Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tea, Tarot and the Fellowship of Like Minds

"OSHO Zen Tarot"© by Deva Padma gives us
an excellent depiction of  the
fellowship of like minds
The University of Tarot covers the entire world and all methods of learning.  There's independent study; you, your deck and a notebook, formal lectures, classes taught by tarot scholars and, my personal favorite, the informal seminars held at a friend's home where tea and really good cookies flow like mana from Heaven.

Once you get the meanings of each tarot cards under your belt, you start looking at the symbolism within each card depiction.  You start to look at the numerical themes and their significance as they travel suit to suit.  For example, sevens express aspects of victory according to the qualities of the individual suit.  The Seven of Pentacles shows us victory over toil and routine as our harvest, not only comes in, but becomes self-perpetuating as well.  The Seven of Swords examines the use of stealth and cunning to accomplish a goal when assistance, coupled with a more honest and direct approach would have met with greater rewards.

As different personalities view the same spreads, different
The Queen of Wands who knows, like she knows,
like she knows.  Creative fire energy from
Ciro Marchetti's "Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©
things stand out to each reader.  As key words and impressions fly around the table, each reader is exposed to nuances in the spread that they may not have previously considered.  The group energy expands and an intuitive synergy occurs.  I always come away from these afternoons with fresh insights and less likely to fall into what I term a 'readers rut,' where you, as the reader, jump to a conclusion about what a particular pairing in your card deck means, simply because this is what your deck always gives you when revealing a similar situation for you.  Yes, your cards are tuned to you, but no matter how linked you are with them, you can never assume their intention reading to reading.  Otherwise, you might as well use flash cards.  

Learning to trust your inner voice is essential
to effective tarot reading. The right group will
help you grow.  from "OHSO Zen Tarot"©
byDeva Padma
There's a trust that develops among tarot groups, weather it's based on friendship, or the more transient bond of a class.  You have a wonderful opportunity to watch each other grow and stretch your awareness – your intuitive skills.  I recommend you try this group process.  If one group doesn't click for you, that's okay.  Just keep searching for that magic mix and most of all, have fun and enjoy the process.


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