Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 31st - Blue Moon

If the moon were actually made of green cheese, would it be made of blue cheese during a Blue Moon?  I happen to like blue cheese.  A lot of people don't, but then, a lot of people are sissies.

There are two definitions of a Blue Moon.  The first, and the one that we are most familiar with refers to a month with two full moons.  This is the simpler definition and some say, the least correct.  The second definition states that a Blue Moon occurs when there are four full moons in a given season (Spring, Summer, etc) instead of the normal three.  The third moon in a four moon seasonal cycle is referred to as a Blue Moon.  I vote for whichever definition throws the best party.  Not cosmically correct, but what the heck.  Let's take the first definition and run with it.  There can be two Blue Moons in a calendar year under definition number one.  However, the last time we experienced two Blue Moons in the same year was in 1999.  January and March both had Blue Moons that year, but February had no full moon at all.  We will see a similar situation in 2018.

The Blue Moon of August 31st occurs at 8 degrees Pisces with the star Skat in conjunction (at almost the same degree) with Chiron. Skat is the star representing the shinbone in the constellation of Aquarius, The Water Bearer and Chiron, an asteroid discovered in 1977, orbits between Saturn and Uranus.  It takes Chiron 50 years to complete an orbit of the Sun.  You have to admire that kind of dedication.  Chiron governs the unity between mind and spirit and also spans the gap between our past and future.  Chiron’s presence right now is particularly significant to us as you’ll read in a moment.

A Blue Moon has no astrological significance of its own.  What makes the full moon of August 31st exceptional is that is occurs in Pisces.  This is a moon of mystical connection.  Perceptions and intuition will be running higher than usual, creating excellent developmental opportunities.  Doors to other realms open more freely to us around the 31st and our creative impulses receive a tremendous surge with Lady Moon’s sextile (aspect of 60 degrees) to Pluto.  Mars entered Scorpio on the 23rd which means our ability to focus is razor sharp right now.  What we perceive, we can achieve.  Take advantage of this mega boost and power through your personal blocks and inhibitions.  

If the Mars-Scorpio power surge is leaving you a little frazzled, (And trust me, as a Scorpio myself, I know it can.) spend more time with your tarot cards and meditations.  Here’s why.  Chiron's influence, combined with the trine of the Moon and Mars sets the stage for deep and powerful mediations during the 31st.  The trine (an aspect of 120 degrees - see blog, A Void Is A Void...) enables us to more easily access our higher consciousness.  Chiron’s influence unifies the collective points of our existence; mind, body, past, present and future into a single axis.  And from this perspective we can heal, manifest, or simply celebrate our connection to Source. We understand the right questions to ask ourselves and find the answers more readily. 

On a cautionary note, be careful what vibrational level you allow into your day to day activities.  In other words, a weekend horror movie marathon is not the best idea right now.  Stick with cerebral comedies.  Laughter is always a good thing.  Steer clear of things that pull you away from living consciously.  This is a time for you to access the 
deepest places within yourself.  Do it and you’ll be surprised at the answers you receive.


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