Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Achieving Motivation Through Wands – “Lights, Camera, Action!”

Shakespeare wrote that, “all the world’s a stage.”  In the new
Ace of Wand from
Legacy of the Divine Tarot©
by Ciro Marchetti
millennium our lives are more like a sound stage. We still have our entrances and exits, but the pace is considerably faster and there’s a lot more gadgetry involved than in the days of the old Globe Theater.  One thing remains a constant in the equation however: If the characters aren’t motivated, i.e. lack direction, or drive, the entire production goes nowhere.

In tarot, Wands represent action and elemental fire.  The first three cards of the suit, the ace, two and three, show us the ingredients of motivation in their purest form.  Aces indicate the start of the show – that initial spark of an idea that causes a question to form inside us.  In Wands the ace is the spotlight going on as we enter stage left.  It’s an awareness.   

2 of Wands
Legacy of the Divine Tarot©
by Ciro Marchetti
The RWCS Two of Wands shows us a figure with a small globe in his hand.  He stands secure behind the walls of his castle, literally holding the world.  However, it’s not his comfortable surroundings that command his attention.  It’s the view of life beyond his wall, or in this case, the light from the Ace of Wands that’s snagged his interest by illuminating the less ordinary. Safe and secure in the familiar, he now has an omnipresent view of life in the outside world as if through the lens of a camera.  

The Three of Wands represents the first step on our journey – the action.  We’re out in the world, a part of life and no longer bound by complacent attitudes.  We have stopped simply observing life and become part of it.  We experience the sights, smells, tastes and texture of life beyond our previous limits.  The horizon, with all its unknowns, beckons us and we follow.  
3 of Wands
Legacy of the Divine Tarot©
by Ciro Marchetti

It’s very easy to loose motivation in a busy, unsettled world.  Fear of loosing what security and comfort we have often inhibits us from achieving our goals, or having new experiences that allow us to grow as individuals.  Each of us is accountable to ourselves for what we make of our life.  If you are having trouble becoming motivated, there are some wonderful guided meditations that can help you release anxiety and truly get in touch with what motivates you in life.

For tarot enthusiasts,  use any of these three cards as a significator and do your favor spread.  You can also try using these cards for a past, present, future type of spread as well.  The point is, work with these cards. See what you discover.  I’d love to here from you about what you learn.  Message me on FaceBook, Twitter, or email me via my website 


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