Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 27, 2014, New Moon in Cancer – "A Terrific Night For A Moon Dance"

Sarasvati is the goddess Kris Waldherr chose
as #2, The High Priestess for her
wonderful "The Goddess Tarot"©, tarot's
card for Lady Moon
Our lunar reboot occurs on June 27th at 1:08 a.m., PDT in five degrees and thirty-seven minutes of Cancer.  This is terrific, because the Moon rules Cancer and is exalted during its passage through this sign.  Exalted, you say? Yup.  A planetary body (and the Moon falls within this category for the sake of astrology) that’s exalted has a purer, more direct form of its natural energy and characteristics.  This all adds up to a powerhouse of a New Moon whose energy can be used to reaffirm our commitment to our life path, goals and projects.  

While Mercury’s retrograde has had us reviewing, revamping and rethinking decisions, Neptune’s retrograde pattern has connected us more strongly to our mystic and spiritual sides.  This New Moon gives us the opportunity to adopt the strategies and philosophies we’ve been contemplating during Mercury Retrograde.  Our intellect (Mercury in Gemini),  our emotions (New Moon in Cancer), and our spirit (Neptune in Pisces) are in harmony.  Also, the New Moon on the 27th trines Neptune, giving us a super charge of mystical energy.  Use that intuition.  Allow all that amazing creativity you feel within you to flow free.  Set your plans so you can hit the ground running when Mercury turns direct on July 1st.  Then get out of your own way and watch your dreams manifest during the next thirty days.  The theme for this New Moon, like the tarot association for Cancer, The Chariot, is 'up and over.'

Rhiannon represents #7 The Chariot,
Cancer's tarot association. From
Kris Waldherr's "The Goddess Tarot"©
People with Moon in Cancer in their birth chart, or those born under the sign of Cancer  feel the effects of this New Moon more strongly, however Venus in Gemini lends  stability to the strong, emotional currents our favorite crustaceans might feel swirling around them.  Remember, this will be a New Moon with deep, meaningful subtext, both spiritual and emotional.  It’s important to stay focused on where you want to be in life and who you wish to have with you – friends, co-workers, or partners.

The power of June’s New Moon is a great opportunity to rise above that sense stagnation we’ve endured with Cardinal Crosses and so forth earlier this year.  Work with this new emotional template for the coming lunar cycle and you’ll amaze yourself.  


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