Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 22nd to October 23rd - “Libra, Balancing the Scales”

#11, Justice is Libra's ruling tarot card.
from Ciro Marchetti's
"Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©

Libra has the distinction of being the only sign in the Zodiac to be represented by an object, rather than a person, or creature.  There’s lots of other neat stuff about Libra too. This constellation was named by the Romans in early B.C. They recognized that the Sun entered this particular star grouping each September at Equinox and stated that Libra represented balance and the divine justice of Caesar. (Clearly, gladiatorial games had yet to be invented.) Greek and Arabic astronomers originally mapped the cluster as part of Scorpio.  The names for the brightest stars in Libra, Alpha Libra, or Zubenelgenubi and Beta Libra, or Zubeneschamali, in Greek mean ‘southern claw’ and ‘northern claw’ respectively.  Libra also contains the oldest star in our known Universe named, Methuselah (or, HD140283).

Libra is a cardinal sign that carries strong yang, or male, energy.  Yang energy is direct and very active. (Wands) This means that people born under the sign of Libra are constantly in motion, wondering what’s around the next river bend.  They have a natural joie de vivre that draws people to them.  Libra is ruled by Venus and in turn, rules the seventh house of the Zodiac.  This combination is literally a marriage made in Heaven. The seventh house rules marriage, partnerships and intimate relationships – Venus’ forte.  Librans are idealistic, romantic and can see past the immediate.

While Venus gives people born under the sign of the scales
#3, The Empress, the tarot card for Venus,
Libra's ruling planet
from "Steampunk Tarot"© by
Barbara Moore and Aly Fell
charm, Librans are also known for their diplomacy and concern for others.  Their primary goal in life is to achieve balance and harmony both within themselves and in the world around them.  As an air sign, their focus is intellect and the mind. (Swords) They are known to bridge gaps between opposing sides and they make excellent union negotiators and mediators – although they are also known for jumping up on a soapbox in a heartbeat.  A Libra person is happiest being of service to others.  However, they often shortchange their own needs and desires while caring for those closest to them.  Libra is a highly social sign and its people are often the life of the party.  They also make wonderful hosts at their own soirees.   

While grounded Libra is all easygoing charm and sharing, ungrounded or, negative Libra is resentful, moody and changeable.  People can easily talk a Libran into something simply by using flattery – their Achilles heel. They do love to be adored. Also, when ungrounded, a Libra becomes mired in their need to balance matters.  They will revisit and revise their conclusions to exhaustion and still not come up with a final plan.

Libra’s tarot associations are #11, Justice (There’s that balance and diplomacy again.) and through its ruling planet Venus, #3, The Empress (Who doesn’t like to party in the Empress’ garden?). In relationships, Libra is best with other air signs like Gemini, or Aquarius.  Opposites like Leo, Aries and Sagittarius can work too, plus add some interesting sparks.

This portion of September represents balance and Libra has so much to teach us on that score.  Enjoy your Libra friends and colleagues. They keep us in check and balance our world.  Without them we’d all likely be spinning out into space.


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  1. Thank you Steph! It sounds more like me than Virgo does, although there are parts of Virgo that are totally me!