Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 16, 2013 - In Your Cups - The Meaning and Symbolism in the 7 of Cups

To be 'in your cups' means to be drunk.  There are many substances that can intoxicate us - alcohol being only one of them.  Love can intoxicate as does power and money. The 7 of Cups tells us the story of choices.  The man depicted in the card views seven chalices, each one hold an object of desire.  The cups are shrouded in mist to remind us that often what we seek in life, comes from our dreams and that their value to us is merely an illusion.  The message of the card is twofold.  Reach for your dreams and be careful what you wish for.

Still, it's much more important in terms of understanding yourself, to know why you make the choices you do instead of what the your choice happens to be.  The latter is surface knowledge, easily gained while the former is a fundamental understanding that in the long run, gives you greater rewards than simply immediate gratification.  In life, choosing is not about making the right or wrong choice for yourself, but about making a choice at all.  Otherwise, you willing give yourself over to the winds of chance and abdicate responsibility for your own life.

From the time we arise in the morning until we sleep at night we make choices.  Sometimes they're well researched and other times they are simply a matter of how we feel at the time - which brand of smart phone we buy as opposed to what we want for lunch.  Sometimes our choices have significant consequences to us.  They require deep thought.  However necessity is only one component of what drives decision making.  Opportunity and circumstance have more relevance, but the biggest   contributor is our individual desires.  How do we see ourselves in our dreams and how does that image relate to the world around us?  That is the ultimate challenge held in the 7 of Cups.  How well do you know yourself and are you making an informed decision?


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