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Full Pink Moon in Libra, April 15th, 2014 – “Blood on the Moon, or Miss Scarlet in the Conservatory With A Candlestick”

Blood on the Moon.  Again. Predictions about this month’s Full Moon with eclipse vary from multiple natural disasters to a full-blown apocalypse.  If any of you saw the 2011 movie, “Red Riding Hood,” you know that catastrophic events are supposed to occur when the Moon turns red.  Must be – I mean, did anyone else read the reviews for that movie? Talk about a career killer. There’s no doubt this is a powerful, yet touchy Full Moon cycle coming up – not going to lie about that. However, the edginess we’ll feel during the eclipse is more likely to have us seeing red rather than foretelling certain doom.  

The Full Pink Moon occurs at 12:42 a.m., PDT on April 15th, in twenty-six degrees of the sign, Libra. Lunar eclipses occur when the Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow.  When this happens, the Sun’s light disburses through the Earth’s atmosphere before reaching the Moon. The higher spectrum lights, such as violet, blue and green fade out and the colors left are orange and red. This is the same effect that gives us big, orange Harvest Moons and pearly, pink Moons during moonrise. There’s no way to actually determine how red the eclipsing Moon will get. It could be anything from a bashful blush to a deep crimson. In either case, the effect only lasts a few minutes, so watch closely. The eclipse begins at 10:58 p.m. on April 14th and reaches its climax at 1:07 a.m. on the 15th.  

Even the most upbeat astrologers suggest that we pay close
attention to the world around us during this volatile month.  On the outset, our Full Pink Moon in Libra is a partnership moon filled with charm and social grace. There’s a naturally empathic element that comes with Libra and this instinctual connection with people lends itself to greater success in relationships. In our personal lives, Libra likes close, balanced partnerships where everybody wins. Expect a boost to your people skills during this Full Moon cycle. However, this Full Moon can also make you feel needy, or as if your partner is sucking all the air out of the room. Relax. It’s a temporary effect brought on by the energetic ebb and flow of Lady Moon.

Eclipses act as an energy reboots for the entire planet, setting the tone of our planetary energy field for the next six months. During the eclipse cycle you frequently feel charges of energy coursing through you, almost more than you can handle. This effect is most intense two days prior to the eclipse and for the three days following it. Channel these high voltage surges into productive, positive actions. Focus on releasing any feelings of pressure that have built up in you this month.  Remember your positive mantra.  If you don’t have one, write one.  You are unique, you are enough and you are love. Pull in and use the energy from the stars of fortune and glory, Arcturus and Spica.  These guys are contributing their energy patterns to the lunar eclipse mix.  Arcturus is the stronger influence, combining good fortune with a powerful need for justice.  Use directed, conscious thought to set positive intentions (#1, The Magician) Again, stay grounded and don’t let chips form on your shoulders because someone will knock them off.

While a Full Moon lunar eclipse is already a powerful
Typical Grand Cross configuration
energetic force, this particular eclipse also heralds the exact squaring of that rare astrological event that’s been hovering over us, the Cardinal Grand Cross.  Remember that a Grand Cross forms when two sets of planets, in opposition (at an aspect of 180 degrees to one another) form two squares (aspects of ninety degrees).  ( See blog : "Cardinal Grand Cross"  )The planets involved in this Cardinal Grand Cross are: Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.  The word, ‘cardinal’ simply refers to the type of signs each of these planets currently occupies, or in this case, Libra, Cancer, Aires and Capricorn, respectively. Cardinal signs are the signs at the beginning of each season.

"Osho Zen Tarot"© reminds us to seek
the silence with ourselves to achieve balance
Cardinal Grand Crosses carry very unsettled and challenging energy.  Uranus and Pluto want to sweep all the chess pieces off the board, even if they create wreckage along the way.  Jupiter in Cancer wants to help you rebuild with glorious results, while Mars in Libra wants to charm people into his way of thinking – the quintessential smooth operator. This is great energy, however, don’t hang onto things that no longer serve you, because this energy can metaphorically pull your arms from their sockets if you do. Also, watch out for Jupiter in Cancer’s expansion giving you too much of a good thing while Mars puts those he can’t sway to the sword.

As with any astrological patterns there are highs and lows. You simply need to make adjustments for working with this month’s power flow. Proceed mindfully, stay grounded and you will be brilliant.


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