Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 29, 2012 - The Hunter's Moon In Taurus

There are clues and foreshadowings in nature as well as in the pages of a good book.  In stories, a writer uses these devices to heighten the suspense and keep the reader turning the pages until the very end.  As the plot and characters take shape in our mind, we ask ourselves, “Am I I right?  Did I figure out who did it?”  There are plenty of clues this month regarding the strength of October’s Full Moon and they will keep us on the edge of our seats until the 29th.  This month’s Full Moon is at six degrees, forty-eight seconds of Taurus and from all the evidence, we will see a miraculous moon for manifesting our desires.  

On October 29th the Full Hunter’s Moon will preside over our night sky.  The name, Hunter’s Moon, was the name given to October’s Full Moon by Native Americans who, as we still do today, culled out game from the wild herds each autumn.  Fall hunting served two purposes: First, the hunters could put aside extra stores of food and skins for the coming winter and second, the herd would be thinned out and there would be fewer animals lost to starvation when the natural food supply grew meager during the winter months.

The Full Hunter’s Moon is always powerful.  Diana, Goddess of the Moon is also Goddess of the Hunt.  This Hunter’s Moon happens to fall in Taurus and most of the astrologers on the net agree that not only is this an extremely powerful moon, but that it is probably the best moon of the year to practice abundance work through affirmations, meditations and good, old fashioned financial reviews.  Look at your stock portfolio.  Are you considering a change in investment strategy?  The 29th is a great time to implement that change.  Some astrologers have even dubbed October 29th as “money maker day.”  Let’s take a look at why.  

We can turn to tarot’s Major Arcana (meaning “big secret or mystery”) for confirmation of the sort energy that will be flying around us on the night of the Hunter’s Moon.  Taurus is an intensely spiritual sign and its corresponding tarot card is #5, the Hierophant.  What a surprise. The Hierophant is the corner stone of faith and spirituality in the Major Arcana.  His influence means that Taurus is no fair weather friend.  A Taurus is always “in it to win it.”  Like the Hierophant, they appreciate structure.  Safety and security are the linch pin of a Full Moon in Taurus and people born under the sign of the bull like their comfort.  Make that luxury.  Taurus can sense an opportunity a mile away and they have the discipline to see a venture through to a successful conclusion.

Venus rules Taurus and the Major Arcana card for Venus is none other than #3, The Empress.  The Empress is the very essence of abundance and luxury.  She is depicted as perpetually pregnant, wanting for nothing and giving life to our ideas and ventures. Her energy nourishes and supports us.  Taurus is an earth sign, aligned with tarot’s suit of pentacles.  While both Taurus and The Hierophant like their luxury, they also have a down to earth practicality that helps them focus in the real world.  Pentacles are about the material - money, goods, career and health.  What happens when we combine the abundance of The Empress, the faith and structure of The Hierophant with the sign of Taurus?  We have the perfect seeds for manifesting. Disease and rot resistant.  
It’s important to remember that the moon loves to be in Taurus and she is very high-functioning within that sign.  No wonder.  The Full Moon is guided by #2 in the Major Arcana, The High Priestess.  The High Priestess represents instinct, intuition and unconscious thought.  In the RWCS deck, she’s depicted wearing none other than the crown of Isis (or Hathor, the Woman-Cow Goddess. See where this is leading?)  The crown’s shape is a single steer horn set on either side of a disk; which also happens to be the shape of the glyph representing the sign of Taurus.  Funny how these thing work out.  In ancient Egypt, the disk in the center of the crown originally represented the sun.  As different cultures assimilated the myths of Isis and Hathor into their own traditions, the disk changed from representing the sun, to representing the moon.  In Pagan tradition, the crown of Isis is seen as the Triple Goddesses, Maiden, Mother and Crone; or, as the waxing crescent, the full and the waning crescent moons.  Are you dizzy yet?  But wait!  There’s more!  

In my last blog I told you that Saturn entered Scorpio at the beginning of this month and will remain there until 2015.  Although Saturn is somewhat of a task master, we all receive energy boosts while that planet remains in the transformative power of Scorpio.  These boosts enable us to strive harder and attain more of our goals.  And here’s the kicker.  While Scorpio’s ruling card is #13, Death, or Transformation, Saturn’s ruling card is #22 - The World.  The World represents the culmination of the soul’s journey, or the ability to have it all.  Wow.  The ability to access transformative energy to change your world.  That sounds like manifesting to me.  

Mars remains in Sagittarius during the Full Moon.  This gives us some wonderful, fiery wand energy to help us harness the power of both Taurus and Saturn in Scorpio.  Get your wish lists ready and don’t miss out on this prime opportunity to bring your dreams into this reality.  Happy manifesting!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Saturn in Scorpio October, 2012 - Defining Moments

The astrological gloves come off this month.  On October 5th we saw Mercury and Saturn move into Scorpio.  Boy howdy!  Saturn usually remains in a sign for two and a half years, so Scorpions, take note.  While everyone will have their share of tests during this period, Scorpions will have defining moments.  Saturn is known for teaching through challenges.  Remember that the test of any challenge is always what you discover about yourself in terms resilience and focus.  Saturn’s challenges are not about crushing your spirit.  Envision tarot’s # 7, The Chariot - triumph over adversity, and work with that image in meditations when you are feeling particularly overwhelmed.  #8, Strength is also good.

For those of us born under the sign of Scorpio, it’s important to remember that Scorpio is all about transformation and rebirth - tarot’s  # 13, Death.  Scorpios periodically reinvent themselves, sometimes out of necessity and sometimes simply for fun.  It’s who we are.  During the next two and a half years Scorpions will have plenty of opportunity for transformation.  

Under Saturn’s influence, Scorpions will face their fears as well as their true potential.  With hard work, we will be able to confront those fears we’ve allowed to hold us back and move past them.  Defining moments, remember?  And here’s where it gets exciting folks.  With a good portion of our fears gone, we are able to take great steps forward in our personal development and our goals. However, we must stay focused on what is important to us.  What is your goal and why did you choose it?  What portion of your life promotes the person you truly wish to be?  What portion of your life benefits the greater good?  Whatever paths we choose, we Scorpios must keep our vibrations and intentions high.  

Mars moved into Sagittarius on the October 6th as well.  That’s a lot of fiery wand action.  Don’t be surprised if you see your Sagittarian friends moving onward and upward this month.  If you’re a Sagittarius yourself, you probably already know what I’m talking about.  Look for lot’s of wands in your card readings, particularly the 2 and 3 of wands.    2 of wands is about personal power - having a satisfactory place in the world, but wanting more.  the 3 of wands is about discovering new horizons, or opportunities. 
Things will be hitting you Sagittarians hard and fast in the first part of October. Take a second to catch your breath, then take advantage of the planetary pull to explore new heights.  Work your mojo. 

The Full Hunter’s Moon occurs on October 29th in Taurus.  This is Diana’s moon and an amazing moon for everyone to manifest their desires into the material world.

Though we will all feel a little tug from Saturn, some of us will feel a more direct energy shift in cosmic energy.  Here’s a handy reference list.

Most effected - Scorpio 
Fixed signs -  Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius
Water signs - Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer
People whose birth chart has planets in Scorpio

You can accomplish great things with Saturn’s energy.  Just rising above the obstacles.  Take responsibility for your choices and their inevitable consequences - both good and bad.  Responsibility shouldn’t be an intimidating word.  By taking responsibility we also take control of our destiny.  Eyes on the prize people!  Hard work pays great dividends under Saturn’s influence.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life In the Paranormal Lane - My Life In A Haunted House Part I

In keeping with the season, I'm going to tell you a ghost story.  My own.  It all really happened.  It's funny in some parts and terrifying in others.  This is the story of my family’s life in one of the most haunted houses our Oregon hometown has to offer.  Everyone in town knew about it - everybody in town but me and my family, that is.  We were recent additions to the community back then.  Lesson one: When you’re checking out a neighborhood, schools and crime statistics may not be the only thing you should investigate.   

My family arrived in St. Helens healing war wounds from both personal and financial disasters.  We were battered and shaken, but thankfully, still all together.  Finding this rental house was like a dream come true.  Unbelievably, it fit our budget and had something for everyone.  It was two-story with hardwood floors, which believe it or not was something our children had asked me to find.  They sorely missed our 1940’s  home in Portland.  My husband wanted a yard with minimal up keep and a nice street presence.  

This home was a 1930’s bungalow style home with a deep basement.  (Can you tell I used to sell real estate?) It had been remodeled into a split-entry home with a modern family room, den, bedroom and bath downstairs and old-style parlor, 2 bedrooms, bath and kitchen upstairs.  And a glassed in back porch that will figure prominently in the story later.  The front of the home featured three massively tall and imposing columns at the front entry.  Talk about street presence.  And for me, there were single french doors and a built-in china hutch. Wow!  I’m not a person who looks a gift from the Universe in the mouth.  We rented it immediately.

If you’ve never lived in, or experienced a haunted home, it’s hard to explain the feel of them.  You are aware that you are never entirely alone.  You may know that you are the only one there physically, however, there’s always a presence that you might at first discount because of your unfamiliarity with your new living situation.  Sometimes that’s all it is and sometimes it’s something else entirely different.  

I took the first load of belongings to our new home myself.  My husband was working and the kids were in school.  A city worker arrived to turn on the water just as I was carrying in a box.  “You moving in?” he asked.  

I remember thinking, “No, I’m a reverse burglar.  I take my junk to people’s houses and leave it.”  I played nice and told him, yes, we’re were moving in.

“You won’t stay long,” he said.  “People never do.  The place is haunted, you know.”

Great.  I’d landed myself and my family in a B-grade haunted house flick complete with  dire warnings issued by the obligatory unnamed handyman - in this case a city worker.  Lovely.  And we hadn’t even moved in yet.  Though frankly, I’d had my suspicions about the place the first time we’d walked into it.

My mother was British and during times of adversity believed that one should begin as one means to go on.  Fortitude is a necessary evil.  I picked up a box of my mother’s Wedgwood, carried it to the built-in to unpack it and said to the house at large, “I think we should talk.”  For the next forty minutes I talked and I believe the house listened.  I told it that we were all healing and looking for a safe haven, that we already liked the house and would respect our unseen occupant.  The only thing I asked was that the ghost please leave my youngest daughter, then seven years old, in peace.  Children should never have to be afraid in their own home.  I’d had enough of that myself growing up in a haunted home.  I didn’t realize then that my request should have included my fifteen year-old daughter as well.  Her bedroom was one of the focal points of the haunting while my youngest never saw or heard anything the entire 4 years we were there.

The day we moved in my husband called me into the kitchen.  “There are baby latches on all the cupboards,” he said.  

“I guess the former renters had little kids,” I answered.  “No big deal.  We can take them off.”

“No,” he said.  “I mean all the cupboards.  Even the ones over the counters.”  

“Weird,” I replied.  We made jokes about alpine climbing babies and promptly forgot about it.  We finished as much unpacking as we could face that day and headed for bed.  My husband, my youngest and I slept downstairs, my son and older daughter, upstairs.  I remember hearing furniture moving as I was drifting off to sleep that night, but figured my teens still must have had some energy left.  In the middle of the night, my husband and I both woke up.  I don’t know why.  Suddenly we heard the simultaneous sounds of something being shoved across a surface, a crash and breaking glass.  One of my husband’s heavy, antique glass bowls had been pushed off one of our china hutches and broken.  We determined our cat must be the culprit.  However, in hindsight, that bowl was very heavy and the cat, pretty small.  She’d never shoved anything off anything before.  Perhaps it was the opening volley between the ghost and ourselves.   At any rate, that was our cat’s first and last night in the new house.  She disappeared sometime the next morning and we never saw her again.

The next morning I got up early to make our first breakfast in our new home.  I went into the kitchen and found every, single cupboard door standing wide open.

Next Time: Part 2  "What Just Hit Me? or, We investigate the History of Our House"

Lady Oracle

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Orionid Meteor Shower - October 2nd to November 7th

                                                                                      “I’m high on my hill and I feel fine
                                                                                      Orion, let’s sip the heaven’s heady wine”

                                                                                                                  “Orion” by Ian Anderson

October is the month for beer and meteors.  Which one would you rather have at your house?  Don’t worry.  Meteors rarely hit houses and as for Octoberfest, kicking back with a cold glass of your favorite beer or Rhine wine is a perfect way to enjoy the spectacle of this year’s Orionid Meteor Shower.  The Orionid Shower is a rapid fire event boasting twenty to thirty meteors streaking towards Earth every hour. They hit our upper atmosphere at a brisk 148,000 miles per hour, usually burning up before impact.

Both the Orionid and the Eta Aquarid meteor showers originate from the debris trail left by Halley’s Comet. Earth passes through Halley’s debris field twice a year during the months of May and October.  The Orionid Shower runs from October 2nd through November 7th, however the meteors start falling in a trickle and will be more readily seen October 15th through the 29th.  The shower peaks just prior to midnight on October 20th and through the pre-dawn hours of October 21st.  The radiant, or point of origin, for the Orionids is in northeastern quadrant of the constellation of Orion, near its border with Gemini. The radiant for this shower will rise high into the night sky from the southern horizon. 

Orion is very easy to spot in the night sky.  Look for three bright, diagonal stars.  That’s Orion’s belt.  There’s a fourth star directly below the highest of the diagonal stars and it’s this star that denotes the point of his sword.  Orion’s sword is home to the famous Orion Nebula.  

The star, Rigel (Remember the Klingon crewman referring to
Captain Kirk as a Rigelian Bloodworm? There you go.) marks one of Orion’s legs while the stars, Bellatrix and Betelqeuse make up his shoulders.  Betelqeuse is a reddish colored star and on very clear nights you can see the color difference with the naked eye. Which leaves us with only a 
couple of questions: Who was this Orion guy and what made him so great that they named a star cluster after him?  Again, we turn to ancient myth for a torrid tale.

Orion was the son of Neptune, God of the Sea and renowned as a hunter.  He was a giant and but all tellings of the story, a very handsome man.  He fell in love with Merope, daughter of the King of Chios.  The king didn’t care much for Orion and as skeptical father’s of virtuous beauties often did in those days, he gave Orion a series of tasks to complete to prove himself worthy of the young lady’s hand in marriage.  Every time Orion completed a task, the king found another task and when the last task was completed, the king still refused Merope’s hand to Orion.  

One night Orion, feeling discouraged and probably more than a little sorry for himself, got very drunk.  Just what every palace needs - a drunken giant roaming the halls.  Orion decided that the solution to his woes was to kidnap Merope.  As with most brilliant ideas born of drunkenness, this one also ended badly.  The king had Orion blinded.  However, Neptune’s son was not without friends.  Orion was taken to the God of the Sun, Apollo.  The rays emanating from Apollo restored Orion’s eyesight.

And how did Orion repay Apollo’s generosity?  By going to Crete and putting the moves on Apollo’s twin sister, Diana.  Real nice.  Clearly Merope’s father had good reason to doubt Orion’s sincerity.  Diana, who was Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt, tracked game and swam with Orion.  They fished and feasted and fell in love.  They planned to marry.  Apollo was even less pleased with the prospect of welcoming Orion into his family than Merope’s father had been.  One day he challenged Diana to prove her archery skills by hitting a log floating out at sea.  Apparently Apollo’s eyesight was much better than Diana’s.  He knew it was Orion swimming in the ocean.  Diana killed her beloved with one shot.  When Orion’s body washed ashore Diana has devastated.  She placed him among the stars to honor him.  Wow, did those Olympians know about intrigue and passion, or what?

There’s another version of Orion’s story about becoming a constellation.  It’s short and sweet.  Orion got on the wrong side of Scorpius, the scorpion, literally.  He was stung to death. Both Orion and his arch nemesis were placed in the sky, but in different quadrants so that they never have to share the sky together.

Pick whichever version of the story you like the best, open a cold one and enjoy the meteor shower.  Oh, and don’t forget to watch out for triffids.


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