Thursday, January 31, 2013

Astrological Trends February 2013 - “Jump, Jive and Then You Wail” Part I

“The Jump”

February will be one long, magical, mystery tour.  Right out of the gate we have Mars conjunct (same place at the same time) Neptune in Pisces.  Can you say, “Daydream Believer?”  Mars gives action and focus to Neptune, planet of creative dreamers.  Our imaginations will be working overtime in February, but in a positive way.  Start that novel you’ve been talking about for years, dust off your easel, or create a dramatic re-do of a classic recipe.  The sky is literally the limit for those who choose to harness that Mars - Neptune energy. 

Mars also delivers high octane intuition this month that’s not only super charged, but extremely accurate as well.  Follow your gut and don’t over-think issues.  You do know the answers even if you haven’t heard the questions yet. The red planet directs us to engage in life with compassion and sensitivity right now, but know your limits.  Mars’ energy can make us take on not only our share of responsibility, but also take on some for other people as well.  That may be fine if you’re inspired to found a global social movement for instance, but it won’t work well in day to day relationships.  I see a 10 of Wands on that one.  Don’t let yourself become overburdened and overwhelmed because you believe you have to do it all.  Partners are there for a reason.

On February 5th, Mercury also enters Pisces, conjunct Mars and Neptune.  Mercury is a planet of communication with intuitive powers all its own.  In the presence of dreamy Neptune and sensitive Mars, we’re looking at a period of great inspiration.  It will be very easy to connect with the Divine during meditations.  In fact, the first two weeks is an excellent time to commit to regular meditation or yoga practice.  You will feel invigorated and renewed.  

In Part II, "The Jive," we will take a look at trines, yods and the New Moon - oh my!  In the meantime, check out Kathy Rose on YouTube.  She is one of my favorite sources for astrological trends.  She’s always positive and very interesting.


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