Friday, May 2, 2014

Astrology Trends for May 2014 – “Basking in the Glow”

Basking – to lie in the warmer and more subtle energies of
May’s astrology after the torrential power storms of April’s skies.  Yup, that’s where we are. Right now the astrological template makes us feel as if we’re eating a strawberry ice cream cone while watching a basket of cuddly kittens play with a spool of ribbon.  The planets are sending out homing beacons this month, but before I get anymore lost in metaphoric imagery lets take a look-see at this month’s astrological energy trends.

Venus enters Aires on May 2nd. That’s a giddy, love at first sight sort of energy.  While it’s easy to follow your heart during Venus’ cohabitation with the ram, there are still standards to be met.  Earthy and lusty does not mean cheap and vulgar.  Venus in Aires loves being in love whether it’s the love for a newly discovered fine wine, an investment opportunity or potential soul-mate.  Look for your relationships to bloom between now and May 20th.  Which leads us directly into the big story for the month – Mars turning direct.

Mars has had a case of arrested development in Libra since
it began its retrograde cycle on March 1st.  Libra is a challenge for Mars at the best of times, but during a Martian retrograde cycle there are a few tide rips.  Mars retrograde asks us to curb our aggressive tendencies.  It’s a time to reevaluate our past actions and strategically change our path, or even detour over old ground to repair damage caused by Mars’ forceful warrior.  During retrograde our drive focuses on internal issues.  When Mars turns direct of May 20th it will be time to turn our ambitions and desires outward again, so expect to feel a power surge as the planet’s normal, forward energy comes back on line.  You’ll not only feel empowered, but also have a stronger sense of universal time and place – a sense of destiny.

Libra has been hosting Mars since December of 2013.  Libra
Mars' card from "Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©

is a highly social sign and Mars in Libra seeks just and balanced relationships.  If there’s been lots of contention, or one-sidedness in your primary relationship look for that to ease.  However, Mars in Libra also carries a quixotic note.  While Venus in Aires brings in new love, Mars direct in Libra can cause new passions to start and end abruptly and according to whim.

The Cardinal Cross has been reduce to a T-Square this month.  That’s still a challenge, but comparatively to April’s Grand Cross, this will be a breeze.  Mercury enters Gemini on May 7th and Jupiter trines Chiron on May 14th.  Trines are wonderful aspects that assist our personal growth.  Jupiter is a planet of expansion (Jupiter in Cancer equals terrific) and Chiron carries healing energy.  Where Pluto Retrograde may have pulled off the bandage from old traumas, Chiron trine Jupiter delivers true healing medicine and your life will take on a fresh and healthier glow.  Continue to bask.

We also have a Full Moon in Scorpio later this month,
#3 The Empress is the card association for Venus
alongwith Jupiter trine Saturn, Venus in Taurus and Mercury in Cancer.  I’ll have more about these later as the month moves on.  It looks to be a positive and powerful May, a time to sweep up and discard the shards of any struggles from April’s challenges.  It’s a new astrological game this month, so get started and stay active. 


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