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Astrology Trends for January 2014 – “A Month for Innovation and Relationship Building”

A typical example of a Grand Cross configuration.
This month's Grand Cross is in
the cardinal modality, however.
We kicked off the year with a glorious New Moon in Capricorn on the 1st.  If you haven’t started your list of goals for 2014, get started now. Capricorn is a cardinal sign.  Cardinal signs are all Zodiac signs that come at the beginning of each season.  Capricorn (winter), Aries (spring), Cancer (summer) and Libra, (fall). Pay attention to the names of these cardinal signs because they will be popping up for the next several months to come. Cardinal signs carry traits such as independence, originality and  seeking the new. These are the signs for fresh starts and the astrological patterns for January 2014 are inundated with cardinal signs.

Capricorn's tarot association is
#15, The Devil – Enmeshment and
enslavement to the material. Check your
priorities From "Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©
by Ciro Marchetti
January’s tempo is set by a Cardinal Grand Cross composed of four planets at ninety degrees to one another, forming four astrological squares and two oppositions.  Whew! Heady stuff. Grand Crosses can carry very challenging energy – particularly in the cardinal modality. On January 11th Mercury bows out of Capricorn, but that still leaves us with Uranus in Aries (about the self), Mars in Libra (about relationships), Jupiter in Cancer (about home), Pluto in Capricorn (about the workplace) and Venus in Capricorn (more workplace, but with an emphasis on professional relationships). These planets share a central theme (I’m big on themes this year) of cardinal energy. Get used to the components of this Cardinal Grand Cross (hereafter known as CGC) because they will be recreating this formation off and on for the next several months.  

Those of us who’ve decided to change things up this year will be assisted by all of this CGC energy as long as we pay attention and take positive action. Action is the keyword here.  Get off the couch and turn off your electronic pacifiers. Cardinal energy hates to stand still.  It must be put to work. Create, strive, tap into your potential and make significant changes to your life. Stagnant cardinal energy causes your life to run amok and can give you feelings of anxiety, even depression.

The Empress is tarot's card for Venus, a highly
influential planet this month. From
"Steampunk Tarot"© by Aly Fell
and Barbara Moore
Venus is in retrograde until January 30th.  During this time we have the opportunity to review all of our relationships – not just the personal ones.  Venus Retrograde asks us to review our values, our business relationships and our finances as well.  Expect to see some underlying issues surface in our personal relationships. Old amours may return in person, or via the emotional baggage they left stored at your place.  Focus on the lesson in the Two of Cups.  What, or who, are you bringing to the relationship and what are you looking for from your partner?  Initially, each person only brings to a relationship what is stored in their cup.  Therefore, its important during this period to ask yourself if the contents of your partner’s cup is satisfying to you and if some of the items in your cup need to be left behind. Work to discover how both of you can add, or subtract from your own cups. Look for a great opportunity for communication when Venus is conjunct Mercury on January 7th.  

Also, Mars’ warrior energy comes off more dashing and debonair under Libra’s influence.  Ruled by the planet Venus, the sign, Libra is where we house our primary relationships and our partnerships. See how all this folds together this month? Mars pulls balancing energy from Libra and while it makes us more fair-minded, we may also bend over backwards to accommodate our partner and then resent them for it.  Be sure to balance the scale fifty-fifty.

Several tarot cards symbolize our relationships with money
The 6 of Pentacles asks us to make
decisions about finances, but also to
question our relationship with money
From Ciro Marchetti's "Legacy of the
Divine Tarot"©
and the material.  Probably the most significant during Venus’ retrograde in January will be major arcana’s #15 The Devil, Capricorn’s tarot card (enmeshment, enslavement to the material and conflict between higher goals and baser desires) and the Six of Pentacles ( judgments about money, your relationship with money).  Focus on these cards and what they symbolize in your life when it comes to reviewing issues with money, finance and the material.

Also this month we have a Full Moon in Cancer on January 15th, Sun in Aquarius on January 21st. and another New Moon in Aquarius on January 30th.  A twofer this month.
I’ll have more on these and other transits later.  In the meantime, don’t forget to meditate, goal-set and use this powerhouse of energy from the CGC to make the changes you want to see in your life.


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