Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 26, 2013 - Full Wolf Moon In Leo

A Full Wolf is better than a Not So Full Wolf.  Ask Red Riding Hood if you don’t believe me.  This January’s Full Wolf Moon or, Old Moon, as it’s also known, occurs in 7 degrees, 24 minutes of Leo.  What makes this interesting is that the Sun, which is in direct opposition to this Leo Full Moon, happens to be in Aquarius. This means is that people with signs in either Aquarius or Leo may feel the pull of this Full Moon a little stronger than the rest of us.  That’s not a bad thing in this case.  All of us will get a tremendous boost to our creative sides this moon and enjoy finding new means of self-expression.

While Aquarius remains objective and more regimented this Full Moon, Leos will give vent to their free-spirited side.  Self-expression and proud individualism give Leo a winner’s attitude. Although these traits are also part of Aquarius’ makeup, this time Aquarians are surrendering some of their 'go it alone philosophy' in favor of letting the whole team play.  Oddly, it’s romantic Leo who claims that, not only should we spell team with an ‘I’, but that there's really no need for the rest of the players to leave the dugout. This is the perfect moon for Lions to rise and shine.  

For most of us, conflicts on, or around the 26th will center on personal needs versus the good of the whole.  In tarot readings consider any of the Minor Arcana’s  5s that show up in your readings. %s are conflict cards. Where are they placed?  Are they the root of the matter, or simply a contributing factor?  Major Arcana’s #15, The Devil, might make a rather heavy-handed appearance.  Draw assistance from #14, Temperance, or the 2 of Pentacles for balance. In positive positions, The Queen of Wands and the ever abundant #3, The Empress will bring in their creative energy.  Look for assistance from the Knight of Wands to make things happen.  If you have questions about your tarot readings, email or message me here, or at on FaceBook - Lady Oracle Tarot.

Oh...and don’t go taking your goodies into the forest after dark.


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