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Mercury in Cancer, May 29th Through June 16th – Your Personal Psychic Hotline

Mercury's card #1, The Shaman (Magician)
from Mark Ryan and John Matthews
"The Wildwood Tarot"© illustrated
by the outstandingWill Worthington

When Mercury drifts into the sign of Cancer, we become not only more in tune with our own thoughts, but with everyone else’s as well.  This transit sharpens our instincts and increases our intuition to an almost eerie level. We all experience moments of deja vu when a new experience feels so familiar that we’re sure we’ve been there, or done that before.  Don’t be surprised if those feelings increase while Mercury visits Cancer, or that you find yourself thinking about someone only to look at your phone a see a text message from them.  Where New Moon in Gemini cautioned us to avoid becoming lost in illusion, Mercury in Cancer tells us to trust our instincts and let our intuitive side be our guide.  This is excellent advise as we move further into the new lunar cycle.

Increased intuition and heightened sensitivity can be great things, but they do have their draw backs. ‘Channel chatter’ is my term for picking up too much information from too many people at once.  This type of mental bombardment often makes it difficult to discern what thoughts and feelings really belong to us.  Have you ever gone to a party, or a meeting feeling great and after an hour, or so, you not only feel down, but thoughts, or even phrases have popped into your head that are not part of your normal lexicon? You ask yourself: “Where the heck did that come from? I’ve never thought anything like that about someone before in my life.”  I’m not talking about the effects of too many mojitos here.  I’m talking about picking up on psychic impressions. Whether or not you acknowledge the possibility of purely mental communication, it exists and we all do it to one degree or another.  Remember the proverbial case of picking up a phone and saying hello before it rings. Mercury in Cancer amplifies our intuitive abilities.  No, that doesn’t mean we’re going to become John Edwards or Sylvia Brown during the next couple of weeks – or even the Amazing Kreskin.  It simply means that we will all broadcast our mental and emotional states more intensely and receive the same sorts of impressions from those around us more readily.  Again, the effects are stronger for people who feature Mercury in Cancer prominently in their birth chart, or for those who have actively worked to strengthen their psychic awareness.

Mercury in Cancer is also a wonderful time to get in touch
#7, The Archer (The Chariot) is tarot's
card for Cancer from "The Wildwood Tarot"©
with your your personal Muse if you haven’t already.  Use the energy of this transit to interpret something you hold deep within yourself and communicate it to the outside world in a positive and enriching manner. Start in the world you know best – your home and family.  After all, Cancer rules the fourth house of the Zodiac, the place that represents not only our home, but also the very foundation of our lives.  The fourth house is our comfort zone, a safe island in a stormy sea.  This is where we find those little habits we have that bring us comfort when the rest of the world turns a cold shoulder towards us.  It is the home of our soul, where we keep the things that make us feel secure as well as learn to deal with our insecurities.  In essence, it’s where we house the grist for the mill of our own creativity.

#2, The Seer (The High Priestess)
represents intuition and subconscious
thought from "The Wildwood Tarot"©

Mercury in Cancer allows us to unashamedly make psychic connections with our fellow man and with our higher selves to bring out the best of what we can be.  These connections are natural and have been part of humanity since before there was a spoken language.  Let these connections serve you when words fail. 


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