Friday, May 23, 2014

Jupiter in Cancer Trine Saturn in Scorpio, May 24th - Persistence of Vision

Jupiter's tarot association as seen by Kris Waldherr
for her "Goddess Tarot"© perfectly represents
this trine's energy

Two of our trine partners from earlier this month are still in partnership.  What does a trine (two or more planets in an aspect of 120 degrees to one another) without Chiron’s tender mercies look like?  Pretty darn awesome, actually.  Trines are lucky and Jupiter, the planet of luck, is at its mojo-making best in the sign of Cancer. Jupiter governs not only luck and expansion, but health, happiness, wealth and worldly goods as well.  Our spotted giant has two faces: One, fun and frivolous, the other thoughtful and philosophical. On one hand Jupiter’s energy enjoys loud cocktail parties and on the other, good red wine enjoyed over intense cafe conversation. Jupiter is either a free-wheeling traveler, or a much more reserved student of the human condition.

Saturn has a more dour nature.  The ringed wonder aims to teach us personal responsibility, diligence and a sound work ethic.  Saturn loves us to rise to the occasion and this planet carries a stern and more restrictive flavor than jovial Jupiter.  Currently residing in Scorpio, Saturn produces powerful energy waves for transforming our lives.  The view from Scorpio's eighth house shows us motivations, ours as well as other people’s, with greater clarity.  Remember the old PT Barnum adage, “You can’t fool all the people all of the time?”  That’s part of Saturn in Scorpio.  Our blinders are off and we have a strong sense of engagement and commitment  – a persistence of vision that means long after the visual is gone, its retinal image continues in our mind’s eye, guiding us forward to embrace change and destiny.  Pretty heady stuff, but here’s coolest part.  There’s little to no dredging up of old wounds with this trine.  It’s not required.

Jupiter in Cancer loves to give us unexpected gifts.  The only
Here's a reminder from Corrine Kenner and
John J. Blumen's "Wizard's Tarot"© that
Saturn says, "Be persistent and diligent."
exchange it asks is that we use the gifts given.  What sort of gifts?  That’s where Jupiter’s expansion comes in.  Doors once closed to you miraculously spring open and Jupiter expects you to walk through.  When you find yourself in the right place at the right time Jupiter wants you to seize that opportunity.  Know that it belongs to you as a gift and all that’s required is that you accept it put it to good use.  If you don’t, Jupiter has no qualms about taking it back.  Jupiter in Cancer is notoriously good with money.  Work with it.  Make plans, but also make some first steps.  The Universe moves to clear your path once it perceives that you are heading toward a specific goal with intention. However, to engage universal assistance you must act.  All the energy in the cosmos isn’t going to do you any good unless you put it to use, no matter how small, or halting your first steps are. Work with tarot’s Wand energy.  Use Saturday’s trine to create a better life for yourself and others and above all else, entertain the magical.


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