Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jupiter Square Uranus February 26, 2014

#10, The Wheel is tarot's card for
expansive and lucky Jupiter.
RWCS by US Games®

An astrological square is an aspect composed of two planets at a ninety degree relationship, or angle.  Squares, while challenging, are highly motivational aspects because they carry the combined energy of both planets involved in the configuration. Few squares provide more dynamic energy than Jupiter square Uranus.  Jupiter is the planet expansion, success and generosity.  Although sometimes given to excess, it engages our higher consciousness through spiritual and philosophical thought.  Uranus, on the other hand is, well, a wild child. It represents sudden, revolutionary change, inventiveness, radical shifts in ideas and breakthrough developments. Uranus values freedom and individuality. It is restless and bold.

Jupiter squares Uranus twice this year, first on February 26th
Deva Padma's depiction of The Fool
from "OSHO Zen Tarot"© is an appropriate
tarot card for Uranus' 'cleansweep' approach
and lastly on April 20th. We’ve all felt the power building up since mid February and will continue to feel the energy ebb and flow through the first week of May.  The April 20th square off between these two outer planets heralds the return of the Cardinal Grand Cross on April 23rd (See blogs: "New Moon in Libra, Road Map for Change" and January 2014: "A Month of Innovation and Relationship Building" ). Watch for more information on this event in my April Astrological Trends blog at the end of March.

Expansive Jupiter is in retrograde now. That means its influence leans heavily towards a philosophical frame of mind, yet, oddly enough, less objective thinking.  Under this square’s influence there’s a need to experience everything that comes our way because Jupiter views life as an open road.  That’s fine with Uranus because this wild planet is hungry for change and wants the freedom found in a fresh, unexplored landscape.  Try to temper your longing for the unpredictable during the next week.  Jupiter’s lack of objectivity can cause you to be a little reckless about where and in whom you place your faith.

Jupiter is in Cancer now and The Chariot
is tarot's card for the crab. From John J. Blumen
Corrine Kenner's "Wizards Tarot"©
The Jupiter/Uranus square gives everyone wonderful opportunities for enlightenment, spiritually, professionally and personally.  Think of it as the chance for multiple ‘aha’ moments.  You can seek and find out-of-the-box solutions to problems that previously left you staring at a blank wall.  A note of caution here: While you may find the courage to throw out all the rules and begin again from scratch, don’t act impulsively. Temper responses to situations and force yourself to analyze them.  Remember that objective thinking will not be anyone’s strong suit this week.  Jupiter is a planet of luck, but you still have to give it an even break and be selective in how you use its energy.

If friction increases on the home front this week, consider that
Uranus is in Aires, the sign associated with
The  Emperor (rules, structure) from
RWCS by US Games®
it is the natural fallout that occurs when two partners want absolute freedom of choice in every joint decision.  Don’t take conflicts too seriously should they arise and use basic communication methods. Respond thoughtfully instead of reacting and making requests of your partner instead of throwing out harsh words and allegations.  

Jupiter square Uranus is a powerful influence, but it can be used to great benefit.  Proceed thoughtfully, but also use this square’s energy to make significant advances in how you view life and in attaining your goals.


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