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September 5, 2013, New Moon in Virgo – Tidying Up

Tarot's #9, The Hermit is Virgo's card
Barbara Moore and Aly Fell's "Steampunk Tarot"©
Let's hear it for internal dialogue

The great thing about a New Moon is that it offers us a chance to retool our goals, take stock of our feelings towards others and consider our own relationship to the Universe as well.  Heady stuff – and if you think that’s a lot of work for one little New Moon, you’re right.  Cheer up, though.  This month’s New Moon occurs in practical, detail oriented Virgo (thirteen degrees and 4 minutes) on September 5th, at 4:36 a.m. PDT.  

In order for a new moon to occur, the Sun and the Moon must be conjunct (same place at the same time) in a particular sign.  Conjunct planets (or bodies) share the strongest aspect in Astrology, which is why New Moons pack such a punch. Virgo’s attention to detail and love of order gives all of us the urge to organize our lives and our personal spaces a bit more than usual around the 5th.  We will want to haul away the clutter in our lives – in the living spaces as much as in our minds – so that we can analyze what’s truly essential to us in terms of achieving our goals.

Virgo makes us want to take everything apart, examine it all,
The archetype Brigid, or Inspiration from
Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto's
"The Goddess Oracle"© Great deck!
then reassemble the components in a more efficient, stream-lined manner. Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet, is home from the road right now, telling us to engage our mind so that we are both precise and methodical as we examine the pieces of our world. This isn’t merely about identifying problems. New Moon in Virgo wants to help you find your solutions.  As always, Mercury is the master communicator.  Look for meaningful internal dialogue during this New Moon.

The Autumn Equinox occurs on September 22nd.  This month’s New Moon offers us a wonderful chance to clean house, mentally, spiritually, creatively and physically (Hmmmm, just of like a tarot deck, huh?) before the season changes.  Make it fun.  Gather up your old magazines (if you’re not totally digital yet), clear out the clutter, vacuum, dust and do your floors. The energetic influence of the New Moon runs for about three days.  You’ve got time.  Use sage and cedar smudges to lighten the energetic load in your personal space, then set your intentions and meditate on them while burning your favorite incense.  

"The Sacred Circle Tarot"© by Anna Franklin and
Paul Mason, hold a decidedly more masculine energy -
helpful for Circle of Friends meditative readings
This is a great time to read you tarot cards to gain insight into the energy surrounding you.  Try the Goddess Oracle deck (female archetypes), or Sacred Circle Tarot (more masculine) and my Circle of Friends spread (see: Circle of Friends) New Moons are also about balance.  Set the stage and give yourself the opportunity to find yours.


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