Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Inner Planet Transits Mark May, 2015 – “One, Two, Three, Glide”

The Tower is Mars' tarot association, seen here
in the amazing must-have deck, "OSHO Zen
Tarot"© by Deva Padma
Just as Venus settled comfortably into her transit through Cancer, warrior Mars joined Mercury on a glide through Gemini. Okay, there could be a hiccup or two amongst all that gliding. Mercury Retrograde begins on May18th (The anniversary of the Mount St. Helens eruption – hmmmm) and a formidable conjunction of these two planets occurs during the end of the month. Still, all in all, May’s astrology is a well-timed waltz. All you’ve got to do is stay focused on the beat.

Venus transits Cancer until June 4th and when she dances in these particular waters Venus becomes a hopeful romantic. Unfortunately her insecurities also rise to the surface and she requires a more demonstrative affection from a partner. People who have Venus in Cancer prominently in their birth chart, or who were born under the sign of Cancer may desire to become homebodies this month, creating security by staying close to their favorite things and people. Closeness is fine, just avoid turning into a clinging vine. Your partner might not feel the same urge to hunker down as you do and that really is okay. 

While Venus says, “Let’s stay together a lot,”  Mars in
The Empress represents Venus and
Kris Waldherr delivers amazing archetypes
in her stunning deck, "The Goddess Tarot"©
Gemini wants to be in the thick of the action. The Martian mind in Gemini thinks quickly and grasps new concepts using rapid-fire intellect. Have you been feeling particularly witty lately, your conversation sprinkled with quotable quips and snappy comebacks? Thats Mars in Gemini hard at work with Mercury, the planet of communications.

Mercury and Mars form a powerful partnership to harness both intellect and action in Gemini this month.  Sure we have Mercury Retrograde (see blogs: "Mercury retrograde, Tarot and You""Ramping Up For Retrograde"  ) May 18th through June 11th, but stick to your retrograde rules and you’ll be fine. Mars will also help with that fuzzy-brained effect that often accompanies MR. Think and most importantly re-think before speaking and acting and you’ll do great. Remember that MR is a chance for us to regroup, to rethink and rework projects.  Writer’s love MR because we don’t have to produce large amounts of original work, just simply rewrite a current project. (Sure, try telling that one to your editor. Deadline? What’s that?) Don’t be surprised, however, by a dynamic burst of creativity.

Mercury's tarot association from
Corrine Kenner and John J. Blumen's
wonderful, "Wizard's Tarot"© -
a personal favorite of mine.
The trickiest part of May falls during the 25th through the 30th. This is the period when Mars and Mercury are closest in Gemini. They go conjunct (same place, same time) on May 27th.  Watch out for the tendency to blurt things out before you’ve considered the ramifications of totally free speech. You do want to have some friends left at the end of the month and tact is your best friend come May 27th. Refreshing honesty needs to not only be placed in the back seat, but would be better left standing on the curb. 

We have a lot of astrological gifts this month and if you find the tempo and stay focused on the moment, you’ll we gliding across May’s ballroom and into a fabulous summer before you know it.



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