Monday, December 29, 2014

Astrological Trends forJanuary, 2015 – “Wade in the Water, Children”


Although the annual reign of Aquarius doesn’t begin until
#17, The Star from Ciro Marchetti's
phenomenal deck, "The Legacy of the
Divine Tarot"©
January 20th,  two planets dawn their energetic galoshes by wading into Aquarian transits early in the month. One of them, Mercury will also go retrograde in Aquarius. I guess we'll simply have to grin and bear it. Get it? Puns are a great way to start the new year.

Aquarius is an air sign in the fixed modality and is ruled by Uranus. Though most people associate the sign of the water bearer with neon-colored  paisley and an olfactory overload of patchouly, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  ( See blog: Aquarius: Independent and Artistic, or Diva) Aquarians are first, and foremost innovators.  They are the intellectual individualists of the zodiac and are also great humanitarians. Susan B. Anthony, Thomas Edison, Jules Verne, Charles Lindbergh and Charles Darwin were Aquarians.

Just as each sign in the zodiac is ascribed to one of the four elements, earth, air, water, or fire, each of the four suits in tarot is also associated with an element.  Tarot’s suit of Swords represents the element of air and in divination this suit explores the worlds of intellect, attitude, truthfulness and certain areas of spiritual connection. January is a month to pay close attention to how and where the suit of Swords shows up in your readings.  Also watch for #17, The Star, tarot’s major arcana card representing Aquarius. This card means hope, inspiration and serenity.

#3, The Empress from "Streampunk Tarot"©
by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell
On January 3rd, Venus enters Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius might appear to be emotionally detached, but that’s not the whole story. Venus in Aquarius is highly charismatic to a variety of people. Aquarian’s love their freedom, so give your partner room to meander on the open range (particularly if Venus, or Aquarius is prominent in their birth chart). No, that’s not giving them license to poach in someone else’s pasture. Venus in Aquarius benefits socially and financially by connecting with people now, but only by using the Aquarian mantra of innovation, industry and humanitarianism. Let long-term relationship issues take a back seat during this transit as partners are less likely to be receptive to deep discussions. Venus’ tarot association is #3, The Empress, who stands for abundance, creativity and nurturing. 

Our Full Moon this month occurs on January 4th in fourteen
Kris Waldherr uses Rhiannon to represent
tarot's beloved charioteer in her
deck, "The Goddess Tarot"©
degrees and thirty-one minutes of Cancer The Moon is said to be high functioning, or exalted in Cancer
which means it is at its peak in terms of power and influence. The sign, Cancer is ruled by Lady Moon and is of great benefit to us if we use her power in the appropriate way.  I’ll have more of this Moon later this week.  Tarot’s association for the Moon is #2, The High Priestess. This card deals with matters of the subconscious, indirect action and intuition. Cancer’s tarot association is #7, The Chariot.  Tarot’s charioteer rises triumphantly above the obstacles in his path. Where will The Chariot help you in your life?

Mercury begins its transit of Aquarius on January 4th as well.
#1, The Magician, from
RWCS deck, US Games® version
Mercury is the planet of communications and intellect. Inside the water bearer’s domain, Mercury becomes an inventive mind. Aquarius uses this planet’s skill set to influence the areas of career, reputation and societal structures (such as corporations, government and agencies that benefit the human endeavor).  

Corporate structure becomes not only easier to understand, but also to navigate after January 4th. You’ll also find it easier to have your voice heard, so be prepared.  Know your facts inside and out. All sorts of communications – even the non-verbal kind – are easily understood during this transit. That means stay present it all discussions and don’t let your body language do the talking for you.  Aquarius’ strong human component helps analytical Mercury see into the heart of a person’s motivations. 

Now comes the most important part, so pay attention.
Mercury goes into retrograde on January 21st until February 11th.  (See blog: "Mercury Retrograde, Tarot and You" ) After January 16th be aware of the rules of Mercury Retrograde and follow them faithfully.  Communications, travel plans and computers tend to go askew. Be prepared. Check and re-check everything. Don’t enter into delicate negotiations or contracts during this time and carefully review business matters that are already underway. Mercury has possibly the best tarot association – certainly my favorite – #1, The Magician.  This card is about limitless potential and the ability to create ones realty through focus and conscious, directed thought.  It doesn’t get much better than that, does it? 

Later I’ll cover our Full Moon is Cancer, as well as Mars’ transit of Pisces (more water), Mercury’s retrograde in Aquarius from a tarot perspective and Venus’ leap to Pisces at the end of this month. 2015 is stretched out before us like the Yellow Brick Road.  The journey will often be exciting and sometimes nerve-racking.  Stay tuned to my blog for insights and suggestions. Oh, and watch out for the flying monkeys.


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Thursday, December 25, 2014

December 25, 2014 - "Tidings of Comfort and Joy"

There's magic in the light from candles and oil lamps
As I sit here at the computer, I can hear the strains of "A Christmas Story" playing in the background downstairs.   The remnants of our annual Christmas Eve bacchanalia have been zip-locked and saran-wrapped away and our merry band of revelers currently lie about the living room sleeping off the effects of last night's forbidden foods buffet, as well as the satisfied stupor induced by this morning's gift giving.  Now comes my favorite part of Christmas morning.  The frenzy pulse of the holidays has momentarily slowed to a pleasant, yet companionable beat and now there's time to relax and reflect on the flavor of this year's holiday season. 

For a brief time I also have the luxury of indulging my memory and reliving other Christmas mornings long gone. For the space of an instant, I can touch those who flavored my holidays and who are no longer here to share them. There's more sweetness than bitterness to these moments because they hold enough love to drive away the winter cold and to light my way when darkness descends.

Our memory is capable of granting the most forgiveness of any part 
of our human nature. That's because while memories play across the screen in our mind, they reside in our hearts.  A heart-felt memory weeds out the slights, the day to day petty annoyances that occurred and leave only the brightest, most luminous of experiences behind to be savored as we would savor a particularly fine brandy, or scotch.  This is one of the best gifts of Christmas – the ability to ponder the sum of all the holidays that came before, moments that appear like images reflected across the perfect sphere of a glass christmas tree ornament. They are enriched by all the colors and smells of the season.

We know that to live consciously we should stay focused in the present moment and that's true, but Christmas is about more than 'shoulds.' To know where we're going it's important to acknowledge where we came from.  When we draw strength and perspective from memories we are using them in the way they were intended.  It's important to stay present with those sharing your holiday this year. That's how we fill our memory banks for future withdrawals. Christmas memories are a gift to ourselves.  They bridge the present with the past and enable us to cross the boundaries of time and space to touch the hearts of those who've gone before us.  They are the best gift we can give ourselves.

Merry Christmas,


Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014 – “Santa Claus Goes Retrograde”

Jupiter, the friendly giant of our solar system begins its
#10 Fortune, from Kris Waldherr's fabulous
"The Goddess Tarot" © is tarot's
card for Jupiter. 
retrograde cycle today.  During Jupiter’s ramp-up for retrograde we began feeling the need to rein in our lives a little bit. We had a sense of having spent too long at the banquet table and began wishing for more Spartan fare. (Probably, in part, a reaction to all the dressing and gravy during Thanksgiving) Nationally and globally during Jupiter Retrograde there’s a sense of having too much information to process and that our gains as a species have come too fast and left us feeling a little hollow inside.  

Our desire to slow down and take a serious look at the foundations of our lives is one of the best gifts we receive from our Santa Claus planet.  Jupiter governs the expansion of our worlds – another way of saying it provides us with the opportunities to grow.  Ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter occupies a place in the ninth house of the zodiac. This where we store our philosophical and religious views, our relationship to the laws that govern our culture and our desires for travel. Jupiter entered Leo earlier this year, bringing us a powerful and charismatic energy to propel our lives forward.  No wonder you’re feeling a little overwhelmed.

Leo's card (of course) is #8 Strength.
From "Steampunk Tarot"© by Barbara
Moore and Aly Fell
Retrograde cycles are based on an optical illusion that as Earth overlaps a planet during its orbit of the Sun, the planet we pass appears to move backwards.  There’s a decrease, or even a slight reversal of the astrological benefits associated with the outdistanced planet.  Many people groan when they hear the word, ‘retrograde.’  They shouldn’t. Retrogrades are a natural part of the expansion and contraction process of the Universe – particularly Jupiter’s retrograde.  As the opportunities slow we have the chance to go inside ourselves and shore up our core beliefs and values.  If you’re going to build a skyscraper, you have to have a solid foundation.  That’s the purpose of Jupiter’s retrograde, to allow us the chance to reinforce the footings of our lives in preparation for the next surge forward.

Jupiter remains in retrograde until April 8, 2015.  Use this time as the opportunity it is.  Make your plans and make certain you have the support systems in place to set them in motion this April, because come this spring there will be whitecaps in the power waves rolling off Jupiter as it turns direct in Leo.  Be ready.


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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 6, 2014, Full Cold Moon It Gemini - "Welcome to the Party"

# 6 The Lovers, is tarot's association for
Gemini.  This depiction is from Ciro Marchetti's
"Legacy of the divine Tarot"©

December’s Full Cold Moon in Gemini should be called, “The Party Moon.”  Sociable Gemini joins party hound Sagittarius and the wild rumpus begins.  Okay, maybe not that wild, but this month’s Full Cold Moon (No need to explain that name, is there?) is everything fun, frolicking and social.  

Gemini is an air sign in the
Mercury's tarot card, #1, The Magician
from "Wizard's Tarot"© by
Corrine Kenner and John J. Blumen
 mutable (changeable) modality. This simply means that because the sign of Gemini falls at the end of a season rather than at the beginning, (cardinal) or in the middle (fixed), some of its traits shift with the changing astral and seasonal influences.  Our Twins govern the third house of the Zodiac where we keep our knowledge, our habitat (neighborhood) and the relationships we don’t choose, like siblings, or neighbors. The third house, and therefore Gemini, are ruled by the planet Mercury, governor of intellect and communication.  

#2, The High Priestess, is tarot's card
for Lady Moon. This depiction from
Kris Waldherr's wonderful "Goddess Tarot"©
Your ideas will be easier to convey to others during Full Moon in Gemini and in turn, other people will have an easier time envisioning how your concept works for their world. This moon has a quick-witted, vibrant mindset.  Making new discoveries, or finding new interests is never a problem. The challenge comes in finding something that holds our interest. 

While we are social and engaging during this moon, there is a downside.  We'll have a tendency to become a little more disorganized – more erratic in our emotions and in what we expect from our relationships. Guard against impulses to manipulate others into doing what you want. Though you may think you're clever enough to pull it off, you can't fool all the people all of the time and once someone discovers they are being played, even in some minor way, you risk the loss of their respect.

Enjoy the social whirl during this holiday season's Full Moon
Barbara Moore and Aly Fell brings us this
depiction of #17, The Star for this season
of light and hope. From "Steampunk Tarot"© 
in Gemini. It's not a moon for deep thinking, or for burning passions.  It carries a light, fun energy that may be just the thing to kickstart your holiday season.


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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Saturn Semi-Square Pluto, November 27, 2014 – “The Semi-Sweet Life”

The World - tarot's card for Saturn.
From "The Wizard's Tarot"© by
Corrine Kennerand John J. Blumen

Squares are a challenging aspect of ninety degrees between two, or more planets.  Keep in mind that the term,’challenging,’ is a euphemism for, “That’s going to suck.”
Semi-squares, thought of as carrying weaker square energy, are an aspect of forty-five degrees between two planets that causes us more irritation than the bust through, or bust out energy of the traditional square pattern.

On Thursday, November 27th, Saturn goes semi-square with Pluto. Though this isn’t the most idyllic cosmic influence, it does have some pluses.  Saturn is the teaching planet and its lessons come in the form of challenges. Pluto in the planet of transformation, or re-birth.  A Saturn/Pluto semi-square asks us to resolve the conflict within ourselves between duty or, our sense of obligation, and our need to determine our own course in life.

Saturn is the responsible planet – sort of a cosmic hall monitor who wants us to be disciplined and somewhat regimented.  Pluto, on the other hand, likes soul-stirring change that transforms who we are and what we believe.  Saturn is currently in Scorpio, a sign of transformation that is co-ruled by Pluto.  This ups the ante on the Saturn/Pluto semi-square’s influence. Resolution is a requirement of this configuration, but that resolution has to transformative.

The trick with this particular semi-square’s energy is to
Judgement, Pluto's tarot card, from
"Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©
by Ciro Marchetti
acknowledge the frustrations you feel and handle them with patience and persistence.  What does that mean?  Foremost it means that there’s no need to force-feed your philosophies down everyone’s throat, particularly at the Thanksgiving Day table and at the top of your lungs. Remember that your challenge from Saturn during this semi-square is to resolve your feelings of conflict between other people’s version of you and your version of yourself.  You can accomplish this with quiet strength and persistence. Where you owe others respect and need to exercise patience with them, you also owe yourself the type of life you want. 

Also consider that all this transformative energy and challenge from Saturn will stir up some waves from the notorious Uranus/Pluto square (transformative and revolutionary societal change).  This is one of the reasons to let patience and courtesy be your mantra during family gatherings this weekend – more so than normally. When we resolve our inner conflicts our life moves forward at an astonishing pace.  Your life is yours to use as you choose.  It is your responsibility and this is the ultimate lesson from Saturn in Scorpio.  Become who you want to be.  Reach for your goals and dreams because achieving them or not is totally up to you.


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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Full Moon in Taurus November 6, 2014 - “Exalted And Bound For Glory”

Tarot's card association for
Taurus is #5, the Hierophant.
From "Wizard's Tarot"© by
Corrine Kenner and John J. Blumen

A planetary body is said to be ‘exalted’ when it resides in its most powerful sign. This month’s Full Frost Moon occurs in fourteen degrees and twenty-six minutes of Taurus, giving us Lady Moon in her most exalted position. It’s time to kick the tires, light the fires and forget Throw Back Thursday. You want to stay focused in the present for this one, because Full Moon in Taurus is a moon of manifestation.

Taurus is an earth sign in the fixed modality.  Signs belonging to the element of earth are pragmatic. Though their forte is dealing with financial matters and durable goods, their house traits all have to do with self.  Calm, dependable Taurus dwells in the second house of the Zodiac where we find our self-esteem, earning abilities as well as the material goods we possess.  Bull people know how to create harmony for themselves and they also enjoy the finer things in life. To visit a true Taurian home is to experience comfort, even luxury.  It’s because of their understanding of material matters (think about tarot’s Pentacles) that under the right circumstances they manifest dreams, goals, money – just about anything – like none other.  November’s Full Moon in Taurus is precisely the right circumstance.

November’s Frost Moon also receives a manifesting power
The Tower (of power) represents
warrior Mars. From Ciro Marchetti's
wonderful "Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©
boost from Mars. Warrior Mars is in Capricorn until December 3rd and Capricorn the Goat (or Seagoat, more correctly) is also an earth sign, but in the cardinal modality.  Cardinal signs carry the traits of independence and the need to achieve. These signs want to start new things and to be on the cutting edge of trends.  Mars in Capricorn is very controlled, focused energy – powerful, with a tremendous amount of persistence.  The combined power of Full Moon in Taurus and Mars in Capricorn virtually shouts at us to commit and to create something with our lives.  The time for pipe dreams and ‘what ifs’ is done.  On November 6th we have the opportunity to pull our goals and desires out of the ether and make them real.

As with any manifesting work, it must be done sincerely, from the highest of intentions and with no harm intended to anyone, or anything.  Write down what you want for yourself. Be specific. Be positive.  How you phrase your desires matters. Don’t ask for the end of sickness. Instead, ask for the beginning of glowing, good health. Every organ, every cell working in harmony and perfection as they were intended to do.  This is a Full Moon, a time of culmination. Whether you focus on finances, career, health or love – ask for positive increases, not the end, or decrease of something.  See your life as you want it to be. Sense it. Taste it. Hold the belief that your life is already the way you would like it to be. The power of your positive intention will see it done.

Kris Waldherr's depiction of Lady Moon's
High Priestess. From "Goddess Tarot"©
Full Moon in Taurus is filled with stability, warmth and humanity.  It is a Moon of purpose, yet still rich in both romantic and creative passion.  Use this Full Frost Moon to bring your goals and intentions into reality, to become the person you seek to be.  Tarot tip: Try using the Ace of Pentacles as the signifier card (you in the present moment) as you look at your relationship with the material during this Full Moon cycle.  What you learn may astound you.  


P.S. Your friendly neighborhood oracle apologizes for being absent so much of October.  Tarot events and other commitments keep me from my blog.  I'm back and looking forward writing more articles and op ed pieces for (hopefully) your enjoyment.  


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 23, 2014 Sun and New Moon in Scorpio With a Solar Eclipse - “Insight, Passion and Respect in the Morning”

Scorpio is an edgy sign.  It’s known for dark, brooding passion
"OSHO Zen Tarot,"© by Deva Padma
shows us the fiery flowering that is
Scorpio's power to tranform
and a laser sharp intensity that never suffers fools gladly, or otherwise.  Intentionally injure a Scorpio and you will live to regret it, no matter how long it takes them to construct their revenge. They live life with little, or no middle ground.  The sign of the scorpion teaches us the power wielded by coupling keen intuition with a tremendous ability to focus.  On October 23rd, our Sun moves into Scorpio, creating a New Moon while going conjunct with Venus. Did I mention the solar eclipse? That’s right.  During all the emotional rip tides caused by these power players in the house of Scorpio, we’ll also be dealing with a solar eclipse that in effect, pours gasoline on this combustable cosmic alignment.  

The vibrations, or patterns of a solar eclipse remain with us for six months. They show themselves as newly discovered personal issues, insights and motivations. That’s why it’s extremely important that you pay attention to the themes and patterns emerging in your life during the next few days. They’ll be with you for a while, along with the consequences of your responses to them. This New Moon and solar eclipse combo will be most keenly felt by those born under the sign, Scorpio, those who have the moon, or other planets prominently in Scorpio and people born in the other water signs (Cancer and Pisces). Also those born underTaurus will feel the pull of this configuration because of Taurus’ oppositional place against all the scorpion action.  Now that we understand the dynamics, let’s look at the energetic fallout.

Scorpio’s exoskeleton protects a tender underbelly where
The 8 of Wands reminds us
to pay attention to messages and
also to pick our moment. From
Lo Scarebo's "Tarot of the Pagan Cats"©
they store their emotional vulnerability. They use those legendary claws of theirs to dig deeply into the meat of issues until they find the answers they seek. While scorpions keep their revelations private because of their secretive nature, they don’t shy away from confronting what they discover.  Expect to have more need for privacy for a  while. The next six months will be a good time work on addictive behaviors, particularly those dealing with sex, money and power struggles. Eclipses break old patterns. They are the harbingers of endings, but most importantly, of new beginnings as well. 

Scorpios may have one of the baddest reps in the Zodiac, by there is more than one side to them. Granted, all of their sides are very passionate.  Scorpions are highly spiritual beings. Of all the signs in the Zodiac, they are most willing to let the hidden come to light. They are very creative and intuitive and they possess the ability to narrow their focus into a scorching beam of light and wisdom.  They love deeply and are loyal to a fault. We can borrow these attributes during the next six months and use them to refine and achieve our own goals. 

"Inner Voice" represents The High Priestess,
tarot's card for the moon. From "OSHO Zen Tarot"©
by Deva Padma
This New Moon with an eclipse combo offers us all the chance to start anew – projects, jobs, life re-invention – you name it.  However, this is strong, primal energy we’re tapping into.  It takes courage to steer a ship into heavy weather, but we must remember that our vessel was designed for this purpose. This human shell that we all wear, came with the resources we needed to survive this journey.  Use your instincts when pulling Scorpio’s energy, but follow a few safeguards as well.  Stay grounded through meditation and time alone.  It’s up to you to provide those opportunities for yourself, no one else’s.  As with the energy of our last Full Moon, think things through three times and only speak once.  Remember that when you expose wounds to the light, the idea is to let them heal, not remember old grievances that hold you hostage to your own fear and pain. Let them go. Lastly, this is a time of great transformation. Use it boldly and with love.  Besides, the view from a crest of a wave is spectacular.  



Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 8, 2014, Full Moon in Aries – “Throttle Wide Open”

On October 8th at 3:51 a.m. PDT, our Full Moon in 15
Here's a look at the players in this month
Full Moon cycle
degrees of Aries arrives opposite Sun in Libra.  October’s Full Moon is commonly called the Hunter’s Moon and this year we’ll experience a more supped up version because of additional factors. This full moon also brings us a full lunar eclipse featuring that much hyped, notorious portent of doom, “Blood on the Moon.” (See blog: "Here's Blood In Your Eye"  ).  Adding to this already super charged mix is a giant kite in the sky called a Grand Fire Trine. Did I say, ‘super charged?’ Add words like erratic and unstable as well, my friends, because the Moon will also be conjunct with Uranus.

This full Moon in Aries is a moon of extremes, or polar opposites.  Think about what causes the visual effect of a full moon.  The Sun is actually in opposition to the Moon.  Herein lies the difficulty.  Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. It rules the first house where we store our concept of self, our personality and our childhood associates.  Aries is an assertive sign that doesn’t mince words or wait to take action.  It is mostly concerned with its own goals and needs – not your basic team player.  

Libra on the other hand, where our sun currently resides, lives in the seventh house and is concerned with relationships.  Libra seeks to balance through negotiation and compromise while Aries says, “Get out of my way, this is about me.” Here we find the classic struggle to establish a balance point between self-interest and concern for others. Even the most enlightened of us is likely to have moments during the next two weeks where we ask ourselves, “Did I really just say that?”  Conversely, the most intrepid and independent souls can suddenly take up a career as a doormat. Balance people, balance.

The fiery configuration in the sky pouring metaphorical gasoline on this already volatile mix is the Grand Fire Trine between Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius. Trines are a harmonious aspect of 120 degrees between planets. However, this trine also continues themes regarding self-interest and broad, sweeping actions.  Uranus in Aries conjunct Moon in Aries suggests that if in our haste we’ve already tossed the baby out with the bath water, we might as well continue and throw out the tub as well.  Who cares where it lands. Here’s where we need to focus on Libra’s gifts.  Venus is at her most gracious now.  She rules Libra where she’s currently in residence, gifting us with a sense of harmony and grace. Concentrate on that image of charm and beauty. 

While the power from our full moon lunar eclipse highlights
Venus' card reminds us to use our creativity
and add grace and beauty of well. From
Kris Waldherr's "Goddess Tarot"©
the conflict between self and others, it also releases an extra burst of intuition and creativity as well.  This is a good time to release blocks that have kept you from completing, or even progressing on creative projects.  Spend extra time centering yourself and above all, think before you speak.  Mercury is in retrograde in Scorpio and communications are not only slightly off kilter, but more acerbic as well.  Think three times before speaking.  Don’t react, respond.

This is an emotional Full Moon, no doubt about it.  It is extremely easy for things to be said and actions to be taken during the next couple of weeks that will have far reaching consequences.  October’s Full Moon in Aries is not a moon for complacency, nor is it a moon for arrogance.  It’s easy to get glib when we talk about utilizing the energy from astrological configurations to assist us in accomplishing our goals.  It’s a happy, bouncy message, but we should always be respectful of the forces at work around us.   Stay balanced, stay reverent during this Full Moon cycle.

The Moon's card, The High Priestess as depicted
in Waldherr's "Goddess Tarot"©
The Full Moon lunar eclipse begins at 1:17 a.m. PDT with the main event beginning at 3:27 and reaching totality at 4:22 a.m.  The eclipse completes at 6:32 a.m.  If you live on the west coast of the United States, or in the Pacific, it will be quiet a show. I posted a couple of links following this blog about the transits involved in the Grand Fire Trine.  If you have any questions, please email me at


Mar in Sagittarius: 

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Mercury in Retrograde, October 4, 2014 - October 24, 2014 – “A Solo Act, But No Headliner”

The Shaman, or Magician is Mercury's
card. This depiction from "The Wildwood
Tarot"© by Mark Ryan, John Matthews
and Will Worthington
Mercury in Scorpio had mind like a scalpel.  It makes clean incisions to expose hidden thoughts and agendas.  A Mercury/Scorpio mind loves to investigate the inner workings of a process, human, or bureaucratic. It’s a mindset with a notoriously short fuse, but is balanced by brilliant insights that are capable of transforming any situation according to intention.  The people most strongly influenced by this transit are people born under the signs of Scorpio, Gemini, or Virgo (the last two planets are ruled by Mercury), and those who have Mercury in Scorpio predominantly in their birth chart. (See Blog: “Mercury Retrograde, Tarot and You," for tips on dealing with the great mangler of communications and timetables)

I told you all that to tell you this: Mercury Retrograde begins on October 4th in the sign of Scorpio.  Luckily, this Mercury Retrograde doesn’t remain in testy Scorpio, but slip-slides back to Libra on October 10th.  We get to breath a sigh of semi-relief then because Libra is a much less volatile position for Mercury and we already have more than enough combustable energy to go around this month.  Mercury in Libra is a balanced mind that analyzes all sides of an issue as it continually looks for the perfect solution.  Nothing is ever perfectly balanced, but that doesn’t keep Mercury in Libra from trying.  If we follow Mercury Retrograde’s sacred rules, (re-visit, re-analyze, re-work) rules that are second nature to Mercury in Libra, we will have a relatively unobstructed path this month. Of course, we still have to traverse the rest of October’s volcanic terrain, don’t we?

October 8th we also have the Moon conjunct Uranus in fifteen
Fiery Aires rules Uranus and stirs
up the energy between the Moon and
Uranus on the 8th. Depiction from
"The Wildwood Tarot"©
degrees of Aires. This is part of the ongoing September/October Grand Fire Trine between Uranus in Aires, Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius.  This is a massive amount of fire, or wand energy to handle.  It’s also a highly creative and industrious energy as well, and should nicely counter-balance much of MR’s impact.  However, remember to channel that fiery trine power, or risk being caught by an energetic ‘sneaker wave.’  

October is month for the intrepid, astrologically speaking.  What we seek, we are bound to find, good or bad, but never indifferent.  This weekend I’ll be looking at FullMoon in Aires, coupled with trine forces and garnished with – wouldn’t you just know it – a full lunar eclipse.  Plot your course, dust off your surf boards and prepare to shoot the energetic curl for this one, folks!


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Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 25, 2014, Jupiter Trine Uranus – “Santa Claus in a Rocket Pack”

The Fool represents Uranus. This
depiction (my personal fav) is from
"Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©
by Ciro Marchetti

Trines are a harmonious menage caused by an aspect of 120 degrees between planets.  They are a favorable aspect, although too many of them at once can makes us rather complacent – not something we need be concerned by with today’s trine between Jupiter in Leo and Uranus retrograde in Aires.  Good things, people, novel and innovative things.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion. It brings in fun, vitality, as well as opportunities for success.  The sign, Leo, enhances Jupiter by boosting the planet’s confidence and charm but also by lending the lion’s ability to inspire people.  This is the combination of great leaders, blending charisma with self-determination and generosity of spirit.  Today is a day to harness forward momentum and accomplish those tasks that may have felt too difficult to undertake mere days ago. Leo always enjoys a spotlight and Jupiter wants everyone to join the party. It’s time to reach beyond the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Uranus carries breakthrough energy that creates sudden and
Jupiter's card, The Wheel of Fortune
perfectly expressed by Kris Waldherr
in her deck, "The Goddess Tarot"©
(Lakshmi is another fav)
sweeping change.  It is revolutionary thought paired with passionate action.  Historically, when paired with Pluto, these planets inspire revolutions, dictatorships and societal shifts in consciousness. Uranus’ job in the duo is to question authority and challenge the status quo. In retrograde, the planet of rebellion turns its eye inward, making us question our intentions towards society as a whole.  Have we engaged? Are we part of the process? Put this energy into the fire sign of Aires and you unleash originality coupled with determination to create change within ourselves and in the world as well.  

During this Jupiter and Uranus aspect accomplishing the impossible feels as if it’s no big deal.  New concepts are welcome and we enjoy exploring them.  This is a trine of joyous individuality and freedom of expression. We can expand our vision of ourselves. Use this fantastic energy to create, to reinvent and to explore the adventure of being you.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Moon in Libra Delivers Balance and Drive

#11, Justice, or Breakthrough from
"OSHO Zen Tarot"© by Deva Padma
gives us the sense of how to work with
New Moon in Libra

This month's New Moon in 1 degree and 8 minutes of Libra continues the theme of establishing balance throughout our lives and in the world around us. New Moons set the emotional tone for the month and Libra provides an excellent tuning fork. Moon in Libra is a charming, romantic moon, with a strong intellectual component. Romance is a big factor, but our intellect decides where our boundaries are and any attractions we feel must engage our minds, as much, or even more so than our hearts.  Libra's energy creates a highly social dynamic, where our interactions are about honest communication and the drive to build harmony by deepening our understanding of others. That's a fairly intense combination. 

Venus, the ruler of Libra gives this New Moon a glamorous
OSHO's #14 Integration also stands for
Temperance, Sagittarius' card
and sophisticated flavor.  This is a time to appreciate the arts and enjoy some of the finer things in life, to indulge in free thinking while staying grounded. New Moon in Libra is not an overly emotional moon. It is a moon of balance though, connecting equal parts for a sum much greater than the sum of the whole.  We have an equal connection to the elements of earth, sky, fire and water – more so now with the cosmic push for balance.  Air signs will likely see a greater increase in their mental keenness than other signs, while earth signs experience a stronger creative flair coupled with feelings of intense resolve.  Water signs draw on the moon's intuition while firmly grounding their imaginations through their intellect.  Fire signs, cry out for action – not for its own sake, but action with an eye towards completion.

OSHO Zen Tarot's© #16, "Thunder Bolt"
shows us the positive power unleashed
in an adaptation of "The Tower"
There are other factors to take into account during this New Moon.  Venus, ruler of Libra is residing in Virgo where she boosts the romantic flavor of this month's New Moon. There's also Mars in Sagittarius who carries a bold energy that's always on the lookout for an adventure. Left to its own devices Mars in Sagittarius remains a little unfocused. However, all the balancing and focusing power from Libra gives Mars a boost in the adventure department. One that will likely increase on September 25th when Jupiter trines Uranus (more on that later). 

Consider the astrological significance of the following cards should they appear frequently in your readings:

The High Priestess      -  The Moon     
Justice                          -   Libra
The Magician              -   Mercury (also in Libra now)
The Empress               -   Venus
The Hermit                  -   Virgo
The Tower                   -   Mars (let's watch this planet during the next few days)

Temperance               -   Sagittarius
Wheel of Fortune       -   Jupiter
Uranus                         -   The Fool

Enjoy the benefits of a strong Moon in Libra. It's here to facilitate our artistry as well as our intellect, our imaginations, as well as of practical natures.  This is a time to balance and restore order so we can prepare for the power surges of October.


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