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New Moon In Pisces, March 1, 2014 – “Hopeful Romantic”

#2 The High Priestess rule the Moon
From Rome Choi's delectable
"Dreamingway Tarot"©

Our first New Moon for March occurs in ten degrees, thirty-nine minutes of the sign, Pisces the Fish.  Pisces is a compassionate and romantic sign.  It is the sign of artists and dreamers. Pierre-Auguste Renoir, John Steinbeck and Kurt Cobain were all Pisces.  Fish folk are a sensitive breed and as all water signs, they are emotionally complex. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusion and one of the reasons this New Moon is particularly strong is because Neptune resides in its home sign now.

New Moons represent the beginning of a fresh emotional
#12, The Hanged Man, Neptune's card.
This depiction from the stunning
"Shadowscapes"© Tarot by
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
cycle. They enhance our vision of goals and dreams. When it comes to envisioning those dreams, there’s no New Moon stronger for that than a New Moon in Pisces.  The bond between water, lunar light and emotions is intense under Pisces, yet very romantic.  On the plus side, your sympathies are easily engaged.  You want to help. You forgive quickly, but the downside is that you are highly sensitive. People and situations you would normally find taxing are capable of delivering serious emotional blows now.  Try to ignore the emotions you experience in this type of situation and consider their source. Who really owns the problem?  Still, on March 1st love is in the air and it’s a good time for a little apres Valentine’s romance.

This New Moon carries powerful intuitive energy that can be used for setting intentions and manifesting work.  We’re closing in on the first quarter of 2014.  What’s working for you?  What do want more of in your life?  These are good questions to contemplate.  Look for particularly powerful meditations on March 1st.   Keep it real as you set intentions under this New Moon, however.  Neptune dwells in illusion as does the shadowy Moon.  Don’t allow yourself to get swept up in daydreams or mental hyperbole.  Remember: Real, measurable, attainable – those are the keys to successful goal setting.

Pisces tarot card, #18, The Moon
Don't be swept away by illusion
RWCS by US Games©
Jupiter squaring Uranus will add an interesting side note to this New Moon.  Jupiter is also considered a ruler of Pisces because that’s what it did before Neptune was discovered.  While Jupiter is expansive, Neptune in Pisces is a little secretive and likes to play things close to the vest.  This can lead to feelings of conflict for people born under Pisces, who have Moon in Pisces, or Neptune prominently in their birth chart. Just breathe and keep moving. The energy patterns for early 2014 don’t support stagnation.

Water represents emotions and spirituality in tarot.  It is also the element connected to the suit of Cups.  Although emotion runs high during a New Moon in Pisces, so do spirituality and intuition.  This is a working Moon, mean that the energy flows like water and is particularly easy to access.  Sure there are going to be whitecaps, but remember your tools. Try not to take thing personally, consider the source of your emotions, meditate frequently and when all else fails, breathe and let go.


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