Monday, May 12, 2014

Grand Water Trine, May 14th 2014 – "The Universal Hum"

#21, the World from Kris Waldherr's,
"The Goddess Tarot" © is tarot's card for
Since March and April anything with the word, ‘grand’ in the title is somewhat suspect, but have no fear.  We’re talking about a Grand Water Trine for this week and that means going with the flow, and what a flow it is.  

A trine is the most favorable astrological configuration out there.  Trines occur between two or three planets holding a 120 degree angle respectively to one another to create a trance inducing, universal hum.  On May 14th this easy–going, drifty aspect goes exact between Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. Turn on the mediation music with the water feature trickling in the background and set about untangling your inner knots.  

Chiron, an asteroid, or planetoid discovered in 1977 by
Chiron, seen here in "Wizard's Tarot"© by
Corrine Kenner and John J. Blumen
represents #5, The Hierophant
Charles Knowal, orbits between Saturn and Uranus.  While its astrological effects are still being studied, many modern astrologers consider Chiron’s location when configuring birth charts.  Chiron was the highly intellectual centaur of myth, skilled at healing who, ironically was poisoned and suffered great pain.  The planetoid Chiron is believed to assist us in our inner healing work and to aid us in spiritual growth and transformation.

Jupiter in Cancer is good fortune.  The planet Jupiter is exalted, or high-functioning in Cancer and works hard to show us where our lives can can favorably expand – home, career, earnings, even luck – and help us move towards that expansion.  Saturn is Scorpio, while traditionally offering instructional stumbling blocks that help us grow and learn, is less about schooling us during the trine effects and more geared towards assisting us to recognize and seize those opportunities that will transform our lives under Chiron’s steady, healing energy.  

Tarot's card for the sign,Cancer is #7
The Chariot, or Movement in
"The Goddess Tarot"© Don't forget to
MOVE durning this trine
If there’s any issue with trine energy it’s the fact that the harmonious energy of a powerful trine can make us lethargic, too content to go with the flow.  Avoid resting on laurels or telling yourself you need time to simply hang out and discover who you are.  While recouping and healing is a terrific idea after a particularly stressful time, don’t miss the opportunity Jupiter in Cancer provides you under this sky.  Heal, move on and carpe the heck out of that diem, baby.

May’s Grand Water Trine is an excellent time to finish up healing work, and set out in an exciting, new direction in life.  Take what you’ve learned during the complex astrological patterns of the past couple of months and set forth with optimism knowing that an open mind and willing heart are the often the only tools you need for success.


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