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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, October 21, to November 10, 2013 “Taking the Sting Out of Retrograde”

#13, Death or Transformation is
Scorpio's tarot card. From
"Wizard's Tarot" © by Corrine Kenner and
John J. Blumen
There’s been lots of online discussion about the ‘shadow periods’ for Mercury Retrograde (two weeks before and two weeks after the actual retrograde period) and some speculation that we’ve been feeling the effects of this Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio since October 1st.  Some experts say we’ll continue to feel these effects all the way through the end of November.  Is this a particularly strong retrograde cycle for Mercury?  Perhaps, but also a great deal of the buzz may come from the fact that both Mercury and the Sun will be in Scorpio for most of this timeframe.

People get a little jumpy around Scorpions. No doubt its that whole stinger thing.  Cross a Scorpion and prepare to be stung to death, or so the story goes. That’s not necessarily true, but if that’s what you perceive as truth, then definitely a retrograde in Scorpio is going to freak you out.  Here’s the reality. We have so much other stuff occurring this October (see blog: Astrological Trends for October 2013 ) that Mercury Retrograde is just a blip on the GPS. Shadow or no shadow, we’re in a major ramp up for the Uranus Pluto Square going direct on November 1st and in my opinion Mercury Retrograde has just become one of our best friends.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio (hereafter referred to as MR
#1, The Magician, is Mercury's tarot card.
He controls all the elements of his world.
From "Wizards Tarot"© by Corrine Kenner
and John J. Blumen
or MRS, because typing all those letters is getting annoying) offers us a chance to reexamine motivations – ours and everyone else’s.  Scorpions fly by the seat of their pants and MR is handled best with spontaneity.  Also the effects of MR are caused by a general slow down and reversal of Mercury’s energy.  Mercury controls communications, transportation, as well as intellectual pursuits.  With the energy from this lunar cycle ( see blog : 
Full Hunter's Moon in Aries  )  and the UP Square (can’t use UPS for obvious reasons) we need a breather and MRS fills the bill as long as we use this time to review, revise, revisit and restructure our plans, our strategies and our lives.

The 8th House of the Zodiac is ruled by Scorpio.  While many would say, ‘enter at your own risk,’ others would tell you that this is where the serious transformation energy is stored. Come on in – the water’s fine.  MRS is about rechecking the trajectory of your goals and retooling what doesn’t work.  You want to be a new and shinier you?  This is where it happens, folks.  You can use MRS to revise and retune the grand plan for your life and Scorpio can help.  Will it be a challenge? Sure.  Saturn is in Scorpio right now, but you can still use that great transformative energy from Scorpio and the downtime you get from Mercury to go over your internal notes and make revisions.  MRS says let go of grudges and projections now and 2014 will come in on a high note.   

Here are links to my past blogs that gives you good information on dealing with the effects of Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde, Tarot and You

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