Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Full Moon in Scorpio, May 14, 2014 – “Fair Exchange”

Scorpio's card, shown here from "Legacy of the
Divine Tarot" by Ciro Marchetti
May’s Full Flower Moon occurs on May 14th at 12:16 p.m. PDT.  This month’s Full Moon is also known as the Corn Planting Moon, or the Milk Moon.  Traditionally, the energy released by a scorpion Full Moon is intense, emotional and makes us all just a tad bit judgmental – more so if you have are either a Scorpio or have full Moon in Scorpio in your birth chart.  However, this month we have some significant contributing factors to this energy model – Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron and Pluto.  

Pluto, one of Scorpio’s two ruling planets (also Mars) is currently in retrograde. (See blog: "Pluto Retrograde" ) This pint-sized dynamo of a planet asks us to consider our goals along with the trajectory of our life. Are we holding true to our ideals? Are giving our best to humanity?  That’s what Pluto retrograde does. It makes us pause to contemplate our place in the Universe and to decide if we’re happy with the neighborhood we’ve chosen.  Full Moon in Scorpio speaks to our intuition, helping us see our own issues as well as the hidden issues of others with greater clarity. If you have hunches to play during the next couple of days, play them. 

Lakshmi from Kris Waldherr's "Goddess Tarot"©
represents #10 Wheel of Fortune, Jupiter's tarot card
Scorpio is also the sign that denotes the end of cycles and the beginning of something new – both subtle and not so subtle transformations. It rules the eight house of the zodiac where our shared resources and sexuality are stored.  The financial resources that reside in the house of Scorpio include bonuses, inheritances and windfalls from any source. 

The Grand Water Trine on the 14th (See blog: "Grand Water Trine" ) makes this month’s Full Flower Moon a powerful force for manifesting. Jupiter in Cancer carries that terrific, Santa Claus energy and wants to expand the good things in your life with the power from that dreamy trine.  Identify precisely what you want to create in your life during this Full Moon, but take it a couple of steps further.  Make a list of how you are going to achieve what you want, step by step. Don’t stop there. What do your goals feel like once they are accomplished? What does your life look life? Concentrate of the sights, sounds and even tastes of what you envision. And that most important last step? What is your contract with the Universe – your exchange? No, not what will you give up, pay, or sacrifice – that’s not required. Besides, the word, sacrifice really means, ‘to make sacred,’ not to ‘suffer or practice self-denial.’ Think of positive growth. Ask yourself what is the gift you’d give the Universe as a natural consequence of your successful manifestation work. Allow yourself to experience the joy such a gift can bring. Life is about checks and balances, so once you successfully manifest your goals, you naturally and symbiotically exchange positive energy with the Universe, expanding the good and balancing the scales.

Source, or Universe represents the Divine
from "OSHO Zen Tarot" © by Deva Padma
What form does your exchange take? Who knows? It is personal to each of us; as profound as being in exactly the right position to prevent a grave misfortune befalling an absolute stranger, or as simple as a kind word, or being able to put $5.00 into the hand of a homeless person. The point is to act with good intention from the joy in your heart and trust that the Universe knows exactly where your gift will be needed in space and time. The form of the Universal exchange varies, but its vibration remains constant. It is the vibration of love.

The High Priestess is tarot's card for
The Moon. From Rome Choi's
and Kwon Shina's
"Dreaming Way Tarot"©
Consider the steps I’ve suggested as you practice your manifestation skills this Full Flower Moon. Allow yourself to transform through Scorpio, draw from the expansiveness of Jupiter and ground yourself with the healing energy of Chiron. Live authentically in each moment with joy and love.


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