Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Circle of Friends - Working With The Goddess Oracle

I have several decks of oracle cards that I use in conjunction with my tarot decks.  My favorite oracle deck though, is the Marashinsky and Janto Goddess Oracle.  I use what I call my "Circle of Friends" spread with the Goddess Oracle.  This spread will also work with tarot cards (use Major Arcana cards only), but I prefer to use it with oracle decks.

Tarot is about your energy and how it relates to the energy of the people and situations surrounding you.  An oracle deck, in general, will  take a look at the energy you're drawing to you through the particular archetypes used in the deck.  The cards show you how you interpret and interact with the world around you.  Granted, sometimes it's a fine distinction.  In the Marashinsky and Janto Goddess Oracle, the female archetypes are depicted as Goddesses from worldwide myths, each carrying the legendary attributes from their respective cultures.

"Circle of Friends" is a six card spread.  Shuffle the Goddess Oracle until you are guided to stop.  Lay them out like this:

                                 4                       5
                                 3                       6

Number 1 is your signifier card - the one that most closely embodies the energy you're currently     transmitting. The rest of the cards go clockwise from the number 2, forming a circle around your signifier.  Here's an a spread that I did for myself yesterday using the Goddess Oracle.

1) Tara  -  Indian Goddess, centering, go within (not surprising during the dark moon)

2) Coatlicue - Aztec Goddess, grief,  healing through grieving ( a dear friend has been diagnosed with a serious illness and I am sad and worried)

3) Lilith -  Sumerian Goddess, power, connecting to and taking your own power (establishing that connection to my higher self to center)

4) Changing Woman - Native American Goddess, cycles, honoring your cycles and your own unique process (again the theme of connecting and centering)

5) Sedna -  Inuit Goddess, victim (Negative thoughts can spiral you down to the 'all about me' state.  Don't fall for it)

6 Hestia - Greek Goddess, home and hearth (coming home to myself and spending time in my space - very nurturing)

In order to learn how to alter or augment an energy aspect, cross the particular card with another card.  The crossing card symbolizes the energy or attitude you need to encourage to change the essence in the underlying card. In the above case, I chose to work on  # 2 and 5.  Good decision.

2) Coatlicue - crossed with Sheila Na Gig, Irish Goddess, opening ( expand my into the universe - time to play and have new experiences)

5) Sedna - crossed with Nut, Egyptian Goddess, mystery (Nut is depicted in this deck with three spheres and I spent the morning with my three crystal spheres and pink quartz.)

The cross cards worked beautifully to adjust my attitude and hence, adjust my day.  Knowing what energy, or in this case, being able to put a face to the energy that surrounds you, will help you to make conscious choices about how you want be.  Consider using the Goddess Oracle if you haven't and try the "Circle of Friends" spread.  Let me know how it works for you.  I'm happy to report that today my energy has completely changed.  This morning's reading reflects being centered, creative, filled with laughter and nourishment.  Well, dah.  I'm writing.  Life is abundant and I am grateful.  I hope it is the same for you today.

Lady Oracle


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