part.  There’s little to no dredging up of old wounds with this trine.  It’s not required.

Jupiter in Cancer loves to give us unexpected gifts.  The only
Here's a reminder from Corrine Kenner and
John J. Blumen's "Wizard's Tarot"© that
Saturn says, "Be persistent and diligent."
exchange it asks is that we use the gifts given.  What sort of gifts?  That’s where Jupiter’s expansion comes in.  Doors once closed to you miraculously spring open and Jupiter expects you to walk through.  When you find yourself in the right place at the right time Jupiter wants you to seize that opportunity.  Know that it belongs to you as a gift and all that’s required is that you accept it put it to good use.  If you don’t, Jupiter has no qualms about taking it back.  Jupiter in Cancer is notoriously good with money.  Work with it.  Make plans, but also make some first steps.  The Universe moves to clear your path once it perceives that you are heading toward a specific goal with intention. However, to engage universal assistance you must act.  All the energy in the cosmos isn’t going to do you any good unless you put it to use, no matter how small, or halting your first steps are. Work with tarot’s Wand energy.  Use Saturday’s trine to create a better life for yourself and others and above all else, entertain the magical.


Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014, Mars Goes Direct – “Giddy–up”

Mars' tarot card is "The Tower"
This depiction is from Ciro Marchetti's
stunning "Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©

Mars turns stationary direct today in nine degrees of Libra.  Thank Heavens – literally. Although Libra isn’t always the most harmonious sign for Mars, we now have the chance to cease angst-filled internal dialogue and put our thoughts, and most importantly, our actions to use in the world around us.

Mars in Libra loves justice and strives for balance.  We’ll find ourselves more willing to do something about our personal struggles with inequality.  We’ll also find it easier to take action against the inequity suffered by others.  Mars retrograde in Libra gave us plenty of time to think about the human condition.  Whether your concerns are for bettering your local school, improving relationships on the job, or leveling the playing field for society in general (remember that the Uranus Pluto Square wants societal changeyou’ll be ready to organize and take action.  

While our creative endeavors normally flourish under Mars in
Libra's card from Corrine Kenner and
John J. Blumen's "Wizards Tarot"©
Libra you can expect them to take a startling leap forward during the next few days.  You’ve been banking the fire of your inner muse during Mars retrograde.  Now the creative spark bursts into flame and you emerge with a plan, as well as the drive to carry it forward.  We are ready to resume our normal physical activities as well.  If you’ve been a little sluggish following your exercise regime or with your commitment to train for upcoming athletic events you’ll find yourself suddenly back on track. That is the wonder of Mars direct.  Dynamic movement, the strength of will needed to achieve and warrior energy; those are the hallmarks of the Red Planet’s influence.  

The Ace of Wands starts the show
Seen here from Ciro Marchetti's
"Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©
Whether you have causes or creative projects to work on, or are launching a new series of personal goals, it’s time to get moving again.  Make a conscious decision to pull in the energy of Mars in Libra.  Focus on the lessons of the suit of Wands and use Wand imagery (See Blog: "Lights, Camera, Action" )ring mediations to help jump start your action, or to stay motivated when the going gets tough.  You have the opportunity to put your goals back on track while giving something back to the cosmos.  Don’t let this chance pass you by.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Full Moon in Scorpio, May 14, 2014 – “Fair Exchange”

Scorpio's card, shown here from "Legacy of the
Divine Tarot" by Ciro Marchetti
May’s Full Flower Moon occurs on May 14th at 12:16 p.m. PDT.  This month’s Full Moon is also known as the Corn Planting Moon, or the Milk Moon.  Traditionally, the energy released by a scorpion Full Moon is intense, emotional and makes us all just a tad bit judgmental – more so if you have are either a Scorpio or have full Moon in Scorpio in your birth chart.  However, this month we have some significant contributing factors to this energy model – Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron and Pluto.  

Pluto, one of Scorpio’s two ruling planets (also Mars) is currently in retrograde. (See blog: "Pluto Retrograde" ) This pint-sized dynamo of a planet asks us to consider our goals along with the trajectory of our life. Are we holding true to our ideals? Are giving our best to humanity?  That’s what Pluto retrograde does. It makes us pause to contemplate our place in the Universe and to decide if we’re happy with the neighborhood we’ve chosen.  Full Moon in Scorpio speaks to our intuition, helping us see our own issues as well as the hidden issues of others with greater clarity. If you have hunches to play during the next couple of days, play them. 

Lakshmi from Kris Waldherr's "Goddess Tarot"©
represents #10 Wheel of Fortune, Jupiter's tarot card
Scorpio is also the sign that denotes the end of cycles and the beginning of something new – both subtle and not so subtle transformations. It rules the eight house of the zodiac where our shared resources and sexuality are stored.  The financial resources that reside in the house of Scorpio include bonuses, inheritances and windfalls from any source. 

The Grand Water Trine on the 14th (See blog: "Grand Water Trine" ) makes this month’s Full Flower Moon a powerful force for manifesting. Jupiter in Cancer carries that terrific, Santa Claus energy and wants to expand the good things in your life with the power from that dreamy trine.  Identify precisely what you want to create in your life during this Full Moon, but take it a couple of steps further.  Make a list of how you are going to achieve what you want, step by step. Don’t stop there. What do your goals feel like once they are accomplished? What does your life look life? Concentrate of the sights, sounds and even tastes of what you envision. And that most important last step? What is your contract with the Universe – your exchange? No, not what will you give up, pay, or sacrifice – that’s not required. Besides, the word, sacrifice really means, ‘to make sacred,’ not to ‘suffer or practice self-denial.’ Think of positive growth. Ask yourself what is the gift you’d give the Universe as a natural consequence of your successful manifestation work. Allow yourself to experience the joy such a gift can bring. Life is about checks and balances, so once you successfully manifest your goals, you naturally and symbiotically exchange positive energy with the Universe, expanding the good and balancing the scales.

Source, or Universe represents the Divine
from "OSHO Zen Tarot" © by Deva Padma
What form does your exchange take? Who knows? It is personal to each of us; as profound as being in exactly the right position to prevent a grave misfortune befalling an absolute stranger, or as simple as a kind word, or being able to put $5.00 into the hand of a homeless person. The point is to act with good intention from the joy in your heart and trust that the Universe knows exactly where your gift will be needed in space and time. The form of the Universal exchange varies, but its vibration remains constant. It is the vibration of love.

The High Priestess is tarot's card for
The Moon. From Rome Choi's
and Kwon Shina's
"Dreaming Way Tarot"©
Consider the steps I’ve suggested as you practice your manifestation skills this Full Flower Moon. Allow yourself to transform through Scorpio, draw from the expansiveness of Jupiter and ground yourself with the healing energy of Chiron. Live authentically in each moment with joy and love.


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Monday, May 12, 2014

Grand Water Trine, May 14th 2014 – "The Universal Hum"

#21, the World from Kris Waldherr's,
"The Goddess Tarot" © is tarot's card for
Since March and April anything with the word, ‘grand’ in the title is somewhat suspect, but have no fear.  We’re talking about a Grand Water Trine for this week and that means going with the flow, and what a flow it is.  

A trine is the most favorable astrological configuration out there.  Trines occur between two or three planets holding a 120 degree angle respectively to one another to create a trance inducing, universal hum.  On May 14th this easy–going, drifty aspect goes exact between Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. Turn on the mediation music with the water feature trickling in the background and set about untangling your inner knots.  

Chiron, an asteroid, or planetoid discovered in 1977 by
Chiron, seen here in "Wizard's Tarot"© by
Corrine Kenner and John J. Blumen
represents #5, The Hierophant
Charles Knowal, orbits between Saturn and Uranus.  While its astrological effects are still being studied, many modern astrologers consider Chiron’s location when configuring birth charts.  Chiron was the highly intellectual centaur of myth, skilled at healing who, ironically was poisoned and suffered great pain.  The planetoid Chiron is believed to assist us in our inner healing work and to aid us in spiritual growth and transformation.

Jupiter in Cancer is good fortune.  The planet Jupiter is exalted, or high-functioning in Cancer and works hard to show us where our lives can can favorably expand – home, career, earnings, even luck – and help us move towards that expansion.  Saturn is Scorpio, while traditionally offering instructional stumbling blocks that help us grow and learn, is less about schooling us during the trine effects and more geared towards assisting us to recognize and seize those opportunities that will transform our lives under Chiron’s steady, healing energy.  

Tarot's card for the sign,Cancer is #7
The Chariot, or Movement in
"The Goddess Tarot"© Don't forget to
MOVE durning this trine
If there’s any issue with trine energy it’s the fact that the harmonious energy of a powerful trine can make us lethargic, too content to go with the flow.  Avoid resting on laurels or telling yourself you need time to simply hang out and discover who you are.  While recouping and healing is a terrific idea after a particularly stressful time, don’t miss the opportunity Jupiter in Cancer provides you under this sky.  Heal, move on and carpe the heck out of that diem, baby.

May’s Grand Water Trine is an excellent time to finish up healing work, and set out in an exciting, new direction in life.  Take what you’ve learned during the complex astrological patterns of the past couple of months and set forth with optimism knowing that an open mind and willing heart are the often the only tools you need for success.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mercury in Gemini, May 7th to May 28th – “Sparkle and Shine Without Burden”

The Magician, seen here as Isis, is Mercury's
tarot card.  From Kris Waldherr's "Goddess Tarot"©

Mercury in Gemini is a mind that glitters but has no true depth.  Under the influence of the cosmic twins our mental acuity is quick, our thought process hard to define and our focus, hard to hold.  We flit from interest to interest, stopping to nibble at the choicest bits of knowledge, but leaving the richest meat of the information for anyone else who cares to linger and gain deeper understanding of the subject.  Is Mercury in Gemini a shallow mindset?  Not really.  It simply doesn’t have time, or inclination to go the distance to gain expertise on any one subject.  The enemy for all of us during the next three weeks (much more so if you have Mercury in Gemini prominently in your birth chart) is lack of focus.

During the last couple of months we’ve had a lot of deep stuff to ponder and a cosmos that wanted us to dive in and search out even in smallest bits of meaning and knowledge.  Frankly, diving a little less deeply and avoiding burning insights has it’s appeal after April’s somewhat harsh spotlight.  Mercury in Gemini is the planetary transit of party banter.  You will be able to speak well and entertain on a variety of subjects that have snagged your attention.  Your mind will be quick and agile, but its sparkle and shine won’t signify expertise.  However, you will be wiz-bang at Trivial Pursuit®.

Mercury’s transit in Gemini provides us excellent energy to
The Goddess Venus is Waldherr's image for #6,
The Lovers, Gemini's tarot association.
From "The Goddess Tarot"©
lighten our attitude and to explore different facets of our mind, our likes and dislikes.  Many new and interesting things will snag our attention right now, but we don’t have to be victims of lack of focus if we don’t want to be.  Watch out for distractions, people, as well as information.  Stay organized to help you remain focused.  Schedule specific times to play (either mentally, or socially) that don’t conflict with tasks that require your undivided attention.  Use meditation and ground yourself before undertaking weighty matters.

On the whole, take the next three weeks to explore the world around you.  As a sales trainer once told me, “Get into curiosity.”   Indulge that part of you that asks, why.  Find out and in doing so, learn more about what truly interests you.  Rest easy while you can, because Mercury enters Cancer on May 29th and then we’re all mentally back online.


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Friday, May 2, 2014

Astrology Trends for May 2014 – “Basking in the Glow”

Basking – to lie in the warmer and more subtle energies of
May’s astrology after the torrential power storms of April’s skies.  Yup, that’s where we are. Right now the astrological template makes us feel as if we’re eating a strawberry ice cream cone while watching a basket of cuddly kittens play with a spool of ribbon.  The planets are sending out homing beacons this month, but before I get anymore lost in metaphoric imagery lets take a look-see at this month’s astrological energy trends.

Venus enters Aires on May 2nd. That’s a giddy, love at first sight sort of energy.  While it’s easy to follow your heart during Venus’ cohabitation with the ram, there are still standards to be met.  Earthy and lusty does not mean cheap and vulgar.  Venus in Aires loves being in love whether it’s the love for a newly discovered fine wine, an investment opportunity or potential soul-mate.  Look for your relationships to bloom between now and May 20th.  Which leads us directly into the big story for the month – Mars turning direct.

Mars has had a case of arrested development in Libra since
it began its retrograde cycle on March 1st.  Libra is a challenge for Mars at the best of times, but during a Martian retrograde cycle there are a few tide rips.  Mars retrograde asks us to curb our aggressive tendencies.  It’s a time to reevaluate our past actions and strategically change our path, or even detour over old ground to repair damage caused by Mars’ forceful warrior.  During retrograde our drive focuses on internal issues.  When Mars turns direct of May 20th it will be time to turn our ambitions and desires outward again, so expect to feel a power surge as the planet’s normal, forward energy comes back on line.  You’ll not only feel empowered, but also have a stronger sense of universal time and place – a sense of destiny.

Libra has been hosting Mars since December of 2013.  Libra
Mars' card from "Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©

is a highly social sign and Mars in Libra seeks just and balanced relationships.  If there’s been lots of contention, or one-sidedness in your primary relationship look for that to ease.  However, Mars in Libra also carries a quixotic note.  While Venus in Aires brings in new love, Mars direct in Libra can cause new passions to start and end abruptly and according to whim.

The Cardinal Cross has been reduce to a T-Square this month.  That’s still a challenge, but comparatively to April’s Grand Cross, this will be a breeze.  Mercury enters Gemini on May 7th and Jupiter trines Chiron on May 14th.  Trines are wonderful aspects that assist our personal growth.  Jupiter is a planet of expansion (Jupiter in Cancer equals terrific) and Chiron carries healing energy.  Where Pluto Retrograde may have pulled off the bandage from old traumas, Chiron trine Jupiter delivers true healing medicine and your life will take on a fresh and healthier glow.  Continue to bask.

We also have a Full Moon in Scorpio later this month,
#3 The Empress is the card association for Venus
alongwith Jupiter trine Saturn, Venus in Taurus and Mercury in Cancer.  I’ll have more about these later as the month moves on.  It looks to be a positive and powerful May, a time to sweep up and discard the shards of any struggles from April’s challenges.  It’s a new astrological game this month, so get started and stay active.