Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Drive To Strive - Astrological Trends For January 2013

You know it's been a quite the holiday season when Weight Watchers sends you a mailer before the first of the year.  Do they have cameras at the buffet tables, or something? How did they know you received a Chocolate of the Month gift basket and have already eaten your way through June?  Thank Heavens for elastic waistbands.  And also thank Heavens for that tried, but true process we annually endure called the New Years Resolution.  This January we are getting an extra hand from the cosmos to help us define, refine and implement direct changes to our lives.

This month is a great time to kick start your goals.  Saturn is in Scorpio and Pluto is in Capricorn at sextile (a 60 degree aspect) and they are very good buddies.  While the energy ebb and flow may get a little intense this month, certain signs (Scorpio, Capricorn and those with planets in their houses) are going to thrive with this type of planetary turbo boost.

Returning to reality after the holidays (particularly when recovering from the alcoholic frenzy that is New Years Eve) can be a jolt.  We all become high minded about changing our lives in the coming year.  Hence, resolutions.  To put January's energy to the greatest good, however, work on shaping the material world around you and leave the spiritual retreats and deeper meditations for another month.  Success this month means you are required to be present and to be in the moment to seize January's opportunities.  From the 1st of the month through the 14th, focus on direct actions that will have direct effects on your life.   Now here's the tricky part:  Don't sit there. Do something.  A small, but consistent action will do more to move your life forward than some grandiose gesture that's here, then gone and leaves nothing lasting in its wake.

Remember the goals your worked so diligently to assess and clarify this summer?  You also had some great astral energy this fall which helped you start putting your plans into effect.  This month you have a chance to push past your preconceived limits about your own abilities.  Don't hinder yourself with phrases like, 'too ambitious,' or 'getting in over my head.'  Ambitions are a good thing and you swim best in deep water.  You are much more capable and resourceful than you give yourself credit for and the Universe knows it.

When working with tarot, pay particular attention to the suits of Wands and Pentacles.  Fiery action and earthly gain.  What cards are you pulling and where do they fall in the particular spread you're using?  Think of your first card reading this month as an opportunity for you to run a systems diagnostic.  Find out what you need to release and what you need to pursue.

January 6th and 7th are good days for being more reflective than active.  The moon is in Scorpio and conjunct Saturn.  Saturn likes to teach through challenges and things might get a little too challenging for you on these days.  Just breath and regroup.  On January 11th we've got that new moon energy shining strong in twenty-one degrees,  forty-six minutes of Capricorn.  Sit down with a skinny latte' and your smart phone for a little research and development.  Take a little time to review your accomplishments this month and to affirm your direction before you start moving again.

On January 26th we will have a full moon in Leo - another dose of energy that helps us celebrate who and what we are.  2013 is starting at a brisk pace folks.  Take advantage of this month's energy shifts to propel yourself forward.


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