Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tarot's 3s - Elemental Magic

In tarot’s Minor Arcana, the number 3 embodies the fundamental principles of each suit.  Wands is a suit of action attached to the element of fire.  Life force, if you will.  The 3 of Wands represents the call to action.  In RWSC, a merchant stands above a river leading to the sea.   He watches ships sail towards new horizons.  He is ready to answer life’s call to opportunity and adventure.  All it takes on his part is a simple first step.

Achey, breakey 3 of Swords shows us sorrow and heartache, either personal or work related.  Swords are of the mind and the element of air.  They are about learning, growing and moving past a situation or thought process.  The mind is changeable and expansive.  The swords that pierce our heart in the 3 also offer us the opportunity to learn by moving past our painful experience, our sense of betrayal, sadder, but definitely wiser.  

Recognition and mastery of over the material world hallmark the 3 of Pentacles.  A stone mason holds sway over the decisions made by a powerful bishop and the wealthy architect of a great cathedral.  The lesson is this: Regardless of your station in life, your work has value and purpose.  You are rooted in the element of earth. Without your efforts nothing moves forward or grows.  You are essential to the process and therefore an expert in your own right.  Learn to value yourself and your contributions to the larger effort.

Cups, whose element is water, represents the inner self, love and spirituality.  In the 3 we see celebration and communion.  Three women hold their cups aloft, toasting each other as they toast life itself.  Life is an amazing circumstance.  Even though it is fraught with challenges, there are moments when we pass into the eye of the storm, so to speak.  We recognize life’s perfection as well as its exuberance.  Those are the moments meant to be shared and savored as in the 3 of Cups.

Our elemental self recognizes three as a magic number.  Aladdin’s genie offered him three wishes. There are sacred triads - mother, father, child, birth death infinity, Father, Son and Spirit.   Three is fundamental to the sacred geometry of the Universe - and to baseball.  Three strikes you’re out, three bases passed equal a home run.  

January 31, 2012 reduces to 3 (12 + 31 + 2012 =2055, or  2+0+5+5 = 12, 1+2= 3)  You can simplify this equation even more.  Cups + champagne + 3 friends =  party. Yay!  Not very spiritual, I’ll grant you, but I have a weakness for good champagne and you should always celebrate the arrival of the new year with joyful noise.  

For some of us 2012 was a difficult year (3 of Swords), others experienced a year of triumph (3 of Pentacles).  2012 was in many ways a pivotal year in terms of what we chose to make of our lives (3 of Wands).  When all is said and done, it’s wonderful to stand on the threshold of a new year (3 of Wands again).  Anything could be out there.  Here is our opportunity for adventure and new discoveries.  Sure, there will be challenges, but those are simply one element of your life.  When in doubt, look at the other three.  Oh, and remember to make a joyful noise.

Happy New Year!



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