Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8, 2013 - "The Six of Cups – Comfort Food For Thought"

10/8/13 = 6 of Cups, Innocence, memory, good will, giving
6 of Cups from the lovely "Fenestra Tarot"©
by Chatriya
and receiving.  The Six of Cups reminds us of a time when we felt safe and cherished, a time when we were provided for and assured of our place in the world.  We were innocence of some of the baser things about life then, and it is to this place we long to return when our lives get too complicated and our path becomes obscured.  

We often wish for a redo in life – the chance to make different decisions.  However, the only way out of shadowy times is through the darkness of the forest.  Memories, when properly used, give us comfort and the security that keeps us moving towards the light.  Improperly used, memories trap us in concepts and beliefs that no longer serve who we’ve become and who we will eventually be.  Our ego, operating in fear, cautions us that taking another step is too risky of a proposition – better to stay put. Soon there is no movement of any kind, because we can't turn back the clock in life.  Once we allow ourselves to become lost in longing for the past, trapped by our own fear of the unknown, we stagnate. 

#8, Strength shows us compassion
"Steampunk Tarot"© by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell
Today is about gathering the warmth of memory around us, much like a blanket, or shield and moving forward in our lives – together.  It's about giving and receiving gifts of the spirit, sharing them with those we encounter, so that the winds of uncertainty can't reach us. Kindness is a gift.  A gentle word, or compliment – humor that bonds us all together in that moment of perfect understanding, are gifts.  When we share gifts like these we become united and the illusions of fear and isolation can’t effect us as gravely as before.  Choose what spiritual gifts you give and receive today.  Choose gifts of comfort that move us all forward.


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