Monday, April 28, 2014

April 29, 2014, New Moon in Taurus With Partial Solar Eclipse – “Your Moment in the Sun”

We come to the end of April (some of us will say thankfully)
From Kris Waldherr's "Goddess Tarot"© come
The Empress, tarot's card for Venus.
Venus rules the sign of Taurus
knowing our strengths as well as our weaknesses.  This is great information to have heading into May and as a reward for the energetic travails of April, the universal calendar has dropped us into a New Moon in Taurus.  The sound you hear in a global sigh of relief.  The Moon is exalted in Taurus.  This means the projected energy is strong, stable and emotionally, grounded – a gift we can all use right now.

#5, Juno in "The Goddess Tarot"© represent's
The Hierophant (belief systems)
tarot's card for Taurus
A Taurian Moon is trustworthy.  It projects energy we can use to set the tempo for the next lunar cycle.  As with Mercury in Taurus, our thoughts turn to matters of safety, security and financial well-being.  This is a Moon for contemplating what those things mean to you and arriving at decisions that support your goals.  You’ll find yourself wanting to gather more information on how those goal might be met.  That’s good, because Taurus’ influence will not allow you to jump into a void and see where you drift. Again, as with Mercury in Taurus, the down side is that hallmark stubborn streak.  A decision made is a decision followed to the letter heedless of the counsel of others. Don’t charge blindly at the gate simply because that’s the direction you chose to go.  Wise counsel is always worth listening to even when it runs counter to your own opinions.

April 29th’s New Moon is a moon for artists and romantics.
Look for inspiration in both of those areas because Venus rules the sign of the bull and it’s here that the goddess of love turns earthy, connecting us to our natural talents and our sensuous nature.  Taurus feels through the senses.  Tread carefully though, and don’t allow self-esteem issues, either high or low, inhibit your creative, or loving nature.

There’s an extra power kick with this New Moon that supports
The Zorya from Kris Waldherr's
"Goddess Tarot"© beautifully represents
the power of #19, The Sun
deep meditations and transformation.  It comes from ( April 28, 2014 at 8:53 PDST) a partial solar eclipse.  This annular eclipse is in keeping with April’s theme of powerful configurations and events. It is a rare and remarkable gift for all of us.  The April 28th solar eclipse is called a non-central annular eclipse.  That means that the antumbra, or Moon’s shadow just grazes the Earth, its core, or center missing us.  That severely limits visibility of this solar event.  Okay, that doesn’t sound so unusual until you consider these facts.  During the last 5000 years there have been 3956 annular eclipses.  Only 68, or 1.7% of them have been non-central.  

Think about it. Every person on this planet, regardless of where and how they live has ended up here at this particular point in time to witness, whether they are aware of it or not, an occurrence that has a probability factor of 1.7%.  This annular solar eclipse is a cosmic life lesson and it should be viewed as such. At the very least this eclipse is a statement about taking a chance to fulfill your dreams no matter how great the odds against success appear to be.  It reminds us that brilliant discoveries occur at any time and that upon reflection, there are no ordinary moments.  You’ve been given a wonderful opportunity during this New Moon cycle to consider the meaning of random chance, odds and the significance of your own place in the Universe.  Don’t waste it.  


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