Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mercury Retrograde In Pisces and Aquarius, February 6th to February 28th – “Slipping Into the Shadows”

We are currently in what astrologer’s refer to as the ‘shadow
#17, The Star is Aquarius' tarot card
from "Legacy of the Divine Tarot"© by
Ciro Marchetti
period’ of a Mercury Retrograde cycle. The shadow period for a retrograde is computed by looking at the actual retrograde dates.  In this case, Mercury turns retrograde at three degrees Pisces.  After the retrograde period ends, Mercury doesn’t return to three degrees Pisces until March 20th.  Mercury turns direct on February 28th at eighteen degrees of Aquarius.  The last time Mercury was at eighteen degrees Aquarius prior to retrograde was January 22nd. Therefore the shadow period for this month’s Mercury Retrograde (MR) is January 22nd to March 20th.  

Why do astrologers calculate shadow periods?  Perhaps it’s a cosmic early warning system.  I’ve never been a purest about anything and I don’t have that much time to devote to smudging.  I consider a week before MR and a week after it to be enough of a cleansing period unless the signs involved with Mercury make things particularly crazy.  If you have Mercury in Pisces, or Mercury in Aquarius in your birth chart chances are you’ll feel this MR more than the rest of us.

#18, The Moon, Pisces card, reminds
us about the power of illusion and
imagination RWCS by US Games©
Starting tomorrow we have MR in Pisces.  Pisces is a highly intuitive sign and Mercury in Pisces is an intuitive mind.  During MR we may find that our intuition is slightly off kilter, or that we have more of a tendency to let our imaginations run away with us.  Our communications, while heartfelt, will be based in emotion, not logic and emotional expressions are the most susceptible to being misunderstood.  After all, miscommunication is the hallmark of Mercury in Retrograde.  Pisces have trouble forming strong opinions on their own on a good day.  We may experience feeling wishy-washy about matters that normally ignite our interest.  However, Pisces are also dreamers.  We can all use this MR to redesign and revise our dreams.

On February 12th Mercury slip slides back into Aquarius
Mercury's card, #1, The Magician
RWCS US Games©
along with our communications and intellectual attitudes.  Mercury in Aquarius is both a scientific and an inventive mind. Puzzle pieces fall into place easier and we can connect the dots more quickly.  Emotions rarely influence decisions under Mercury in Aquarius.  What does MR look like in Aquarius?  Missing the connections.  What appears glaringly obvious while Mercury is direct in the Water Bearer, now feels obscured.  Where we would normally leap to conclusions with gazelle-like accuracy, we find yourselves missing the mark.  We also risk sounding totally off base.  Remember that hallmark of miscommunication?  Repeat these ‘r’ words: Review, reconnoiter, reinvent.  After the 12th it becomes important not to rush into things without being 100 percent certain of where you’ll end up.  Thinking we know and going with your gut simply aren’t good enough strategies during MR.

Check out how to cope with basic Mercury Retrograde irritation in my blog, “Mercury Retrograde, Tarot and You.” 
Relax, remember to breath and put MR to work for you.


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