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Astrology Trends For February 2014, “Testing the Waters – Reflecting on the Spiritual As Well As The Mystical”

Several astrologers on the web state that the big influence for
#12, The Hanged Man is Neptune's
tarot association. This depiction by
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law from
"Shadowscapes"© tarot
February is Mercury’s retrograde in Pisces on February 6th and the planet’s digression back to the sign Aquarius on February 12th.  This first Mercury Retrograde (hereafter MR) of 2014 is the only one of the year that occurs in a sign other than a water sign.  Aquarius, although its full title is Aquarius the Water Bearer, is an air sign (tarot’s suit of swords).  Mercury in Aquarius is a clever mind concerned with analyzing people and their motives.  Pisces loves the mysterious and the intuitive. There’s no denying MR in Pisces/Aquarius promises to give us the chance to do some deep, philosophical and spiritual reflection.  Sure, there will be the regular MR quirks, but just remember to use your ‘r’ words: Review, re-structure, redesign, rededicate. (See blog: “Mercury Retrograde, Tarot and You”

Jupiter's tarot association, #10, The Wheel
from "Shadowscapes"© by
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
On February 14th we have a Full Moon in Leo.  Here’s a Full Moon that celebrates our confident self and I’ll have more next week on working effectively with this energy during MR. On the 18th the Sun moves to Pisces which will be significant on several fronts.  Neptune (#12, The Hanged Man) and Jupiter (#10, The Wheel) co-rule the sign Pisces (#18, The Moon), a highly intuitive water sign filled with compassionate and creative energy.  It is the sign of dreamers.  On February 23rd the Sun in Pisces is conjunct (same place, same time) with Neptune in Pisces.  That’s a strong dose of highly evolved mystical energy – great for meditation and pondering deep mysteries.  Use a little caution however, because while Neptune in Pisces is the place of dreamers and profound creativity, it is also the place of illusion.  It becomes easy to get lost among dreams of what might become in favor of developing more realistic plans.

On February 26th Jupiter squares Uranus and forms a loosey
#18, The Moon is the tarot card
for Pisces. From "Wizard's Tarot"©
by Corrine Kenner an John J. Blumen
goosey T-Square (a hangover from that ever present Cardinal Grand Cross) with Uranus square Pluto.  Expect a bit of a head rush here. The winds of change will provide a fresh perspective along with a positive change in fortune.  Make a blueprint to utilize the opportunity presented, but remember to take precautions in accordance with Mercury’s scrambled communications during retrograde. 

Venus, who’s recently turned direct, remains in Capricorn this month where she guides us towards committed, steadfast love.  Venus is never fickle or flighty in Capricorn.  However, she reminds us to be practical rather than fanciful in choosing a partner.  Love is grand, but quickly becomes strained under the weight of too many obstacles.  Enduring love requires depth and strength of character more than it requires romantic ideals.  We learned what to value in others during Venus Retrograde. Now is the time to put our findings to work for us.

#1, The Magician, tarot's card for
Mercury. From "Wizard's Tarot"©
by John J. Blumen and
Corrine Kenner
This month holds lots of promise if we go into it with a proactive attitude.  Granted, there’s a great deal of emotional, or water sign energy (tarot’s suit of cups), but Mercury Retrograde offers us a two-edged sword this month.  Certainly, there’s the potential for communications, travel and business efforts to go awry, but the other edge of the sword is just as sharp.  That second edge provides us an opportunity to test the ‘waters’ this month – to gain insight during this reflective period and to redesign our lives so we build something we value.


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