Monday, October 7, 2013

Venus in Sagittarius, October 7th to November 5th, 2013 - “Room to Bloom”

The Empress in tarot's card for Venus.
I love this depiction from "Steampunk Tarot"©
by Barbara Moore and Ally Fell

It’s nice to find some sparkle and pizzaz amongst all the somber notes of this month’s astrological forecast.  Meet our new best friend, Venus in Sagittarius.  When Venus visits The Archer, she becomes fun-loving, whimsical and seeks out relationships that spur personal growth and enrich her life.  Although it’s not necessarily the best energy for finding love to last a lifetime, Venus in Sagittarius builds hardy friendships that are long-lasting – lots of them. 

Venus loves the spontaneity and sense of freedom she has in Sagittarius.  Although she’s open to adventure and sees nothing wrong with a mild flirtation or five, she makes no false promises.  Sagittarius is known for honesty, after all.   Venus and The Archer produce an expansive energy that makes us want to explore our options and our boundaries.  We’ll flirt a little, or a lot, depending whether or not Venus in Sagittarius is in your birth chart.  However, we’ll do so in a way that expands our experiences and deepens the subtext of our lives.

Temperance is the card for
Sagittarius, The Archer, again from
the marvelous "Steampunk Tarot"©
by Barbara Moore and Ally Fell
Venus in Sagittarius asks, “Why not?”  This is great energy if you’re starting a new project, or revamping an old one.  Venus’ natural sense of style, her vibrancy, loves a new direction.  The next few weeks is a great chance for some out of the box thinking in forming partnerships.  Sagittarius carries lots of philosophical energy and surprisingly, our party girl Venus truly appreciates deep thinkers – even engaging in the practice herself.  Just watch out, as Venus in Sagittarius can become a tad judgmental.  It’s that honesty standard – high minded, but relentless.  

As far as romance goes, Venus in Sagittarius is light-hearted and giddy – the quintessential ‘hopeless romantic.’  Even those of us who are not normally given to romantic gestures may find ourselves purchasing a single rose for a loved one, or surprising our partner with a romantic escapade. That’s the spontaneous influence of Venus in Sagittarius.

Make time during the next three weeks to explore and enjoy the world through the eyes of Venus and The Archer.  The view from behind a pair of rose-colored glasses is both optimistic and heartening.  Enjoy!


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