Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Venus in Scorpio, Sept. 10th & 11th to Oct. 7th - “Endless Love”

The Empress, ruling tarot card for
Venus from the RWCS deck by US Games

September’s astrology heats up as Venus moves into the sign of Scorpio during the wee hours (2:16 a.m. EDT) of the 11th, or on the west coast, the waning hours (11:12 p.m. PDT) of the 10th.  We all feel some effect from this transit, but those of us who have Venus in Scorpio in our birth chart get an extra energetic kick.  This Venus transit speaks to us of passion and sparks our quest for that often elusive creature, the soulmate.

Venus in Scorpio isn’t simply passion
Death or, Transformation - intense but not as scary as
you think.  This is Scorpio's ruling card.
Scorpios loves to reinvent themselves
Legacy of the Divine Tarot©
Ciro Marchetti
for the sake of great sex. (Although, who’s complaining about that?) This energy is colored a deep, almost purple shade of red – an intense emotion that while it both excites and incites us, can be almost painful in its fervor.  The practical side of Venus still wants the security found in a solid partnership, however. While the passionate setting designed by Scorpio can be distracting, Venus will ultimately remain true to her quest for a solid relationship.  

Scorpio is the darker side of the equation here – and nobody does darker better than an ungrounded Scorpion.  Those of us in relationships, particularly those of us with Scorpio in our birth charts may find we are more possessive of our partners than usual, leaning more towards jealous and brooding.  Check these impulses because no one wants to feel controlled and manipulated in a relationship.  Take a step back and center yourself to avoid projecting your issues on someone else.

7 of Cups, the ruling card for
Venus in Scorpio
Barbara Moore and Aly Fell
Steampunk Tarot©
The tarot association for the Venus in Scorpio transit is the Seven of Cups.  This is a tarot card of great potential and infinite possibilities that have yet to manifest.  The seven objects appear before the dreamer out of the ether.  What will he choose?  What would you choose?  There’s a two-fold lesson in this card.  While you have many options open to you nothing solid has materialized at this time.  Also, although it is important to choose wisely, i.e. make an informed choice, it is just as important to understand why you make the choices you make.  Consider this card’s meaning in your own life as you negotiate the Venus in Scorpio transit.


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