Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Astrological Trends for October 2013 – “Avast Me Hearties”

When weather turns stormy at sea, a good sailor knows what to do:  Close up the vessel so that the waves breaking over the deck don't spilling water below.  He also lessens the ship's sail area so that strong winds don’t push it over.  “Hmmm,” you ask, “what is she trying to tell us with this sailing metaphor?”  Reef your mainsail and batten your hatches.  October has some powerful configurations in it and you need to stay mindful and focus on what’s truly important to you.

On October 2nd, Saturn is trine (the most favorable aspect of
Saturn's card, #21, The World
from Barbara Moore and Aly Fell's
"Steampunk Tarot"©
120 degrees) the asteroid, Chiron.  Chiron is the wounded healer of myth, who, in this case couples with Saturn to provide all of us with an opportunity to do self-healing work. Also, those of us with Saturn quincunx (an aspect of 150 degrees that requires serious adjustments) Uranus in our birth charts will have particular trouble reconciling the conflicting parts of ourselves. Saturn represents rules, discipline and self-respect.  Uranus is a wild child who questions authority and the status quo. We will all experience frustration trying to merge the parts of our lives that simply won’t merge.  That’s a quincunx for you. Don’t attach to outcomes, breath and let go.

The Fool, the card for Uranus
from Ciro Marchetti's
"Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©
The Moon, Saturn and Mercury are all hanging out in Scorpio during the first part of the month.  Again, we see Saturn’s need to challenge (provide growth opportunities) mixing it up with Mercury in Scorpio.  The result is a deep, intellectual process. There’s lot’s of soul searching during this period.  We gain true insights into our lives – not always pretty, but necessary.  Don’t get trapped inside your own head, though.  Get outside and take in some of that wonderful Fall air to help you maintain balance. Meditate.

Our New Moon in Libra arrives on October 4th and makes all of us ready for a fresh start.  We’ll lay aside old resentments and seek common ground in our partnerships and friendships (Somebody tell Congress) while enjoying a revitalized social scene.

Mid-month we get some help to lighten our moods when Mars enters Virgo on the 15th and Venus enters Sagittarius on the 17th.  Mars and Virgo join up to help us clean house, both physically and metaphorically.  This is problem solving energy – an energy that tidies bothersome corners and tucks away those repetitive thoughts that nag us.  Use Mars in Virgo to clear your decks.  Venus in Sagittarius is a young-at-heart style of energy that solidifies friendships even if it doesn’t offer us a lasting love. Venus will definite helps us regain our dance moves.

On October 18th we have a Full Moon in Aries and a lunar
The Magician is Mercury's card
from "Wizard's Tarot"© by Corinne Kenner and
John J. Blumen
eclipse.  Let’s hear it for planetary reboots.  Great energy here, but I’ll have more on that later this month.  Mercury goes retrograde from October 21st through November 10th.  I’ll re-post appropriate blog links as needed.  Remember: Smudging in an art form.  Lastly, the end of the month picks up momentum as we prepare for another direct Uranus/Pluto square on November 1st.

We have lots of energetic activity this month – lots of whitecaps in the waves as well.   Stay high-minded, meditate and above all, don’t lock yourself away to brood.  Change happens and the best part about change is that you get to be a part of it.


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