Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lammas, August 1st - A Celebration of Firsts

Tarot's 7 of Pentacles show us
our labors bearing fruit as well as
a hint of them being self-sustaining

Lammas is one of the first of three harvest festivals noted on the ancient Wheel of the Year. The other festivals being the Autumn Equinox, or Mabon, and Samhain, or Halloween.  Lammas is also known as the Festival of First Fruits.  It was a time for us to celebrate the harvesting of the first grain crops.  The word Lammas is derived from “loaf mass” and refers to the tradition of farmers bringing a loaf of bread to the village church on August 1st to be blessed.  This bread loaf was made from the first cutting of the new crop of wheat.  

Naturally, Lammas tradition is far more ancient than delivering a loaf to the local vicar.  In ancient days, the farmer and his family headed out into the fields and ritually cut a shaft of wheat while facing the sun.  The shaft was then held aloft and turned about the farmers head as they all thanked the deity for providing fresh bounty for the winter ahead.  The wheat was then threshed (literally separating the wheat from the chaff) and ground into flour.  Talk about organic.  It was then the wife’s responsibility to bake a loaf of bread from that flour for presentation to the landlord, or liege lord.  Wow, and some day’s we think it’s too much effort to drive to the neighborhood Piggly Wiggly® to pick up balloon bread.  

Lammas Bread (not the kind eaten by hobbits) was used to bless the barn where the year’s crop of wheat would be stored.  The loaf was broken into four parts and each part  placed in a corner of the barn.  In England, Lammas was also
Tarot's 9 of pentacles takes the promise of
sustainability and brings it home.
the traditional time for the lord of the manor to gifts his tenants with new work gloves – infinitely more practical than a Starbucks® gift card.

Today, we can still celebrate the beginning of Earth’s harvest season.  Buy, or bring in fresh, organic corn for a barbecue.  Dust off your bread machine and make a whole wheat loaf of bread to serve with your dinner.  Heck, you can even skip the bread machine and use your hands.  It’s fun and kneading is a great stress reliever.  The point is to use this day to stop and think about your food sources.  Think about all the natural events that had to occur in perfect order just for you to enjoy the meal on your table.  Imagine all the farmers and workers who helped to bring this food to you as well – people you don’t even know, but with whom you share a connection.  Giving thanks is an essential way to connect with the Invisible Divine and that is the best gift of all.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 27, 2013 - Faerieworlds Festival, Eugene Oregon - A Sojourn To the Realm

The entrance to the lair of The Lost Boys,
a place of special enchantment for children
Faerieworlds Festival© Eugene, Oregon

At one point or another almost everyone believes in faeries.  Look at how many children put teeth under their pillows, or clap to save Tinkerbelle’s life in act three of Peter Pan.  Okay, I clap too.  I’m not willing to take the risk.  If you spend any time alone in a forest, particularly a Red Wood grove, it’s easy to accept the existence of such elementals, or at the very least, gnomes.

When you spend serious time in America’s Pacific Northwest, you learn several things about Oregon relatively quickly:  The trees are enormous, the beaches are publicly owned, the scenery is majestic, and while Portland values its reputation for weirdness, Eugene, Oregon, the true Emerald City, is an actual state of mind.  If you were to select any city to host Faerieworlds Festival, hands down you’d choose Eugene.  It’s surrounded by forest, its parks and recreational areas are legendary and it is probably one of the most environmentally
Official barbarian 'fae wackers' stalk faeries
throughout the festival - a young faerie prepares
to defend herself - Faerieworlds Festival©, Eugene, Oregon
friendly places on earth. In Eugene, recycling is a bonafide sport.  Lots of places talk about honoring diversity, but for more than fifty years Eugene has walked the walk. No wonder the Fae love it.

Once a year, denizens of the faerie world gather at Bufford Park on the outskirts of Eugene.  Tents sprout up among the trees like mushrooms – yurts, domes, tepees, one person tent-bags – you name it.  The costumes are truly amazing and the atmosphere, intoxicating.  Live music, Celtic, as well as Pagan/Folk rises above the trees from three stages.  Vendors display exotic fares.  Children follow the trail of the Lost Boys to discover a mermaid lagoon as well as various games that blend magic with cognitive skills.  Hey, after all, Eugene is a university town (Go Ducks!) and known for creating new trends in education. Wizards and trolls hoist tankards together at Oberon’s Traveling Tavern. (Four distinctly different styles of mead!)  Young ladies, wearing little more than strategically placed feathers dance with Cernunnos and his consort while families casually stroll by.  This is the enchantment of a place like Eugene.  Breech-clouted, barbarian men dance right along side mothers and daughters in matching Barbie© fairy costumes and no one minds because they share an elemental link – a longing to escape the mundane and for the brief span of three days, entertain the magical.

As the sun goes down, the faery revels begin in earnest.  Aerialists twirl and pose above their audience.  Incandescent jellyfish and willow-the-wisps flow against the backdrop of a night sky.  Revelers dance to Pagan/Folk music long into the night.  And somewhere along a ridge top, not far from the festival site, underneath the Douglas Firs, ferns and branches of Oregon Grape, you’ll see the wee folk, the faeries, smiling indulgently at their human counterparts.  They understand that imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery.


Below are links to YouTube clips that give you a taste of the Faerieworlds experience.  Please check them out. I'll post more links as 2013 videos are posted.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 23rd - August 22nd, Leo, the Lion - “Walking With Pride”

Leo's ruling tarot card, #8 Strength
Steampunk Tarot©
by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell

It is said that pride is a sin and that it ‘goeth before a fall.’ However, when you look at a typical Leo, you don’t see pride in the negative sense of the word.  You see self-assurance and a steadfast commitment towards creating something better in life.  For Leo that doesn’t necessarily mean having more, or having the best.  Lion people generally seize opportunities that make things better for all concerned.  They recognize life’s inequities and make a whole-hearted commitment to fix them.

Leo is the fifth sign in the Zodiac’s wheel.  It is a fixed sign connected to the element of fire.  In layman’s language, this means that Leo is consistent and dependable.  The element of fire makes them idealistic, passionate and energetic.  The sign of Leo the Lion carries male energy and as a result, Leos appreciate direct action and plain speech.  They have little tolerance for ego-driven, mean-spirited people.

Lions are hard workers. Granted, they love their down time, but you should stand clear when they decide to act.  They are natural leaders; both idealistic and confident in their resources.  Leos don’t give up easily on the people or situations that are important to them. They are, by no means, fair weather friends and often assume responsibility for everything in their world and in yours too, if you let them.  Leo
The Sun rules Leo and #19, The Sun
rules the Sun - Barbara Moore and Aly Fell's
Steampunk Tarot©
is ruled by the Sun which lends a particular glow, or magnetic mystique to their leonine natures.  You yearn to be invited to their parties and to bask in their light.  Naturally, their gemstone is the luscious, rich ruby.

Although outwardly confident, Leos harbor insecurities just like anyone else.  The difference is that lion people feel the fear and do it anyway - whatever ‘it’ happens to be.  
Lest you think Leo the Lion is the most perfect sign in the Zodiac, think again.  Off center, ungrounded Leos are arrogant, boastful, pompous and selfish.  They can be easily flattered and therefore are easy to manipulate.

Lions love amour.  They give much in terms of loyalty and adoration to their mates and likewise, they expect much in return.  They deal best with other fire signs such as Leo, Aires and Sagittarius.  Their opposites, Gemini and Aquarius also stir their heart strings.  Moody and sexual Scorpio brings about a glorious and sometimes frightening clash of will and passion.  Boy, howdy – keep a fire extinguisher handy for that one.

Tarot’s #19, The Sun rules Leo’s governing celestial body – the Sun.  Handy, huh?  In tarot, the Sun means greatness, vitality and self-assuredness.  Pretty much sums it up for Leo, doesn’t it?  Leo’s ruling card is (of course) #8, Strength.  That’s probably why the classic depiction shows a maiden soothing a lion through compassion and understanding.  Power through, never power over.  That’s Leo for you.  Leos are complex and extreme, but here’s the thing.  Leos are never by nature, dull.

Here's a YouTube link to Bruce Cockburn perform "Wondering Where the Lions Are," recorded live at KINK Radio's Bing Lounge.  KINK has been helping to keep Portland weird for many years!  


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Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 22, 2013, Full Thunder Moon in Aquarius - “The Eagle has Landed”

High Priestess ruler of The Moon
Barbara Moore & Aly Fell's
Steampunk Tarot©

Our Full Moon in July is called the Full Thunder Moon or Full Buck Moon.  These names come down to us from Native American tribes who noted that July heralded the beginning of the summer thunder storms.  They also observed that July was the time that young male deer, or bucks, started growing their antlers.  

This year’s Full Thunder Moon happens in zero degrees and six seconds of Aquarius.  The neat thing about having a July Full Moon in zero degrees Aquarius is that August’s Full Moon will also be Aquarian at 29 
The Star ruler of Aquarius
Barbara Moore and Aly Fell's
Steampunk Tarot©

degrees.  Aquarius carries an intellectual energy that emboldens the independent thinker in all of us.  We hankers for freedom and variety in our lives.  The Water Bearer’s house is ruled by Uranus, planet of revolutionary, societal change.  It’s also interesting to note that the tarot card for Uranus is The Fool (beginnings, spontaneity) and that the card for Aquarius is The Star (hope, inspiration). 

Under the influence of July’s Full Moon, we’ll see some dynamic breakthroughs for people who’ve done their homework during the past couple of months.  If you’ve used the power of this month’s Grand Water Trine to release and redirect your life – no matter how seemingly small the changes – you’ll be soaring just like Aquila, Zeus’ trusty eagle of legend. ( see Eta Aquarids blog) This is exciting stuff because these changes will be far-reaching and lifelong.

The Fool ruler of Uranus
Barbara Moore and Aly Fell's
Steampunk Tarot©
Also on the 22nd, Venus enters the sign of Virgo. This is Venus at her most practical and discerning.  Venus has much to offer and she wears it with confidence. She knows what she wants and it’s not just some flash in the pan sort of romance.  We’ll all be seeking the deeper meaning of the word, ‘relationship.’  Male or female, Venus in Virgo tells us to seek true depth of character in a partner.  “Faint heart never won fair maid (or male for that matter).”

The Thunder Moon is still at perigee (closer to Earth in its orbit) this month and you’ll continue to hear the term, ‘super moon’ used. Check out "June’s Full Strawberry Moon," blog for more complete information on the term. The important thing to remember, however, is that July’s Full Moon is pretty powerful.  It will be 12 percent larger and 26 percent brighter than a regular Full Moon. No need for night vision goggles on the 22nd, that’s for sure.  Remember to manifest, people.  As an added perk, Lady Moon rises as the sun sets this month and she may well cloak herself in sunset colors - rosy pink, lavender or even orange.  Go somewhere with that certain someone and enjoy a quiet, romantic picnic as you watch the moonrise.  


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Friday, July 19, 2013

July 20th, Mercury Goes Direct Square Uranus - Bump, Ouch!

On July 20th, Mercury, in 13 degrees Cancer, leaves
Tarot's #7 The Chariot rules Cancer the Crab
from Corrine Kenner and John J. Blumen's
Wizard's Tarot©
(see blog: "Mercury Retrograde Tarot and You") and squares with Uranus in Aries.  Word on the web is that there will be some volatility connected with this configuration.  Uranus began its own retrograde on July 17th and when Uranus in Aries goes retrograde, nobody better be caught asleep at the wheel.

This month’s Grand Water Trine asks us to release that which no longer serves us. Here, as Mercury in Cancer goes direct, the good old Uranus/Pluto square (both of them in retrograde) flexes its muscle.  Uranus in Aries is filled with fiery energy that demands we break from tradition and forge a new trail.  That’s all well and good, but
Tarot's #4 The Emperor rules Aries the Ram
Rider, Waite, Coleman-Smith US Games©
Mercury in Cancer sparks intuitive communications.  With the square of Mercury and Uranus, those communications may be a tad too blunt for most people’s taste.  Think of the energy of tarot’s Knight of Swords at its strongest. He is blunt – in your face, take it or leave it, you-should-know-better-than-to-ask, kind of blunt.  Temper your responses before you open your mouth.

When Uranus, the planet of societal change goes retrograde, its energy asks us to examine our relationship with our world – our, meaning our neighborhood, town, country or the entire globe.  Uranus retrograde in Aries asks whether we are working for the good of the whole, doing the expedient, or worst case, whether we are working with only our own best interests in mind.  If we’re not satisfied with our answer, Aries demands action.  Now, not next week.  Again, filter your words.  There’s no percentage in calling either your partner or your boss a short-sighted boob for not recycling plastics, or in verbally taking on
The Fool rules Uranus
from Legacy of the Divine Tarot©
by Ciro Marchetti
a police officer during a traffic stop. 

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn is a variation on Uranus’ theme of societal change.  Pluto’s energy is transformative, but before we transform, we soul search. You may feel a little more angst-ridden than normal prior to the Full Moon on July 22nd.  However, here’s the good thing about astrology.  Within a couple of days configurations change.  Also, each of us are still in charge of our own decisions and create our own realities in life.  That is really the important message between Mercury and Uranus this month.  Each of us has the opportunity to make a difference in this world – to influence our collective destiny.  We can affect positive, peaceful and lasting change.  Let’s make that our primary goal.


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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Transcending the Ego - “The Power of Simply Existing”

#1, Existence from the
OSHO Zen Tarot© by
Deva Padma

Ego is both a Latin and Greek word meaning ‘I,’ or ‘self.’  Ego is also one of the layers that Freud defined as part of our psyche, or mental make up.  Spiritually, we are advised to surrender our ego to attain a truly enlightened state.  Dr. Wayne Dyer often uses the acronym, Edging God Out for his definition of ego consciousness.  He contends, as do most spiritual philosophers, that we close ourselves off from our ever-present link to Divine consciousness, as well as to our link with all living things when we view our life experiences solely through the lens of our own ego. 

Linda Jane Becker, in her book, “Living With Soul,” describes the healthy ego as an internal device designed purely as a safety mechanism.  Becker defines the ego’s function as one of assimilating information about our environment and in dangerous situations, activating our sense of self-preservation to help us avoid harm.  She states that when we depend solely on the
The Source from the
OSHO Zen Tarot© by
Deva Padma
ego to judge and guide our actions however, we pull life through the filter of our mind instead of through our heart.  By doing so, we trap ourselves inside our own perceptions of how life should be lived, rather than actually experiencing the life surrounding us. 

Our relationship to our ego-self often feels like the relationship between a behavioralist and a lab rat.  Our ego conditions us to react to certain situations with set responses much like a rat is conditioned to push a lever and collect a food pellet.  Gratification, or validation.  When we allow the ego to train us, we stand at a metaphorical food bar all day, every day, continually pushing that lever to get the same reward – a
#22 Beyond Illusion from the
OSHO Zen Tarot© by
Deva Padma
feeling of rightness and a sense of who we are as defined by what we have.  When we step away from the need for validation, we allow our hearts to open to the power of the Divine.  Make the effort to reconnect to your spiritual self today.  Use the path that is the most familiar and effortless for you and enjoy your journey.


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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Delta Aquarids Shower, July 12 to August 23, 2014 - Meteors Giving Us A Complex

#17, The Star from
Ciro Marchetti's The Legacy of the Divine Tarot©
In May we had the Eta Aquarids shower and now, out of the dark of southern sky, in the wee hours before dawn, comes the Delta Aquarids meteor shower.  Although this is not a particularly brilliant display, there are still plenty of interesting facts about the Delta Aquarids shower.  Like their cousin the Eta showers, the Delta showers’ radiant (point of origin) is the constellation, Aquarius.
(see blog: for the story of Aquarius and Ganymede)  The third brightest star in the constellation is called Delta, hence the naming of this particular meteor shower, Delta Aquarids. 

Also like the Eta showers, the Delta is more visible from the southern hemisphere.  The peak nights for observing Delta's rain of fire this year are July 25th and 27th.  However, if you live in a more rural area, you can eek out a few more nights of viewing before moonlight interferes with visibility. At peak, the Delta Aquarids meteors fall at a rate of 20 per hour with a speed of approximately 25 miles per second.  Don’t blink and don’t despair. You will still be able to catch sight of some of Delta’s meteors during the Perseids Shower in mid-August. 

#19, The Sun from
Ciro Marchetti's Legacy of the Divine Tarot©
The source of the Delta Aquarids meteors is still listed as ‘unknown,’ but the current culprit for the showers, and probably the correct one, is comet, 96P Machholz.  This comet was discovered in 1986 by Donald Machholz and it orbits the Sun every five years.

The Delta Aquarid shower is one of many minor summer showers that comprise a shower group called the Aquarid – Capricornid Complex. These showers are part of the
Summer Antihelion Source display.  The Antihelion Source, or ANT, is a large, oval-shaped area of space housing the radiants for several minor meteor showers.  Where most of us amateur astronomers will never be able to tell what meteor comes from what particular shower during this summer cacophony, professional astronomers can certainly tell the difference.  They also say that with careful observation we can as well.  I don’t know about you, but I favor the, “Ooooh, fireball pretty,” approach.  Below is a list of the Aquarid – Capricornid Complex/ANT showers and their peak nights.  Mark your calendars, pack up your favorite lawn chair and get ready to enjoy.



DELTA AQUARIDS July 28th and 29th (visibility may be better in August this year)


ALPHA CAPRICORNIDS  August 2nd (known for slow fireballs)

IOTA AQUARIDS August 6th and 7th

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Achieving Motivation Through Wands – “Lights, Camera, Action!”

Shakespeare wrote that, “all the world’s a stage.”  In the new
Ace of Wand from
Legacy of the Divine Tarot©
by Ciro Marchetti
millennium our lives are more like a sound stage. We still have our entrances and exits, but the pace is considerably faster and there’s a lot more gadgetry involved than in the days of the old Globe Theater.  One thing remains a constant in the equation however: If the characters aren’t motivated, i.e. lack direction, or drive, the entire production goes nowhere.

In tarot, Wands represent action and elemental fire.  The first three cards of the suit, the ace, two and three, show us the ingredients of motivation in their purest form.  Aces indicate the start of the show – that initial spark of an idea that causes a question to form inside us.  In Wands the ace is the spotlight going on as we enter stage left.  It’s an awareness.   

2 of Wands
Legacy of the Divine Tarot©
by Ciro Marchetti
The RWCS Two of Wands shows us a figure with a small globe in his hand.  He stands secure behind the walls of his castle, literally holding the world.  However, it’s not his comfortable surroundings that command his attention.  It’s the view of life beyond his wall, or in this case, the light from the Ace of Wands that’s snagged his interest by illuminating the less ordinary. Safe and secure in the familiar, he now has an omnipresent view of life in the outside world as if through the lens of a camera.  

The Three of Wands represents the first step on our journey – the action.  We’re out in the world, a part of life and no longer bound by complacent attitudes.  We have stopped simply observing life and become part of it.  We experience the sights, smells, tastes and texture of life beyond our previous limits.  The horizon, with all its unknowns, beckons us and we follow.  
3 of Wands
Legacy of the Divine Tarot©
by Ciro Marchetti

It’s very easy to loose motivation in a busy, unsettled world.  Fear of loosing what security and comfort we have often inhibits us from achieving our goals, or having new experiences that allow us to grow as individuals.  Each of us is accountable to ourselves for what we make of our life.  If you are having trouble becoming motivated, there are some wonderful guided meditations that can help you release anxiety and truly get in touch with what motivates you in life.

For tarot enthusiasts,  use any of these three cards as a significator and do your favor spread.  You can also try using these cards for a past, present, future type of spread as well.  The point is, work with these cards. See what you discover.  I’d love to here from you about what you learn.  Message me on FaceBook, Twitter, or email me via my website 


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Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013 - New Moon in Cancer

Tarot's #18, The Moon
from Wizard's Tarot©
Ruling card for Cancer the Crab
New Moons direct our emotional cycle.  This month we have a new moon occurring at 16 degrees of Cancer the Crab.  It’s very important for us to focus on the energy and traits found in the crab shack (see blog: Zodiac Sign of Cancer the Crab) to receive the fullest benefits from this month’s new moon.

In the last blog, we talked about the effects of water signs on July’s powerful Grand Trine (Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio).  The same information holds true here, especially during the next few days as we start the New Moon cycle.  However, we also have the added component that the Moon’s monthly reboot is conjunct (same place, same time) Mercury in retrograde.  There’s a strong theme here of inward reflection.  As the Moon reflects the light of the Sun, Mercury, the planet of communication, likewise asks us to pause and reflect on our lives and our inner journey.  What goals of yours are worthy of recommitment?  What does New Moon in Cancer tell you about hearth, home, family and your sense of security?  Just as tarot’s # 2, The High Priestess represents
Tarot's #2, The High Priestess
from Wizard's Tarot©
Ruling card for The Moon
the subconscious mind and intuition, so does this month’s New Moon in Cancer.

Cancerian energy loves the security and the comfort of hearth and home.  This is something we can all identify with right now.  Each month the New Moon offers us a new broom to sweep out the cobwebs of complacency that form during each lunar cycle.  July’s New Moon works like a cyclonic Hoover©. It draws high powered spiritual energy from Neptune and knowledge from Saturn (who goes direct on the 8th).  This is the time to get out of your head.  Stop viewing the world through your ego and start pulling information through and from your own heart.  Meditations will be both extremely powerful and extremely productive right now.  Your sense of security and home life are particularly important to you and will probably figure prominently in your inner reflections.  Follow the flow of your own intuition and take time this New Moon to reflect, meditate and experience your life through an open heart. 


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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Astrological Trends, July, 2013 - “Trine Time”

Saturn's ruling tarot card
#21, The World
Shadowscapes Tarot©

July started the month off with incendiaries – some of which had faulty guidance systems, but all in all, July’s roller coster arrival (Super Moon after shocks and Mercury Retrograde) was nothing we couldn’t handle with meditation, creative visualization and maybe a couple of glasses of wine if things felt too crazy.  Now we’re humming as the Grand Trine between Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio takes the center stage and becomes the major player for July’s astrological forecast.  

A trine is the most favorable aspect, or angle (120 degrees), between planets and certain other celestial bodies. A Grand Trine is a harmonious and continuous flow of energy between 3 planets.  Our natural inclination during a trine is to bask in the pleasant out-pouring of magnificent energy, however, astrologers warn that too many trines at once may be too much of a good thing, causing a somewhat sluggish mindset, or even outright laziness.  Go with the flow this month, particularly during Mercury Retrograde, but remember that there is fabulous energy from the Grand Trine that you can use to shift your life in the desired direction. 

All the signs in July’s Grand Trine are water signs.  All water signs are spiritual, intuitive and creative.  Water folk tend to view life from an emotional viewpoint rather than from facts and figures.  They are often romantic souls. The analogy used to compare them states that if Cancer is a lake, Scorpio is a river and Pisces is an ocean. Each of these signs has a direct affect on the planet within its house and what we’’ll all be feeling this month is the water signs’ influence.  

Jupiter (tarot’s #10, The Wheel of Fortune) in Cancer (tarot’s
Jupiter's ruling tarot card
#10, The Wheel of Fortune
Shadowscapes Tarot©
#7, The Chariot) is humorous, good-natured and good with money. Design a budget and stick to it.  The end of summer will find your cash crunch eased and who knows, you could solve a tricky money flow issue with the help of Jupiter, the Santa Claus planet.  The combination of Jupiter in Cancer also promotes emotional growth and healing which makes July the perfect month to let go of romantic fantasies and emotional attitudes we should have left behind long ago.  

Neptune (tarot’s #10, The Hanged Man) is the ruling planet for Pisces (tarot’s #18, The Moon) and is the “beautiful dreamer” of the Grand Trine.  Neptune is also in Retrograde which means that we are more likely to contemplate our
Neptune's tarot card
#12, The Hanged Man
Shadowscapes Tarot©
connection to one another and question our intention towards our fellow creatures. Who do we serve, ourselves or the whole?  You may recall that Pisces easily becomes lost in day dreams and illusion.  In July we’ll all battle this tendency trying hard to remain focused on the here and now instead of the seductive allure of ‘someday.’  The lesson here; change your focus, stay in the now and change your life.   

Saturn (tarot’s #21, World) is the most practical of the three planets.  Saturn likes analyzing people’s motivations and assigning them either asset or liability status – not in a cold-blooded way, but as a matter of practicality.  Do the people in your life help you be a better person, or do they hinder the process? While Saturn in Scorpio (tarot’s #13, Death) normally uses challenges to help us transform our world, here we see Saturn stabilizing the trine and helping us use its energy in our daily lives.

Factoids for the month: Our New Moon in Cancer in on July 8th.  The Grand Trine becomes exact of July 17th, so expect a little more magic that day.  Hum a lot.  Mercury goes direct on July 20th and is an exact square with Uranus.  Look for some breakthrough energy there. The full Moon in Aquarius is on July 22nd and we also have a meteor shower, the Delta Aquarids, later this month.  More on these later.  Enjoy!


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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tarot’s #9, The Hermit - “Lighting Your Own Way in the World”

#9, The Hermit (RWCS Deck)
solitude, the inner journey, guidance

Yesterday morning we had one doozy of a Void of Course and it left lots of us feeling ungrounded and anxious.  Voids, of VoCs occur when the Moon is about to change houses and there are no more planets in the Moon’s present home to guide her on her way.  Lady Moon is left to drift without a celestial body to help ground and stabilize her energy.  (see blog: "A Void Is A Void, of Course of Course" or "Slipping Into The Moon's, Void of Course") Left to her own devices, Lady Moon drifts aimlessly and turns inward much like her tarot card, # 2, The High Priestess. 

There are times in our own lives when we likewise feel uncertain and turn inward.  We sit in our metaphoric towers using our intuition to guide us through the darkness as we reflect on our lives.  Sometimes the journey gets a little edgy, but nothing that can’t be handled with a bar of really good chocolate and our favorite book.  However, there are times when our fears and anxieties gain the upper hand and a tower feels too exposed.  That’s when we head straight for a cave – the deeper, the darker, the better.  This is the territory of tarot’s #9, The Hermit.

Where the High Priestess uses introspection coupled with delicate, high-mindedness, The Hermit, forges a path through the discomfort and travails that come from following one’s destiny.  His path is very rough at times because he joins the fray in the real world.  As a result The Hermit, who is further along the journey of the soul, needs a deeper retreat from the world in order to reaffirm his connection to Spirit.  The risks The Hermit takes in life and the demands he places upon himself are far more rigorous than those of the High Priestess.  Where she represents reflected light and a passive nature, he represents true illumination – the kind you carry with you to light your way in a not always serene world.

In the RWCS depiction of The Hermit, we see Diogenes, the Greek philosopher who, taking a vow of poverty, lived in a large clay urn in Athens’ marketplace.  (Close to shopping, reasonable rent) He carried a lamp through the streets looking for an honest man. #9, The Hermit, asks us to retreat into ourselves so that we can honestly assess what we’ve learned along life’s journey and plan for where we go once we leave the sanctuary of our cave. He also asks us to shine the lamp of enlightenment on ourselves; to put our lives in perspective.  That’s a scary thought, because we are our own toughest critics.  However, the cave of The Hermit gives us time to think and heal, to make adjustments to our life path as we find necessary.  Once we reemerge into the sunlight, our lantern is held firmly in our hand and we are ready for the next step in our journey.


Rome Choi's fabulous Dreaming Way Tarot