Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014 Card of the Day – Six of Wands, Triumph and Acclaim

Today’s numerical tarot card is the Six of Wands.  The six is a
Six of Wands as depicted in
"The Fenestra Tarot"© by
Chatriya - great deck
card of optimism and what better card for the start of the week.  In the RWCS depiction the conquering hero is greeted with cheers and laurel wreaths.  This card means victory, leadership, recognition and acclaim.  In tarot sixes are about aspects of communication and the cornerstone for effective leadership is the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively.

Claim your place in the sun today.  Recognition of your accomplishments is yours by right.  That being said, you can’t force recognition from people who can’t see beyond the end of their own nose.  Start today but recognizing your own aptitude.  Let your light shine and eventually others will recognize it. Hold your head and claim an attitude of leadership.  The attributes of a good leader are strength, determination, compassion and the ability to move resolutely in one direction for the greater good of all involved.  A good leader inspires.  They do not resort to bullying or threats to achieve their goal and they take the mantle of their responsibilities to others very seriously.     

To The victory goes the...em
rat.  This depiction from the
uncompromising, "Tarot of Pagan Cats"©
from Lo Scarebo

Use today to communicate your ideas at home and work using the strategy of effective leadership.  Lead boldly even if the only person you’re inspiring is yourself.  After all, the ability to inspire yourself is the linchpin to lasting success.


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