Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sun in Scorpio, October 23rd to November 22nd - “The House That Passion Built”

Everyone who likes astrology has favorite and least favorite
#16, The Tower - ruling card for Mars,
one of Scorpio's ruling planets by
Ciro Marchetti - "Legacy of the Divine  Tarot"©
signs.  Scorpio is top of my list of favorites.  Good thing too.  It’s my birth sign.  Being our own fan may very well be a Scorpion trait.  We do nothing in half measures.  We’ve been called a complex, broody sign that turns lethal in an instant. Frankly, it takes longer than an instant.  We are fiercely loyal, highly motivated, but we can hold a grudge like none other.  

Scorpio rules the eighth house of the Zodiac which stores the energy of birth, death, transformation and sex. Busy place.  It’s also the home of shared resources.  Rather a volatile home for the resources of a planet, mind you.  Scorpio is a water sign in the fixed modality.  That means that our emotions run deep, as does our intuition and our spirituality. As a fixed sign, our traits are constant and reliable. We carry yin, or feminine energy as seen by our intuitive and transformative skills.

'Seasons don't fear the reaper' - neither does Scorpio
#13 Death (Transformation) is their ruling card.
By Ciro Marchetti
from "Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©
The world is black and white to a Scorpion. There is no gray area – fifty shades, or otherwise.  We learned our moral lessons as children and took their simple truths to heart. What often seems like a simple matter of bending a rule, or manipulating a situation to some, poses a huge, moral dilemma for Scorpio.  We talk a glib game, but 
right is right and we prefer a more mystical, or intuitive approach to persuade others.  Think of it as wearing feathery, bedroom mules as opposed to combat boots.

We are intense, highly motivated creatures – determined folk, 
Pluto's ruling card, #20, Judgement
by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell from
"Steampunk Tarot" ©
who are not quitters.  Our love of secrets and the mysterious comes from the primal forces ruled by the eighth house. Scorpio is blessed with two, count ‘em, two, ruling planets:  Mars, the warrior planet, who carries physical energy and courage, and Pluto, who carries the ability to deconstruct, regenerate and transform. (That’s right. One of my ruling planets has the same powers as Dr. Who.)  We are resourceful and independent, loyal and passionate.  Still, with all these marvelous attributes, why are we so often considered the bad kids of the Zodiac?  Perhaps it’s because we can also be jealous, obsessive, unyielding and vindictive.  Okay, so who doesn’t have their faults?

An injured Scorpion is a curious thing.  We will come back from adversity transformed and stronger than ever (Mars, the warrior and Pluto the regenerator).  We are not motivated to seek reprisals by vanity, or by consequence, as other signs can be.  We seek reprisals for moral reasons – even if those morals are personal to us and slightly askew at that.  Scorpio never forgets a kindness, nor do we forget an injustice.  Should you inadvertently hurt our feelings, of course we will overlook it a first, or even a second time, but God help you on the third.  

If you are a child of the Scorpion remember that you carry serious chops and you can’t take them lightly.  We have the uncanny ability to adapt at will, to bloom in the desert as well as in the rain forest.  We can choose to focus our energies on positive life changes and when we do the sky is the limit.


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