Friday, May 6, 2016

May 6, 2016 New Moon in Taurus - Sing in Exaltation!

High Priestess - "The Goddess Tarot" ©
You've got to love new moons. Not only do new moons change our emotional template for the coming month, but they also serve as a beacon of light in the chaos that lurks during the dark of the moon. As a Scorpio, I often get taken out by L.L.L. - Loss of Lunar Light. It's generally not a pleasant experience, but last night wasn't too bad. My easy passage may have been courtesy of an exceptionally good red wine, but it probably had more to with the Moon's new monthly journey beginning in the sign of Taurus. Lady Moon is particularly high-functioning in Taurus, or as they say in astrology, exalted. Exalted celestial bodies showcase their best attributes and we have an easier time accessing their strengths and ignoring their frailties.

Moon in Taurus gives us the ability to sharpen our perceptions - particularly our concentration and our intuition. Taurus lets us be practical and look towards expansion of all good things in our life. That's very important now in the face of so much retrograde activity. We currently have Mars, Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter all in retrograde, though Jupiter, that gentle giant of bounty and abundance goes direct tomorrow.  I can I get a booyah on that one? 

The Moon hangs out in Taurus for only a matter of hours
Taurus' tarot card by Kris Waldherr©
before sliding into Gemini on May 7th. So why bring up new Moon in Taurus now? There's more of a restless edge to lunar energy in the sign of the twins, so it's important to plant your feet firmly and engage in some happy anticipation while Lady Moon remains in Taurus. No, it's not a good time to make life-changing decisions - there's too much retrograde activity for that - but, you can dwell on an island of hope and expectation today, one that will build excitement for possibilities if you let it. Today is the perfect breeding ground for the germ of an idea that can be considered and refined during all our retrograde energy. Hoping, visualizing and knowing a thing to a certainty are the building blocks of manifesting all that is good for your life. It can all start with one little day in May. Dream bold, dream large. The day is yours.

Lady Oracle

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