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"The Definition of Insanity "

9 of Swords, guilt anxiety
"the dagger of the mind"

The standard meaning of insanity can be located in any of a dozen dictionaries.  I learned the only significant definition for this word in a sales training class.  The definition of insanity is to keep repeating the same unsuccessful group of actions and to expect a successful outcome each time.  A tarot spread will make you face the inevitability that comes from repeating unsuccessful patterns in your life.  How many times do we ask ourselves, “Why do I always get these cards?” Simple - your life, your choices.  Don’t shoot me, I’m just the tarot reader.  Whether your trials come from the pressure you exert upon yourself (swords), emotional quagmires that you persist in wading into (cups), ill-conceived, irrational moves that take you nowhere (wands), or greed and avarice (pentacles), tarot will show you the patterns of your particular dance.  

The Moon - illusion
the crayfish crawling from the water
represents the subconscious
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The founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, found this to be true and often recommended tarot journaling for patients.  Where Freud believed the origins of most psychological conditions were sexual in nature, Jung favored the idea that all people held an intrinsic spiritualism and that a healthy psyche had all its parts integrated.  A rather simplistic explanation on my part, I’m afraid.  Jung gave us concepts such as, collective consciousness, synchronicity and my personal favorite, archetypes.  He used dream analysis and believed that symbolism was a huge component of the human mind (true that) and therefore, the key to unlocking the subconscious.

Tarot illuminates your path.  It acts as your guide through
The Hermit, seeker of inner truth
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your present situation, then takes your actions, if unaltered, to an inescapable conclusion.  If you don’t like the pictures the tarot spread shows you, then make different choices – break your pattern and you change that pesky outcome row.  Tarot’s responsibility is to show you the journey of your soul, yours, particular to you, not the person(s), situation, or event that initially led you to seek answers.  

The next few years promise to be filled with societal and global change.  This is the natural order of things and pretty darned exciting stuff to boot.  Prepare yourself by asserting control over your own actions.  By taking accountability for your life, you free yourself to become who and what you were meant to be. (I know, I know – this is my mantra) Step firmly out into the world and embrace your destiny, but know that it’s you who gives destiny a helping hand.


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