Monday, November 25, 2013

Sagittarius, November 22nd to December 22nd - “Arrows of Outrageous Fortune”

#14 Temperance is tarot's card
for Sagittarius From Barbara Moore
and Aly Fell's "Steampunk Tarot"©
People born under the sign of Sagittarius, the Archer, are inquisitive by nature.  That’s inquisitive with a capital ‘I.’ They seek answers to the great mysteries of life and are fiercely independent.  Sagittarians are born students and wanderers who fascinate us with their natural optimism and philosophical nature.  No party or gathering is complete without them because they charge the atmosphere with their exuberance.   Stand back and watch a Sagittarius shoot a metaphorical arrow and no matter how difficult the terrain, they will follow its path to wherever it falls.  

The Zodiac’s ninth house is home to Sagittarius. This is the place that guides our social lives, our education, as well as our penchants for philosophy and travel.  Sagittarians thrive on change, embracing new experiences with boundless enthusiasm.  They are students of life who become restless if they stay in one place, or situation too long,  They are constantly looking down the road for the next adventure. For them, experience is not only the best teacher, it’s their life’s blood as well.  

The Archer likes to avoid commitment – even with the small
Jupiter, the planet of expansion, rules
Sagittarius. From Barbara Moore and Aly Fell's
"Steampunk Tarot"©
things in life like choosing a bath mat or furniture.  Commitment, however mundane, equals strings for a Sagittarius and being tied to one place or situation hinders the footloose lifestyle they prefer.  Are they capable of lasting relationships?  You bet they are. However, they are a fire sign in the mutable modality (adaptive, changeable) and other fire signs who are equally adventurous are their best partners – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.  Think, Doctor Who traveling through the universe with his best companion ever.  If this image makes you envious then you are the perfect mate for Sagittarius.

The workaday Sag is a born achiever.  Remember, life is an adventure for them and they take any opportunity to explore it with skill and optimism.  They make excellent lawyers, communications specialists, marketing consultants, sales professionals and photographers (no surprise – they love to capture a moment for later reflection). They excel at presentations like none other.  They are not so great at teaching because they expect the same level of excitement, adaptability and curiosity from their students as they, themselves experience when embracing a new subject.  They are honest to the point of bluntness and can be impatient with those who don’t catch on quickly.  Rule of thumb: If you can’t think on your feet, or adapt quickly to a game change, don’t work closely with a Sagittarius.  If however, if you are innovative, far-sighted and love the excitement of the moment, sit yourself down with your new best friend, lover, or co-worker.  If you're lucky, all of the aforementioned.

The universe awaits for Sagittarius, with all its
'timey-whimey' adventures!
Sagittarians are deep thinking adventurers.  They are among the early adopters in our culture – not for the sake of newness itself, but because the new must be explored.  We need adventurers in our lives and in our society.  They show us possibilities and inspire us to dream.  Think of Sagittarius as you seek out new opportunities in your own life and embrace the change.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nine of Pentacles - “Authority, Autonomy and Flying High”

RWCS, US Games Edition©
The Nine of Pentacles
What is she whispering to the bird?

The suit of Pentacles represents the element of earth and the material world.  In tarot, nines speak to us of compromise and difficulties, but if that’s the case, why does the woman in the Nine of Pentacles look like she’s doing so well? She stands in a field of dreams made reality – calm and elegant, seemingly without a care.  Is it a facade, or does she really have a nifty investment strategy tucked away somewhere?  

The Nine of Pentacles shows us someone (in this particular case a female, though the card lesson transcends sexual definition) who no longer struggles to secure their day to day existence. As in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the basic survival levels, food, shelter, clothing, have been surpassed.  Her current level of security and comfort allows, not only the expression of grace and beauty in her life, but also the ideation of a higher self.  

Clear and sunny skies always offer
encouragement even when you turn inward
RWCS, The Sun, US Games Edition©
A clear sky in the background denotes fair weather.  Two trees frame the world of the card, acting as a gateway to a rich and fertile vineyard.  The woman in the Nine of Pentacles hasn’t passed through the gates to this land without compromises. She is alone, turned away from the sun and turned inward towards herself.  Her right hand rests on a stack of pentacles; her casual possession of them born from her sense of security.  Her head and shoulders rise above the landscape indicating a higher connection with the universal flow.  She is elegant, graceful and assured of her position in the world.  A falcon perches on her left hand.  Its head is hooded like all trained hunting birds.  The hood keeps the falcon calm while it waits the commands of its mistress and the opportunity to take flight. 

Some tarot analysts view the hooded bird as a symbol of the
The Magician reminds us that we
can combine all the elements to create the
life we want. RWCS, US Games Edition©
lady’s darker nature held in check by her strength of will.  Others believe the bird represents stifled creativity and dreams – a necessary sacrifice some would say in attaining goals.  I disagree. I prefer Alfred Hitchcock’s explanation for why the bird is there.  In his masterpiece of environmental horror, “The Birds,” Hitchcock uses a lone seagull circling high over the town of Bodaga Bay to present a bird’s eye view of the movie’s world. In the Nine of Pentacles, the hunting bird is the omnipresent eye that gives our lady a broad over-view of her territory.  Her bird symbolizes imagination, creativity and focused skills.  Instead of representing a dark side, the bird lifts the woman beyond her own limited perceptions allowing her to implement her talents.  The bird’s hood represents not only her control, but her discretion as well.

Meanings for the Nine of Pentacles include discipline, self-reliance and sacrifice to obtain a goal.  The problem with using the word ‘sacrifice’ in what otherwise is a motivational card is that people frequently misunderstand the meaning of the word.  Its root word is ‘sacred,’ not ‘suffer.’  Too often people shy away from their dreams because they believe they must sacrifice – suffer a deprivation – to reach them.  Not so.  The woman is the Nine of Pentacles knows her worth, both inside and out.  She may appear to be alone, but so for all of us who take on a new challenge in life.  Ultimately, the burden of succeeding rests upon our shoulders, no one else’s. 

Use the positive messages about success and reward in the Nine of Pentacles to keep you on target no matter what type of goal you set for yourself.  Meditate by focusing on the imagery of this card and, like the falcon in the picture, you’ll soar above your perceived limitations.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Full Frost Moon in Taurus, November 17th - “Opposites Attract”

November’s Full Frost Moon occurs at 25 degrees and 26
The Hierophant, is tarot's card for Taurus
from "Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©
by Ciro Marchetti
minutes of Taurus this year.  I like the name, Frost Moon, which refers to the time of year when the first frost is likely to occur.  The alternate name for November’s Full Moon is, Beaver Moon.  I never use that name, because we’re all Oregon Duck fans in this house.  Don’t get me started on the Stanford game.  

Full Moons happen when the Sun is in direct opposition to the Moon.  This month we have two signs involved that are also directly opposite one another on the wheel of the Zodiac – Scorpio and Taurus.  Scorpio lives in the eighth house along with our sexual energy, our ability to redefine ourselves, our resources and death.  Taurus resides in the second house where we find our earning potential, our self-esteem and our possessions.  

Death represents the transformative
power of Scorpio from "Legacy
of the Divine Tarot"© by Ciro Marchetti
While both signs are in the fixed modality and live in succedent houses (houses of fixed signs that are concerned with resources See blog: Houses of the Zodiac ) they are opposite in nature.  Scorpio is a water sign and its people favor the deeply mysterious, as well as self-improvement. Taurus is an earth sign whose denizens like their creature comforts and the finer things in life.  Taurians actually feel through their senses and unlike Scorps, are not moody and broody by nature. (See Blogs: Sun in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio )

All this opposition works incredibly well for us this month.  The
The High Priestess rules the Moon
from Rom Choi's "Dreaming Way Tarot"©
Moon is said to be exalted in Taurus which, simply put, means the Moon functions well in that sign.  Full Moons are about culmination and manifesting and November’s Full Moon in Taurus carries extreme power for bringing goals and dreams into reality.  Our Frost Moon’s intensity is supported by vast amounts of transformative energy, not only from the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio, but also via Pluto and Venus in Capricorn.  Neptune, direct and back in the game in Pisces, gives a powerful boost to our imaginations (See Blog: Neptune direct in Pisces).  Again, and repeat it with me, “What I perceive, I can achieve.”

The Sun for the Sun from
Ciro Marchetti's "Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©
Dare to dream during this luxurious and transformative Full Frost Moon in Taurus.  Use the tarot cards associated with Taurus, the Moon, Scorpio and the Sun as focal points during meditation, or meditative journaling.  This is an optimum time to create your ‘exit strategy’ for 2013 – a list of things you’d really like to see manifest, or culminate before the end of December.  And remember that it’s never too early to start your 2014 wish list.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Neptune Direct in Pisces - “The Difference Between Goals and Pipe Dreams”

#12, The Hanged Man is the
Tarot association for Neptune
from Stephanie Pui-Mun Law's
"Shadowscapes Tarot"©

Neptune is the planet of dreams and of dreamers.  It rules the twelfth house of the Zodiac, home of the sign, Pisces.  We store our subconscious and intuition in the twelfth house along with our affinity for self-delusion. (See blog: "The Sign of Pisces" )  That’s because illusion is the hallmark of Neptune’s influence.  If you are a Pisces or have Neptune in your birth chart, this planet can make you turn a blind eye to common sense and follow your pipe dreams right over a cliff.  

Neptune entered retrograde on June 7th and remained there until November 13th. During the past five months we’ve all had an easier time seeing past the veil of illusion and maintaining enough objectivity to keep us from being swept away by the improbable. Oddly enough, Neptune’s retrograde periods provide clearer insights and more pragmatic thinking than when the planet is direct.  As a result, when Neptune resumes its forward momentum, we can all experience feeling a little unsettled and struggle with thoughts of disillusionment and dissatisfaction.  

Still, there are lots of benefits we can glean from Neptune
#18, The Moon is the
Tarot association for Pisces
from "The Wizard's Tarot"© by
Corrine Kenner and John J. Blumen
direct – first and foremost, imagination.  ( See blog: "Astrological Trends June, 2013" ) Remember that what we perceive we can achieve.  It just takes planning and follow through.  Neptune direct helps us give voice to our inner-most dreams.  With Neptune’s help, we have a natural buoyancy – an optimism that helps us push past the skeptics in our lives.

How do we tell if we’re pipe dreaming or if we have a legitimate goal?  Simple.  A goal is always attainable.  When I was a child I read the myth of Icarus and wanted to build a pair of bird wings so I could fly.  Not a realistic goal and therefore a pipe dream.  But when you construct a light weight frame and attach aerodynamically feasible wings you get a hang-glider, or an ultra-light aircraft.  To build real wings – a pipe dream. To build simulated wings that are aerodynamically sound – a goal.

Goals must also have real and measurable results.  Orville and Wilbur Wright had many failed attempts before their initial success at flight, but they had one continuous thing that made them carry on in the face of countless setbacks – measurable progress.  Every inventor or innovator started out with a “what if” – Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, you name them.  What made them succeed was their commitment to results.  

On November 17th we have a very powerful Full Moon arriving in Taurus.  It will be the perfect opportunity for you to manifest your dreams into reality.  Instead of focusing on the unattainable, like becoming the King or Queen of Ohio, stay reasonable, stay realistic and stay committed.  Once you commit to an attainable goal, the Universe will turn the cosmic tumblers any way it needs to in order to ensure your success.  


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

“Seeking the Profound in the Ordinary”

Dan Millman, in his book, “The Peaceful Warrior,” states that there are no ordinary moments.  Each fragment of time and space is sufficient to itself and the expansion of the entire universe occurs as one dewdrop falls from a leaf.  Pretty weighty stuff and a concept that’s much easier to understand while sitting in a meditation garden with lutes playing in the background.  How many of us have the opportunity to retreat to a place of such ultimate contemplation, though, and for how long?  Sure, we can meditate for ten or twenty minutes a couple of times a day if we’re disciplined and lucky enough to grab the time, and that’s a great thing, but we must still exist in the ordinary world for more than twenty-three hours each day. No lutes, no garden. Each day we preform mundane tasks that on the surface appear to have little to do with enlightenment, but when viewed from another perspective, hold wonder.

What is the nature of the profound and why do so many of us
The culmination of the OSHO's Zen Tarot©
Major Arcana, #22, beyond illusion
deck by Deva Padma
seek it?  When you are immersed in a profound thought or occurrence your connection to spirit is so direct, so pure that you see past yourself and your particular reality.  You glimpse the core of spiritual oneness that links all existence.  Those glimpses are a promise that there is more than just us in the universe and that we are all interconnected. Kahili Gibran, in “The Prophet,” says that children “are life’s longing for itself.”  If that’s true, then as spiritual beings having a human experience, isn’t our quest for the miraculous and the profound simply our longing for our spiritual home?

Assuming we sleep seven hours a day, we have sixteen hours filled with school, work, commuting, chores, errands and common tasks.  With this tight of a schedule it only makes sense to seek the profound in the ordinary if you wish to live a conscious-filled life.  Think about the rhythm of mundane tasks; raking leaves, washing floors, folding laundry. Your body steps into a flow. Contemplate the way your muscles work together to move – how many unseen cells join harmoniously to accomplish a single movement.  You fold a towel in half, measuring the edges so they match up just so.  You fold it in half again and place it on a stack to be stored in the linen closet.  In this simple chore you learn continuance, how pieces of life stack together in natural order and that once something has served its purpose in life, it’s time to let go and move on.

There’s a world of enlightenment in the ordinary.  Today try seeking the profound in your everyday routine – be it work, or errands.  Be the moment and see what you discover.


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Monday, November 4, 2013

Astrological Trends, November 2013 – "Turning Inward to Correct the Extreme"

The Empress rules Venus and with good reason.
She's grace, beauty, abundance and charm.
From "Steampunk Tarot"© by Barbara Moore
and Aly Fell

So far the November skies have been dominated by Scorpio.  This month’s energy has been deep, magnetic; filled with passionate emotion and mystery much like the infamous Zodiac sign itself.  Scorpio’s influence can make us soar like an eagle, or strike out in confusion and sting those around us.  The eighth house, residence of the scorpion, is the most intense place in the Zodiac.  It’s here where the mysteries of life, birth and death are stored.  (See Blog: “Sun In Scorpio”) The beginning of this month hasn’t been for the faint of heart.  We’ve had challenges: A powerful yod, the exact squaring of Uranus and Pluto and a New Moon with a hybrid solar eclipse attached to it. That’s only been in the first three days. ( See Blog: “New Moon in Scorpio" )

On November 5th Venus enters Capricorn where she stays until March 5th of 2014.  Beautiful Venus, becomes very grounded in Capricorn, embracing the practical in her nature. There’s very little fun and flirty energy here.  She wants us to seek loyal, honest partnerships that support us.  Venus expects to see proof of a deep, committed love before allowing us to give our hearts completely.  Once we have our proof though, Venus in Capricorn says this relationship is for keeps, so act accordingly.

Jupiter, the Santa Claus of the solar system, goes retrograde
#10, The Wheel rules Jupiter
and shows us how the turn of fate
expands our world one way or another.
Also from "Steampunk Tarot"©
on November 7th. This is the biggest change in astrological template this month and one of the most significant until early spring of 2014.  Jupiter carries an expansive energy when it’s direct.  Prior to its actual retrograde period there will be a general feeling of too much of a good thing.  Societally, individually and bureaucratically, there will be a sense that we’ve over-shot the mark, become too bloated and extreme in some ways.  Jupiter retrograde says slow down, perhaps even halt the expansion process outwardly to turn inside and work on inner growth.  Use #9, The Hermit as a focus for mediations. Also contemplate the Four of Swords to ease an overly busy mind.

Consider that if we don’t build a strong, inner support system, either personally or as a society, we are doomed to collapse in on ourselves.  It’s time to relearn (‘r’ word) the value of middle ground and release behaviors and ideals that have become too extreme, or too top-heavy to pass the tests of time and adversity.  Jupiter asks us to take our expansion inside to grow our consciousness, as well as our capacity for inner truth and compassion.  We can’t continue to expand our world unless we do a little inner re-tooling.  Again, we see the recurring theme for November of transforming and becoming something greater than the sum of the whole – synergy. Jupiter will be in retrograde until March 6, 2014.

#17, The Star is both hope and promise.
We can blend the elements of our world
for a successful life through the habit
of conscious living. From "Steampunk Tarot"©
Other high points this month include Mercury going direct on the 10th with Neptune following suit on the 13th. Chiron, our wounded healer also goes direct on the 19th just before the Sun enters Sagittarius on the 22nd.  Our Full Moon in Taurus occurs on November 17th and Venus goes conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.  Pluto also squares off against Uranus in Aires as well. Whew!  There’s lots happening this month and most of it is set against the backdrop of Scorpio’s transformative energy.  This is a tremendous opportunity to ready ourselves for Jupiter’s expansion in the Spring.  I’ll be discussing the significance of the rest of these events as they draw closer. In the meantime, you have your assignments. Use the energy of early November to release, review, renew and revamp your thoughts and goals in preparation for a powerful Full Moon in Taurus.


Here's a link to an excellent article that explains Jupiter Retrograde.  Check it out!

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Friday, November 1, 2013

November 3, 2013, New Moon in Scorpio With a Solar Eclipse – “Sugar Rush”

#13 - Transfiguration, from Corrine Kenner
and John J. Blumen's "Wizard's Tarot"©
Scorpio's card and the theme for
early November

There comes a point when there’s simply too much of a good thing.  This is true in astrology as well as in leftover Halloween candy and both can leave us groggy and feeling as if we’ve been on a three day bender.  We have Mercury Retrograde conjunct Sun, Saturn, and North Node in Scorpio.  These guys form a yod featuring Uranus in Aries at the apex. (See Blog: “Yod Nod”) The double fudge layer on all of this is that Uranus is also directly square Pluto on November 1st. However, the cherry that tops this rich and gooey mound of transformative energy is a New Moon in Scorpio with a hybrid, total solar eclipse chaser.  Sugar overload.

If you’re nervous about Scorpio’s energy, then perhaps it’s a good time to make a three day pilgrimage to a cloistered abbey.  If, however, you are ready to shake loose the status quo and step across the lines of regimentation that have been chaffing you for the past several months (if not a couple of years) take a deep breath, square your shoulders and step into the supped up transformative energy flow that is the best of Scorpio. 

The North Node represents the path of our personal growth –
Choi Roma's "Dreaming Way Tarot"©
presents The Fool, card for Uranus.
The Fool is ready for anything and puts his
faith in both providence and himself.
our future.  It offers us challenges that are meant to teach and inspire us. It’s a place where you learn to stand tall, gaining confidence with each stride.  When housed in Scorpio, North Node invites us to dive into the deeper mysteries of life and use our inborn talents to empower us and transform our lives.  The North Node clearly works well with Saturn, who’s mission is also to teach by issuing us challenges we can win.  

New Moons start a new cycle and there is no cycle stronger than one beginning with a an eclipse.  Eclipses are planetary reboots and we will feel the effects of the reboot for about six months.  In addition, this particular eclipse is a rare ‘hybrid’ type that starts out as an annular eclipse (ring of fire) before transforming into a total eclipse where the Moon’s shadow fully sweeps across the Earth.  Again, here we see the pivotal theme of the stars: Transformation.  The power in this eclipse asks us to seize the moment and use the best parts of Scorpio’s energy – their innate resourcefulness, focus, passion and drive –  to take control of our destiny.

#20, Judgement, from "Steampunk Tarot"©
by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell carries
a two-fold message - Decision and Rebirth
Uranus, that whirling dervish a sweeping, societal change, squares Pluto (one of Scorpio’s ruling planets - See blog: "Sun In Scorpio, The House that Passion Built" ) the transformer.  Total Optimus Prime here. At this point the Zodiac it’s almost on planetary overload in terms of transformative energy.  For this reason, as I’ve stated before, Mercury Retrograde is your best friend.  Review, revise, renew and decide.  That’s your assignment.  You don’t get an extension because the dog ate your homework.  Get busy.  If the astrological energy for the next few days is a little overwhelming at times, cut back on your activity.  Practice quieting your mind through meditation, music and activities that require simple motor skills.   Let go of the past and look towards the future.  Release resentments and claim your life as your journey, not your parent’s, not your lover’s, not your sister’s and not even your neighbor’s cat’s journey.  Yours – unparalleled and unequaled. It’s time to rise and shine.


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