Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mercury in Gemini, May 7th to May 28th – “Sparkle and Shine Without Burden”

The Magician, seen here as Isis, is Mercury's
tarot card.  From Kris Waldherr's "Goddess Tarot"©

Mercury in Gemini is a mind that glitters but has no true depth.  Under the influence of the cosmic twins our mental acuity is quick, our thought process hard to define and our focus, hard to hold.  We flit from interest to interest, stopping to nibble at the choicest bits of knowledge, but leaving the richest meat of the information for anyone else who cares to linger and gain deeper understanding of the subject.  Is Mercury in Gemini a shallow mindset?  Not really.  It simply doesn’t have time, or inclination to go the distance to gain expertise on any one subject.  The enemy for all of us during the next three weeks (much more so if you have Mercury in Gemini prominently in your birth chart) is lack of focus.

During the last couple of months we’ve had a lot of deep stuff to ponder and a cosmos that wanted us to dive in and search out even in smallest bits of meaning and knowledge.  Frankly, diving a little less deeply and avoiding burning insights has it’s appeal after April’s somewhat harsh spotlight.  Mercury in Gemini is the planetary transit of party banter.  You will be able to speak well and entertain on a variety of subjects that have snagged your attention.  Your mind will be quick and agile, but its sparkle and shine won’t signify expertise.  However, you will be wiz-bang at Trivial Pursuit®.

Mercury’s transit in Gemini provides us excellent energy to
The Goddess Venus is Waldherr's image for #6,
The Lovers, Gemini's tarot association.
From "The Goddess Tarot"©
lighten our attitude and to explore different facets of our mind, our likes and dislikes.  Many new and interesting things will snag our attention right now, but we don’t have to be victims of lack of focus if we don’t want to be.  Watch out for distractions, people, as well as information.  Stay organized to help you remain focused.  Schedule specific times to play (either mentally, or socially) that don’t conflict with tasks that require your undivided attention.  Use meditation and ground yourself before undertaking weighty matters.

On the whole, take the next three weeks to explore the world around you.  As a sales trainer once told me, “Get into curiosity.”   Indulge that part of you that asks, why.  Find out and in doing so, learn more about what truly interests you.  Rest easy while you can, because Mercury enters Cancer on May 29th and then we’re all mentally back online.


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