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January 20th - February 18th, Aquarius - Independent and Artistic, or Diva

#17, The Star is the tarot association
for Aquarius - Hope, serenity, social
consciousness from "Steampunk Tarot"©
by Aly Fell and Barbara Moore
Aquarius is the sign of the Water Bearer, yet funnily enough, Aquarius’ corresponding element is air.  Who says the Universe doesn’t favor ambiguity.  The element of air, Swords in the world of tarot, governs intellect and other matters of the mind.  That’s why some of our most famous Aquarians have also been some of our greatest thinkers: Thomas Edison, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Charles Dickens, Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin for example.

People born under the sign of Aquarius are walking contradictions - shy, sensitive and artistic on one hand, logical, contrary and aloof on the other.  They are remarkable in their complexity as in the example of other noted Aquarians, Virginia Woolf, James Dean, Mozart and Lord Byron.  Imagine having a kiki with that bunch.  

Uranus, one of Aquarius' ruling planets
Uranus, that free-wheeling, free-thinking planet of rebels co-rules Aquarius and under its influence, Aquarians are encouraged to honor their visions and seek their own destiny.  Not surprisingly, Uranus’ corresponding Major Arcana Card is The Fool.  An open, optimistic heart, coupled with a faith in divine intervention guides The Fool, and by association, Aquarius.  Aquarians love to try anything new and will flit from one thing to another without staying long enough to acquire any real mastery.  The new, the different is their passion and they are the quintessential ‘early adopter.’

Saturn, the planet who teaches us all by placing challenges in our path, co-rules Aquarius.  Although Aquarians learn their lessons well, there is an indomitable spirit in water bearers that is more than a match for Saturn's object lessons.  

People often confuse the watery image of Aquarius with the
Saturn co-rules Aquarius
emotional make up of a water sign.  Don’t do it.  One of Aquarius’ weaknesses is their lack of emotion which often shows itself in a cynical, even sarcastic sense of humor.  Aquarians are frequently accused of being distant in a relationship.  That may be due to their ability to focus on life’s journey rather than on its destination.  Much like tarot’s Fool, they are thrilled with the prospect of what’s around the next corner and don’t deal well with ruts.  

Uranus's ruling card, The Fool
from "OSHO Zen Tarot"© by
Devi Padma 
Aquarians are very self-contained and often appear to enter into a relationship as an afterthought.  They cherish life as a free spirit.  If you are the partner of an Aquarian, you understand every definition of the word tolerance.  Water bearers require freedom and intellectual stimulation in their relationships, as well as the joy of new discovery.  Saturday’s hike, Sunday’s crossword puzzle, theater and art gallery openings, a new restaurant summarize the Aquarian view of the perfect life. Try to keep up.  Their most compatible signs are Aires, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius - Leo as well, if you believe that opposites attract.

Their humanitarian instincts run particularly deep and when they combine that with their ability to connect to higher spiritual planes, Aquarians accomplish miracles.  They are excellent healers and therefore make excellent doctors.  While January’s birthstone is Garnet, Turquoise, a healing stone, rules Aquarius.  Water bearers also enjoy the arts and do well  as actors, theatrical agents, musicians and poets.   They love history and make excellent researchers too.

The Major Arcana card for Aquarius is #17, Star.  Star indicates hope and a healing peace after a period of dramatic
Saturn's Tarot association
from Corinne Kenner and John J. Blumen's
"Wizard's Tarot"©
change or vigorous transformation.  Star kneels by the pool pouring water effortlessly from one realm into the other, having faith that it will be just the right amount and travel to just the right spot.  None of the careful control of #14, Temperance is needed here.  Also, there are no paths to the pool.  Star is isolated and as is the nature of Aquarians, happy to be so.  Enjoy being an Aquarius and if you have a relationship with one, as challenging as it can be, enjoy that as well.  They are lofty idealists who can take us to the heights of our dreams. They engaging, infuriating, but not dull.  And always remember, “Still waters run deep.”


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