Monday, September 24, 2012

September's Full Harvest Moon 2012 - 7 Degrees, 22 Seconds Aires

Astrologically speaking, September has been a challenging month for some of us. If you were able to stay on top of the wave and ride the energy, you discovered some fantastic opportunities to accomplish your goals.  September's Full Moon, however, comes with a warning label.  The Full Harvest Moon of the 29th (the closest full moon to the Autumnal Equinox is called the Harvest Moon) is seven degrees, twenty-two seconds in Aires.  Aires, the Greek God of War is represented by the Major Arcana card, #4, The Emperor.  Mars, the Roman God of War is also the ruling planet for Aires. Can’t you just feel that testosterone surge?  Mars happens to be deployed in Scorpio now and is squaring off with Leo. (see blog: “Astrology Watch September 2012 - Shebang!)  As a Scorpio, I'd be better off hiding under my bed during this month's full moon phase.  It's a good thing I've labeled September as “Self-determination Month,” isn’t it? 

The word on the street for our Aires full moon is, ‘revolutionary.’  Astrologers advise approaching the run up dates, of the 27th and 28th, with a clear mind and a steadfast heart.  You will need both to navigate the riptides and shoals of this Harvest Moon.  

Uranus squares Pluto - again.  That’s happening a lot lately and will continue to do so for some time.  We have seven full-on Uranus Pluto squares from June 2012 to 2015. This particular square produces extremely powerful, even incendiary energy in the arena of social change.  We had Uranus Pluto squares during the 1960's.  Under the influence of Aires’ warrior energy,though, the Uranus Pluto square can easily take a fanatical turn, not only in your life, but also in the world around you.  It’s best to avoid conversations where tempers are likely to flair.  Don't talk politics, religion or reality TV shows.  

While the Uranus - Pluto square brings focus and energy to your goals, however under this particular sky, your ambition easily couples with your pride.  You may have no patience with people who see things differently than you , or who question what your saying.  “My way or the highway,” becomes “Get out of my way, you un-evolved, little wretch.” You’re going to damage a lot of friendships with an attitude like that.  Stay focused, positive and proactive.  Power past any distractions caused by other people flailing around in reactionary panic.  There’s tremendous opportunity for transformation right now if you maintain presence of mind.

Avoid personal addictions next week.  They’re a distraction - even the most benign stuff like chocolate, sticky buns or an addiction to exercise.  Surf’s up people.  Waimea has come in and you can either ride the crest of the wave or wipe out.  Your choice.  

Here are the tarot numbers for the dates from September 27th through the 30th, the Major Arcana cards, the lesson card (reduced from the card #) and the Major Arcana card’s ruling sign:

Date         Major Arcana                Lesson Card #s            Ruling Sign         Card Meaning                         

27th:        #14, Temperance              5s, loss and conflict      Sagittarius              Blending, moderation
                              (If you insist on all or nothing, that's usually what you'll get)

28th         #15, The Devil                 6s, communication        Capricorn               Enslavement
                     ( Turn off your smart phone and talk to the people you are actually with)

29th         #7,   The Chariot              7s, victory                      Cancer                  Triumph over adversity
              (It's been tough going today, but you will succeed.  Just don't run over anybody)

30th         #8,    Strength                   8s, movement                Leo                       Compassion, coping
    (The situation is changing.  You have the coping skills to see it through, but remember kindness)

Next month Saturn moves into Scorpio.  I might be posting my blog from under my bed after all.



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