Friday, September 13, 2013

Houses of the Zodiac - “Living in a Cosmic Subdivision”

Astrology, like any other field, has lots of buzz words and jargon. 
The Star, from
Barbara Moore and Aly Fell's
Steampunk Tarot©
Understanding the concepts represented by these words not only deepens our understanding of astrology, but also our appreciation for the three demential form of the Zodiac.  As we know, there are twelve signs that represent thirty degrees of the Zodiac’s wheel.  We also know that there are twelve houses and each one of them is ruled by a particular sign.  For example, Aries rules the first house and Pisces rules the twelfth.

Each house governs a specific area of life and is grouped into one of three categories: Angular, Succedent and Cadent.  Angular houses show us the strongest influences on our lives. Succedent houses represent our resources such as our friends, skill set, possessions, etc.  Last, but certainly intriguing, are Cadent houses.  These houses represent our human experience in terms of relationships, growth and transitions.

Ciro Marchetti's depiction of The Star
from Legacy of the Divine Tarot©
These house categories also correspond to the three modalities of signs: cardinal (first sign of each season), fixed (mid-season signs) and mutable (the ending or transitional sign for a season).  All this sounds pretty complicated, doesn’t it?  Many of us are content to simply know our birth sign and to read our horoscope every now and then.  Nothing wrong with that at all. Still, isn’t it nice to understand just a tiny portion more of what astrologers take into consideration when mapping a birth chart? 

Below is a handy, dandy chart of houses, their category, ruling sign, sign modality, ruling planetary body and tarot associations.  Check you out and enjoy!


Exciting News!  The ever amazing and always inspiring Baba Studio announced they are working on a third re-print of their astounding "Bohemian Gothic Tarot"© . Some minor changes will be made, but with Alex and Karen you know it will rock.  Stay tuned for updates!

(Keep scrolling down for  2nd chart with 11th and 12th houses
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