Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wand Revitalization - Find Your Spark

There are days when we're struck by malaise.  Last night's
2 of Wands is about personal power.
We're safe where we are, but the view
beyond our walls is intriguing. From
Ciro Marchetti's "Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©
dishes are still setting on the counter and you shove them out of the way to make room for tonight's dishes.  You've been out of your regular underwear for a week and are now reduced to using your reserve underwear - the ones that creep up your bum, or that were a bad idea to start with. All that's needed is to spend a couple of evenings doing basic housework and the world will come back to order, but first you have to get off the couch and that feels like a pretty risky proposition. Down time is one thing - prolonged lack of inertia, something else.

In tarot, things begin to happen with the appearance of Wands.  They are the call to adventure, a message of an action to be taken and a demand that we change the status quo of our lives.  They are creative action born of fire. The ball is in our court and we'd better get moving.  Too often we try to revitalize our lives through outward contrivances - use a special tea, a juice, or the latest vogue item that will change our perception of ourselves and our lives.  Renewal starts inside of us - in the trenches.  That's where it's messiest because that's where we dump the real clutter.

The 3 of Wands is the call to adventure.
There's opportunity on the horizon. Just take
the first step. From Ciro Marchetti's
"Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©
Wands tell the story of engaging life.  First comes the perception that there's something more to life beyond the boundaries of our own experience (2 of Wands).  We take the initial foray past our fortress walls and discover a whole world of potential (3 of Wands).  We join others and begin a celebration of life through interaction and mutual experience (4 of Wands).  It's hard to choose from so many new options and we can find ourselves confused and in conflict with others striving for the same goal (5 of Wands).  When things fall into place (and they do more often than not) we enjoy our victories and others look to us as an example (6 of Wands).  We hold tightly to our successes and work hard to maintain the ground we've claimed as our own, be it right or wrong to do so (7 of Wands).  Suddenly, a new opportunity arrives, a message that changes the world of the familiar (8 of Wands), but we are engaged now and though it's not easy, we will persevere with our goals, knowing that in the end, we will succeed (9 of Wands).

But first there's that whole getting off the couch thing.  When
The 8 of Wands advises us to wait for the perfect
moment because timing is everything. The moment
is at hand from Lo Scarebo's "Tarot of the Pagan Cat's"©
you're looking for motivation, start with the view from #2.  Look past the self-imposed boundaries of your life.  What's out there?  What are you missing? Odds are that you're missing a lot.  Now, make a move.  It doesn't have to be perfect, or even right.  Just make a decision.  The rest of the numbers follow one right after another.  Sure, it's safe on the couch, but if you were really happy there, you wouldn't have the sense of missing out to begin with.  Each day is a gift, a chance to create and start fresh.  With an opportunity like that, why be content to sit watching someone else's story.


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