Monday, April 18, 2016

Everything's Retro - Triple Crown With Three Retrograde Planets April 2016

Writers live to writer and to rewrite - usually into infinity if we can get away with it - and April is a terrific month for indulging yourself in agonizing reappraisal. We have three, count 'em, three retrogrades.  April 17th Mars, our outgoing, warrior planet  whose can-do philosophy often makes the difference between a hit, or a miss for us, suddenly turns shy with moments of self-doubt as it turns retrograde in Sagittarius. Mars in The Archer's house is adventurous, but a little scattered. Mars' openness can easily translate to bluntness and a willingness to give too much information. If you suddenly find yourself waffling more than usual that's perfectly normal. Remember we all feel the effects of  retrogrades to one degree or another, but the effects are more significant if you have the retrograde planet, or the hosting sign prominently in your birth chart.

Martian energy is more circumspect during retrograde. While retrograde periods are not traditionally a good time to start new projects, don't let yourself become frozen with indecision because you fear making a choice. Simply engage your brain and rely more on the analytical side of your personality. Mars stays retro until June 29th, finishing the last part of its retrograde hiatus in Scorpio. Beware of poking under too many rocks when Mars moves back to Scorpio. An indecisive and frustrated retro Mars in Scorpio has misplaced their self-determination compass. We'll be a little more moody broody and our sting response will be set on automatic stun. Again, hit the pause button and analyze individual situations before responding to stimulus. You'll save yourself wear and tear, as well as preserve a lot of friendships.

On April 18th Pluto, that solar system vagabond of change, goes retro in Capricorn. Do I
here a sigh of relief? What's the matter, has all that crazy, Tilt-a-Whirl of change gotten out of hand for you? If you think so, you're not alone. Pluto hesitates during retrograde. Its reevaluation process asks us if every piece of chaotic change was absolutely necessary and if it yielded the desired goal. From April 18th through September 26th Pluto will be moving at a snail's pace to make us reexamine our choices. Where did they come from? Were they a result of baggage we are still determined to lug around with us forever? If Pluto retrograde has its way you'll be letting go of the things that hold you back before you start moving forward again in the Fall. Yes, it is a lengthy process working with Pluto Retrograde, but worth every moment of self-analysis.

Mercury in Taurus joins the retro party on April 28th, though with the other planets already well underway in their backwards journey, MR's influences may feel a bit indistinguishable from the rest of the retro energy. Stay patient when plans go awry, when calls get dropped and half of the free world misunderstands your latest tweet. Chuck it up to Mercury and remember your 'R' words: Revise, re-do, recommit, redesign, research, rewrite. The last two are my personal favorites.

Enjoy the gift of April's slow-down. Smell roses, drink tea, but most of all, take stock of your life, its direction and consider what you wish to change to become the best person you can be.


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